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  1. The last time we moved, seven years ago, I lifted too many seemingly not heavy boxes and hurt for weeks. It was that sciatica nerve! And the other thing I wanted to tell you is that a lot of your favorite shows, including Vera, have dropped new episodes. Don’t lift too much!

  2. I’m with all of the others who’ve commented about being excited for your move! I hope the next six days and the big move day all go smoothly. You made your current apartment a home, and you will bring your magic touch with you!
    My grandmother planted flowers and vegetables in our yard when I was a kid. Some of that definitely rubbed off on me.

  3. The countdown is really on now!

    I inherited my love of gardening from my grandmother and mother. One thing both of them grew that I never caught the knack of, was roses.

    Amazing that your rosemary plant has last through two winters. There aren’t any herbs that last through the winter here in northeast Illinois. Too cold and snowy!

  4. My rosemary plant died last winter as it made it through several winters in the ground but not last year. It will be replaced this summer in a pot as I want a raised bed/ rectangle skinny table with several pots of herbs like parsley and rosemary. I like putting them on potatoes among lots of other things. I know you feel anxious for the move but take lots of deep breaths and do keep an eye on your doors till you get those kitties in their carriers early. If you have to keep them in those meowing away, at least they are safe while doors are opening. Or even in your car if it’s not hot that day. Mine would eventually pee on a towel in their carrier if they were upset till we got them inside our camper safely when we traveled. We always made sure we had their liter box set up before we took them out to the camper so they knew it was ok to go then.

  5. Very excited for you….I agree with others..a move for whatever is hard as we leave a pa art of our lives there, it seems. I usually have a good cry and then I am good. :0).. I know you will protect your kitties but be careful no one lets them out accidentally during the move..I know I live with a puppy and she is quite sneaky and gets out quickly with an open door to explore. ..and a couple of times we did not see her pass by yikes……… Take care I hope it goes well. I know you will never forget the snake in the ceiling stories and will not mind leaving that part right there. I hope your friend there will be ok…I know she will miss you. :0( Happy moving day.

  6. Both my maternal and paternal ancestors were farmers and woodland settlers. I learned gardening from my mom and my paternal grandma. I spent weeks from the time I was a wee one until I was 11 with my paternal grandparents out in the “country” (now it’s all urban). I worked with my mom in a small urban backyard planting shrubs and perennials. As I renter I had potted plants everywhere, but the goal was to buy my own home, which I did in 1986. Through three homes I’ve owned over the last 36 years, I created new gardens from scratch and spruced up existing landscaping. Gardening is my major form of exercise these days, along with shoveling snow and chopping ice in the winter. I think I inherited the “need to garden” genes.

  7. I was blessed with the ” black thumb” even silk plants wither in my sight🙂
    I hear you on the snake,I’d be down for the count as well,I did wake up to one curled up on my kitchen counter after hubby died,neighbors said I handled it admirably!
    Try not to stress to much,it will all come together and its a move to a healthier, happier environment for you and the furgirls! Charlie and Abby’s ashes are going of course,so they will be there giving a thumbs up.

  8. Other family members referred to my Granny as mean. However, my memories are different as she was the one who infused the love of gardening into my heart and soul.
    From the age of 7 I spent a month in the summer with her in TN. 8 hours away from my family in IN, and in absolute heaven working in her garden. No running water, an outhouse I was scared to death of, and a cemetery through the trees for my playground. Yes, she fussed constantly but she gave me a month of bliss each year , and a life-long passion.
    Thanks Brenda for bringing Granny Settles thoughts to my mind today.
    I appreciate you so much.
    Glad you have a friend there who will be by your side helping you through this move.
    I hope Teri is kind of bossy, and encourages😁you to take it easier through this move. If so, remember her motives😊.
    Caring thoughts are being sent………

  9. How exciting (and a little stressful) to be moving to a new, clean and modern place! I am wondering how you like your Shark Navigator Vacuum by now? I have had my Oreck for many years and it is so heavy that I would like a new lighter one. If you have time, please tell me how you like using your new one.

  10. Omg, Brenda, if a snake fell on me, I’d die right then too! Even before you said what you were thinking, that’s exactly what I thought too, lol! I’m sorry packing up your kitchen makes you sad. It’s understandable though. As much as you dislike your apartment, it has some good memories too, and those are hard to let go. I have my first house still that I rent out. I can’t bring myself to sell it, because it holds a lot of good memories for me. It’s where I raised my kids. I don’t have any bad memories there, but I do have a few snake stories from that house, lol! But I love my current house very much, and you are going to love yours too! And we are all going to love hearing about it! Question… how do I sign up for getting your post emailed to me?

    1. On the right side of her post she has 2 ways for you to subscribe via Newsletter or Bloglovin’. Just type in your email address in one of those and you’re good to go.

  11. Less than a week! Moving can be an exciting adventure while also being in the top 5 most stressful life events. My hope is that your move is as stress free as possible and that your new beginning is full of promise and Joy!

  12. I agree with Debby…looking forward to a “stranger’s” move as if it were my own. But I don’t really feel like you’re a stranger. Just a friend I’ve never met in person.
    I love the thought of gardening. But I’m 78 and live in southern Louisiana. For one glorious week or two in late Feb-early March, I pull weeds, plant pots and make plans for the rest of the yard. Then it gets hot and I lose all interest. I’ve found a few plants that grow in spite of me and the weather. They’re on their own. Poor things.

  13. Sounds like things are moving along for you. Just think in less than a week you will be in your new home and in a safer place to live for you and Ivy and Grace. I know you have lots of memories in your apartment now. Our homes are our sanctuaries and it is hard to say goodbye even if it is for the better. I hope as you move into the new place you will have fun making it yours. Be careful and safe with this move.

  14. I did not get our Grannie’s gardening gene. Neither did my brother Chris. Mark did. If I haven’t told you this lately, I enjoy reading and learning about my grandmother through your eyes. Thank you for sharing your stories. Sometimes they make my heart sad for you. And, I know it is your truth, and I always appreciate the vulnerability it must take to share it.

  15. It’s seems odd to be looking forward to a stranger’s move, but I’m anticipating some very pretty and original decorating. Thanks for all your photos.

  16. Loved Marcia’s comments. And can’t wait for you to be out of that place. No one should have to live worrying about snakes dropping from the ceiling.

  17. I feel like we’re starting a new adventure together!

    Just please remember to take it easy on you, because coping with the owies from over doing will just slow down the fun of making your new nest!
    I can’t wait to see how you and kitties make the new home your own!

    I bet a cat tower in front of the patio doors gives even more activity to watch all day than the current doors which are plenty busy!

    There are many chapters in our lives aren’t there? This is you turning a new page into a new exciting chapter. I can’t wait to see what it holds!

    What people you may meet! How comforting to not worry of snakes and rats and roots and lack of management and caretakers and and and.

    Some normalcy for a change! That’s worth any extra costs in my estimation.

    Love you lots Miss Brenda! And the furries too,


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