I’m one of those people who has to have a clock in every room. So when I found this shabby chic clock on Amazon I ordered it.

I’ve never been one to really get all excited about the shabby chic look. It had just never fit into my decorating style.

I’d already secretly admitted to myself that I wasn’t going to like this room that is now my office. It was really the last room to decorate in my apartment and the inspiration just wasn’t coming. Nada.

All of you kept telling me to slow down; not to pressure myself about this room.

But you see, I so feared I was never going to like this room that that thought obliterated everything else. And any common sense I possessed about slowing down went out the window.

The layout of my office in my new apartment

I kept asking myself: What if no inspiration comes for the then nondescript room? What will I do then?

Yes, I know I’d just recently moved in. But usually by this point I’ve got things lined up and figured out.

Every time I walked down the hall toward my bedroom I’d sneak a look over to the left.

And I’d see this room with a hodge-podge of furniture and no clear indication when or how it would become a finished product.

The Creative Block:

I just couldn’t get past the creative block lodged in my head. All I could imagine was my desk shoved up against a wall and the bookcase right along with it.

And really that was it. I had no other ideas for this scattershot room.

I’m not typically this much at a loss about seeing something move forward to completion, decorating-wise.

In Shabby Chic Clock For My Office, this is a closeup of the clock

I bought the bulletin board somewhat impulsively. When I got it home, I thought: This isn’t me. This isn’t remotely me!

And so it leaned against the wall for a few weeks. In a way mocking me. I have never been considered feminine. I’ve always been a tomboy.

And for heaven’s sake, now I even shave my head!

Back In The Day:

Back in the day I admired those girls with long straight hair and hated my thick wavy hair. Isn’t that what every teenage girl does? Hates what she’s got and envies what she doesn’t?

I shave my head now because it makes my life easier. It began when Covid struck and terrified everyone. And we couldn’t go out to hair salons for a time.

I shave it now because I can, and because it feels liberating. You just can’t imagine the feel of raindrops on your head until raindrops fall on your bare head.

And for some reason, I’ve found that I actually like the shapes of heads. Now, hair (to me) is kind of irrelevant.

Baring your head is a statement. It says “I don’t really care what people think.”

Because I recall those teenage years when I truly did care what those other kids thought. And now I realize how silly it was to be so wound up worrying about their opinion.

Though, as we all know, that will never change the way a teenage girl thinks when she’s a teenage girl.

A blue and gold painting hanging in my office of flowers in a vase in a window

A Different Kind Of Girl:

Back when I was a teenager, I never had trendy clothing and shoes. There was no one to buy them for me.

I was never the type to huddle with a gaggle of girls who were smiling and laughing and stealing looks over at the boys.

Being any kind of “different” meant people tended to walk around you and give you a wide berth.

When you’re a teenager you certainly don’t want to be different in any way. You want to blend in.

In Shabby Chic Clock For My Office, this is the shabby chic bulletin board that started it all.

And so that’s why, due to all those years of whys, this bulletin board mocked me.

I even came from a somewhat strange background. And that means shadowy and possibly even suspect.

Those Tough Teenage Years:

A kid does not choose who they’re born to or what their background is. But they’re stuck with it just the same.

And then if you’re also a bit different, people don’t really take to you. Especially girls. Girls, especially teenage girls, can sniff out “different” like a cat can smell a mouse.

They don’t really look at you when you pass by. Which is kind of even worse than if they’d looked and then turned away.

It meant you were invisible and nothing you did could change it.

Now I like the idea of being invisible, but it was anathema to me back then.

The shabby chic bulletin board at an angle in my office

So I bought this silly bulletin board on a whim. And then had no idea what to do with it.

(The dimensions of the clock)

Not On Single Idea Was Coming To Me:

I could not visualize my things mixed in with this scrolly feminine shabby chic bulletin board.

Or where to put it. What to place underneath it. Or even what to surround it with.

I was at a total loss.

And then finally I told myself “enough wiggling around like a fish on a hook.” I could either take the bulletin board back to the store and get my money back.

Or I could just impulsively dive in and start decorating this room that had been such a challenge to me. Just plunge right in.

When in doubt you take one step. And one step leads to two.

(The back of the clock)

Just Dive In & Do It:

And suddenly you have a somewhat feminine room that is a tad shabby chic. An office space I would never have envisioned for myself.

And now that room has a shabby chic clock to match.

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  1. Teenage girls can be cruel, that’s for sure! But, often, those are their glory years, while others, who didn’t necessarily stand out in high school, go on to do great things. I love the way your office evolved! It’s not overly shabby-chic, just a hint. I read recently on another blog that it’s great to add in 10% of “unexpected” to make a room really interesting. The office came out great!

  2. Funny thing – those teen girls, the mean girls, the ones who turned their nose up at those they deemed not cool or different… they don’t always turn out to have the best lives – those tendencies don’t ultimately attract the good things in life. I was definitely a tom boy and my mom raised us by herself, so there wasn’t a lot of extra money for designer jeans or the clogs and heels or fancy sneakers other girls wore to school. I had jobs after school and on weekends since I was about 12, so I understand the feeling of being the odd one out. We worked hard for what we got and we value and appreciate the simple things, and kindness. We give kindness to others, too….. and we’re better off because of it.

    Your office looks wonderful! I wouldn’t even call it shabby chic.. I see it as yet another room with the Brenda touch – warm, inviting, functional, pretty.

  3. I love your clock! It’s got personality. It’s not a delicate , girly little thing , there’s a sense of strength to it. I am going to get one for myself. (I always like to be aware of the time even if I have nothing special to do.). Where do I click for affiliate link?

  4. Your office may be defined as “shabby chic” but I see Brenda. It’s lovely, Brenda.
    I have a tendency to avoid people; preferring to be alone. When I’m asked why I do that I say “it’s better this way, I don’t play well with others”. I get a giggle and snicker but they understand exactly what I mean. I detest drama so it’s better for my well being to keep to myself. You do you, Brenda!

  5. I love that clock! I never had any cool clothes growing up. My Dad worked at Bethlehem Steel all his life. Hot as hades in the summer and cold as ice in the winter. He was sick until I was about 6. My parents never went into debt. If you couldn’t afford it you didn’t buy it. To this day I am the same way and thank goodness our daughter is also.

    1. I am this way as well. I haven’t had to pay interest in years because I’m very careful about that kind of thing and credit cards.

  6. Love the clock and the corkboard. They really go well together. Now my question is where did you get the lovely picture of the yellow flowers in the open window? Does it have a name or the painters name? Love your blog and I love your style…so glad that you’ve got settled and finished the apartment

  7. Interesting how a room just sometimes comes together purposeful planning. I love the clock and bulletin board and think they fit seamlessly into your decor.

    High school is awful and awkward for most of us. I was in band, but never really fit into being a “band geek”. The worst part about high school for me was that the first three years, we lived in Kentucky and I went to a small, rural high school. The summer after my junior year, we moved back to Illinois. I started my senior year at a huge predominantly Jewish high school. I didn’t fit in and it was hard to make friends as a new girl in senior year, especially coming from the country. I did end up making a few friends, but I mostly hung around my sister (a freshman) and her friends.

    I could never shave my head unless I had to. I love my hair and my natural waves and consider it part of my total look and who I am. It’s part of my femininity.

    1. I guess I just don’t see hair as part of a woman’s femininity. Men shave their head and they are usually thought of as handsome and masculine. So I think this is just part of what our culture has trained us to think.

  8. Your office is beautiful!! You are more feminine than you realize with your love of florals, plants, and artwork. It is a relaxing space. ENJOY!!!

  9. I love your bulletin board and clock!
    I was never in with the popular group either but I had friends in school and a very close, loving family and didn’t really care…
    I’m glad you’re comfortable in your skin as am I…

  10. I’d swap your office for my messy, cluttered no-style “office/den/library” any day, if we could just figure out some kind of Hogwart’s spell. I especially LOVE your beautiful white clock, it’s just fantastic, so pretty! I’m a clock in every room person too. Maybe it’s a generational thing?

  11. I am so glad the inspiration for that room finally struck..and how sweet that it came from a shabby chic clock. Amazing, isn’t it? Loved reading about your teenage years. I can relate completely.

  12. I think it looks great and I’m sure as time moves along you’ll find more things and ways to make it more to your liking.
    I had a pretty scrappy childhood as well,Mom died when I was 12,Dad remarried later that year but they separated shortly after.
    Dad died when I was 14 and for some bizarre reason we were sent to live with the aforementioned stepmother.There was a younger brother who was treated horribly by her,there was physical abuse,we knew no one,school was horrible, we got no new clothing…
    At the end of the school term we were sent back to live with our Grandmother and Uncle,that was a much improved environment until she died in 1972 and my uncle began to drink heavily.
    I graduated high school in 72, met my husband in 74,married in 75 and my brother lived with us afterwards.
    I cherished my kids and my husbands family that were absolutely wonderful.
    We sometimes have a rough path in life,its who we turn out to be is important.

  13. I love your new office. I look at that room and to me, It Says BRENDA! Cozy, warm, sunshine, green plants, artwork, neat, clean, everything that is you…I would not doubt that this room becomes a favorite.

  14. I loved the bulletin board as soon as I saw it in your office, and waited until it went on sale at HL. Now I just have to get it hung up. But I checked yesterday, and now it’s out of stock, so glad I got it when I did. Your office is functional and decorative.

  15. I love the new clock, the bulletin board and your office! With all your styles through the years, it always looks comfy.

    You are so brave, I always said when I retired I would shave my head once and let it grow back. But Covid hit just after I retired. So I’ve let my hair grow instead. I love it because I can wear it up in a loose bun and no longer have to do anything to it. It looks funny as I have a silver streak in front, some gray on the sides and the rest is light brown. That makes the back mostly brown. And it is nice to have it up when gardening.

    1. I never even thought of keeping it shaved. For some reason, once I first did it, well, after I ordered and used the appropriate razor and not the dog clippers, I just loved it.

  16. Growing up is very hard and sometimes heartbreaking! You want to fit in so you won’t be bullied! When I worked for an insurance company many years ago, there was a man who worked with me who shaved his head before that was fashionable and I always admired that. He did his own thing and didn’t care what others thought! I love the new clock!

  17. I love the office ! I’ve also liked shabby chic and never knew where in my house to put it . My house is more rustic or lodge like . You’ve inspired me to do a shabby chic in my spare room.

  18. I love your new purchases. I have a similar clock and adore it, but my style is French country cottage so it definitely fits. Your office looks spectacular, of course, never had a doubt. Your creativity carries you through. Suggestion for the yard. Get some physical help once your plan forms, but how about perennials, in the ground. No worrying about pots, moving them, wintering over. And, absolutely hire some help, both inside and out, on a periodic basis. It sounds as if you have some really nice neighbors. Ask them for referrals, advice.

  19. I really like the clock and I think it ties in nicely with the other things in your office. This would be a nice office to sit in and work. Looks like a lot of good light comes in from the window too. I think you’ve done a really nice job on your office. Hope you enjoy it.

  20. I know what you mean about not fitting in as a teen. I was very tall with long blonde hair to my waist. Very fine straight hair that did not hold a curl so I would have envied your thick waves (of course!) 😁. I never learned that giggling & whispering thing young teens do and hate it when adult women emulate that teen behavior.

    This room speaks cozy & chic to me. See what happens when we grow up? We embrace more of who we are & ignore naysayers.

    I love that clock!

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