I just began watching “Shetland” episodes on Britbox at night. Apparently they started filming the show in 2013 and there are quite a few seasons.

Shetland was created from the novels by award winning crime writer Ann Cleeves.

Shetland follows DI Jimmy Perez and his team as they investigate crime within the close knit island community.

Shetland is set against a hauntingly beautiful landscape.

In this isolated and sometimes inhospitable environment, the team have to rely on a uniquely resourceful style of policing.

The show is based on the best selling books such as Red Bones, Raven Black, Dead Water and Blue Lightning.

Last night was a truly awful night. Charlie started coughing about 3 a.m. and I’m sure continued for at least an hour. There were times when he couldn’t catch his breath for some time.

We went outside, which always seems to make him feel better. Then we’d come back in. And go back out again.

I had on the cool mist humidifier and the air purifier. I had given him all the medicine I could give him. And I kept giving him a small bit of hydrocodone syrup. But it wasn’t helping.

I have never felt so helpless in my life.

He would lay down and start coughing and get up and wander around and we’d go outside again.

There were times in my sleepless state that I just wanted to curl up on the concrete and see if I could doze.

But finally he managed to stop coughing and fell asleep. I was on pins and needles the rest of the night.

I think Kasi and possibly Kendra are coming over for lunch today. Kasi has her house cleaned today and needs to stay gone for awhile.

She will be coming over after physical therapy on her hand where she had wrist surgery. Which is only down the road a bit.

We will just order something to be picked up.

I just dropped Charlie off for his acupuncture appointment. I’m exhausted but I’ve had a bit of caffeine and it’s only about 3 miles away.

After I dropped him off I burst into tears driving home. I don’t like to upset him by seeing me upset. I thought I was okay but it felt so good to let my emotions out.

Then I called Dr. Poteet’s office to see if there’s something I can do when this happens in the night. He doesn’t come in today until 1 p.m. So I talked to Mary at his office and she’ll call me back later this afternoon.

It’s just so hard when they are like this. You’d do anything for them. If you only knew what to do.

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  1. First off, I just found this blog and it looks like I’m diving into the estrogen pool, but that hasn’t stopped me before. Question: is Charlie a real dog or your husband/man? As you know, women will quite often refer to us as dogs. I hope he fairs well. Love our dog. Second, Shetland is what brought me to this place. I love British crime/mystery shows. Endeavour being my favorite, along with Morse, Shetland, Vera, and more. To all of you ladies, we could hang out together and have a great time, but my wife might object. To any blokes in the pool with me, cheers 🥃.

  2. I’m so sad you and Charlie are having to go through this. I’ll pray the vet had helpful info for you.

  3. Dear Brenda I understand how you feel as my Dexter is getting on in age and is not well, (he has Kidney Failure and IBD) I have a cry now and then because I can’t think of being without him.
    We are doing everything we can to help him while he seems reasonably well. I have bought so many tins of cat food I could start a shop to try and tempt him to eat more as he is very thin.

    Thinking about you and Charlie and hoping for the very best.

  4. I so understand the need to have a good cry. I hope it helped to let it all out. Hopefully Dr. Poteet was able to give you some suggestions to help Charlie more comfortable. (((((Charlie))))) I know you’d move heaven and earth to help him.
    We watched the first season of Shetland and enjoyed it tremendously. I didn’t realize there are more seasons so it’s time to revisit that show. And you’re right…. the scenery is extraordinary. I so enjoy the characters… there is a soft humanness to them but they do what the job requires. I guess what I’m saying is British shows don’t show brutality like the American made shows. We are also enjoying Prime Suspect and are on the last 2 seasons. I believe I got the recommendation here. I’ll be sorry when we finish it.

    1. I agree that British crime shows are more humane and often weave around the drama in every day lives of ordinary people. I watched all the seasons of Shetland on Netflix and loved it so much that I watched the whole lot again. Fell in love with Jimmy Perez. I keep involuntarily comparing other shows to Shetland and so far it is still holding its ground.
      I wish they make more seasons of Shetland.

  5. Reading all these ideas reminded me of this youtube lady in Britain we enjoy watching. She at times carries her cat or dog in her backpack when out walking (it does not have holes for legs like a human baby one would however…was wondering if you got some kind of backpack thing for Charlie, and fixed a way to hang it from the wall above your mattress (maybe you have a headboard that would work)…put him in that and could touch him often so he knew he was ok…could he sleep is he was in an upright position? My mom had congestive heart too and at the end of her life the last several years had to sleep in a recliner. Our grandson had terrible reflux the first 6 months of his life and they made a kind of raised foam wedge shaped thing, then attached to it some velcro strips and our grandson was strapped into that to sleep…it did help him. Maybe you could find some furniture maker in the area who could make you some such? I feel for Charlie and you both…I too have a series of 3 pillows I stack with the top one a little travel pillow that I roll up for under my head…in order to sleep. Sometimes I have to give up…well, arthritis pains elsewhere also the cause, and go sleep in my recliner. I think with a dog you would have to somehow strap him in, in order to keep him raised up somehow…there is no way you could probably train him to sleep in a half raised position at his age. But every dog we had would with time and encouragement have adjusted to a sleep contraption I do believe.

  6. Brenda if Charlie sleeps cuddled up in a tight little ball you may want to give some thought to the following. Having his nose/snout securely tucked into his chest may be causing an obstruction in his airway. Think about a kink in a garden hose. Then when Charlie gets up, moves around outside breathing in the fresh air the kink is dislodged and his breathing improves. Then when he gets back in bed returning to his cuddling position the situation repeats itself. Cause and effect?

    I hope you read this, I tried to email you direct because I may have a possible solution if you are interested but was having issues sending emails..can get them but not able to send.

  7. Are you ever going to show Shetland from, the beginning, Series one.
    I would love to see the beginning of this show,
    Also I love watching channel 13 PBS. This is the only station I can watch all your show’s Mystery Drama from other countries.

    1. If you like Shetland, check out Broadchurch. A great detective series set in Scotland. 3 seasons with season 3 totally awesome. 👍

    2. It is a shame that Shetland did not stay on Netflix and now Britbox. Show it on all PBS stations. No one can afford all these new stations.

  8. Oh that isn’t what I was expecting. I had high hopes his new meds would help I didn’t realize the trachea could get so bad. Hopefully Dr Poteet has some more good advice.

    1. I recently lost my dog. And that was how he was in his last days when he could not be on his side anymore. He had be diagnosed with congestive heart failure about a year earlier. It awful to see our babies struggle. God bless and good luck.

  9. I have COPD and congestive heart failure. Charlie’s problems are a lot like mine. for some reason I can take a nap in the daytime and be okay. the same amount of sleep at night is often simply impossible! I don’t know what the difference is. but it’s real.
    I use a firm throw pillow to elevate my head and it seems to help.
    is it possible to do that for tiny Charlie?
    I hurt for you. I hope Dr Poteet has an answer. even just a change in his food maybe? you just never know what triggers there are.
    I’m thinking of you. and tiny sweet Charlie. XOXO

  10. I don’t have any experience with dogs but there has been talk lately of how honey is better for a cough than cough medicine. I googled giving dogs honey and there’s quite a bit of information out there. Hope he does better tonight♥️

    1. just be careful with honey – for the sugar levels, I’m not a Dr, I would call your Vet and see if this is good. My Vet recently explained to me that dogs and humans are a lot alike in many ways, however their digestive track is different than ours, If he has been with other dogs he might have kennel cough. Something to watch. There is a shot called Bordatella that helps prevent kennel coughing. Some different varieties of dogs need different things. My dog is 12 and has diabetes for the last 4. so we can’t give him too many treats but if his sugar drops below 120 he needs sugar and the best remedy is Karo syrup, but a little at a time in water, and some treats , or 1/2 can of wet food. they process wet food faster than dry, but dry usually has more protein. Again it varies with their age too. #GL

  11. Keeping you both in my prayers. It’s so incredibly hard to not be able to fix their problems. We went through this with our Boxer Toa back in ’18. In our situation though we realized it was better to let him go then allow him to suffer – he had advanced Boxer cardiomyopathy. And he wasn’t happy, we could tell.
    Hope you have a relaxing lunch with your family. Also fingers crossed that you and Charlie have a quiet, restful night.

  12. So sorry you and Charlie had a bad night. It is good to have a good cry. Have a nice lunch and I hope a better night.

  13. I will keep Charlie in my prayers. I have two fur babies and I know how you feel. They are our best friends and so loveable. Enjoy lunch with your daughter and granddaughter.

  14. Oh my goodness Brenda, my heart goes out to you. Reading this post brings back all the old memories of Romeo. I went through the same thing and would awake in bed listening to him cough just like you are doing so and praying he would be able to keep breathing. It seemed that lying down would make it worse. But a dog has to sleep sometime! My prayers are with you and with precious Charlie.

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