1. Well, I don’t know who everyone else is thinking about, but the first name that came to my mind was Hitler. Come on folks, can’t we all at least agree on one point?

  2. I really enjoy your blog Brenda and seek it out everyday. You and I have much in common as arthritis sufferers, animal lovers, books, good food and passion for beautiful things.

    However, as a conservative I often feel as if I’m not welcome in this space. I do think if we should meet, we’d become friends even though our politics may not line up. We all know who Marcee was referring to as I’m sure I could name many others in the political arena that have sociopathic tendencies, on both sides. Your blog, your decision on what gets posted. I respect that.

    1. I agree with you, Kelley. So, I will take a break , perhaps permanently , from this blog.

      1. Ladies…there are others here who are certainly way more conservative than many, yet Brenda tries very hard to not exclude anyone…and if she writes on things I don’t agree with, I simply do not comment. I appreciate most of what she shares…none of us will ever totally agree as we all come from different life experiences (which I feel is mainly what divides people). In spite of all that, books like she shares here could well explain some of the really crazy times life has thrown us some beyond strange people to deal with!! I appreciate hearing about helpful books!!

        1. I agree. I’m a conservative myself and I have no issues with this blog, especially a comment made by someone else. That was not a political post. Oh well. To each his own.

  3. Brenda, thank you for sharing your recipe! I cannot wait to make these pinto beans. I am making black bean soup tomorrow but your beans are next!
    Interesting book, I am pretty sure that we have all come across both of these sorts of people in our lives.
    Take care,

  4. Ahhhhh I grew up eating pinto beans! Though you aren’t eating meat, we always put a hambone in with the beans and some pepper. Slow cooker all day. Diced some potatoes and cooked on stovetop in a skillet to brown. Serve beans over potatoes. Yum!!!

  5. Not sure what you have protecting your ankle while you sleep, but as a massage therapist, I would caution you about leaving it resting on a heated pad all night. Heat, over too much time, can add to inflammation. Perhaps something to discuss with your doctor/physical therapist.

    1. I just have the heat set on 1, which is barely warm. And I sleep on my side. Thanks for telling me this.

  6. My husband and I sure agree full well with Marcee’s comment about the one that immediately came to my mind.
    We also sleep on a heated mattress pad to help our achey bones.
    Thanks so much for telling us how you did the pinto beans in the crock pot. I will be trying it soon.

  7. That’s really scary!!! I’m not even sure what else to say on that subject…
    The pinto beans sound delicious! I have a bag of black eyed peas. Does anyone have a good recipe for cooking those? Are you making corn bread to go with it Brenda? Ivy will like that. 🙂

    1. It is dangerous for your colon to sleep on your back with a heating pad.

      1. She said it was a mattress pad not a heating pad. But what makes sleeping on your back on a heating pad dangerous for your colon? Just curious. I’ve never heard of that.

    2. U could look on Pinterest Laura bc they have tons of recipes for everything! I hope this helps u. I’ve never cooked black eyed peas before.

  8. I love soup but never use beans as I like my soup to be smooth without any ‘bits’ in it. (Did I say I was a fussy eater!!!) Everything goes in my Ninja so the contents of the soup can be blasted!

    1. I love all kinds of soup. The other day I fixed a grilled cheese sandwich and had lentil bean soup. That one can of bean soup made two meals.

  9. Very interesting. I really never knew the difference between Psychopaths or Sociopaths. I’m making pinto beans and cornbread tomorrow!

    1. I have the pinto beans, and pieces of cornbread from last week frozen in a baggie in the freezer.

  10. Interesting…in sad way…having had some of these sorts to deal with in life!!
    Pinto beans sound good!!

      1. We ate a fair amount of those things as well…especially potatoes!! My grandpa grew THE BEST potatoes (russets) I have ever eaten to this day…yep, Idaho has the perfect climate for potatoes…hot days and chilly nights!! How I miss those potatoes…very hard to find ones grown in Idaho…I think the restaurants and frozen food gets the most of them.

  11. Adding chicken broth to beans, rice and even chicken gives whatever u make alot more flavor! I’m glad your feeling better Brenda, enough to start cooking again! Yay!

    I heard two flocks of geese go over my house so I know the cold weather is coming! The leaves are falling from the trees too. Soon that white stuff will be falling from the sky! That’s and four letter dirty word to me! Lol I’m not looking forward to the cold bitter winter ahead of us! Only decorating!

  12. Off the top of my head, easy to think (and know) of #1 sociopath we are all (still) dealing with in 2022.
    Trying to be careful here by not mentioning any names.
    Scary. 😨

      1. Brenda, I love your blog and I’m not going anywhere. I read your writing every day and what I love is that you always give me something to think about. I don’t have to like or agree with everything you say or do nor do you attempt to require that… just another reason I love your blog. Keep writing; I’ll keep reading !

      2. I tend to read book reviews even the negative ones. Actually I start with those because some people will write excellent and thoughtful critiques (rare I know). I’ve found that people will refer to the work and books of others in those critiques if they feel they are more comprehensive or the quality is superior–the writing or the research and I appreciate them citing other sources. You have to wade through a lot of unnecessary and petty comments too, since anyone can write a useless review. For instance Michael Pollan who wrote, The Omnivore’s Dilemma was lauded for his book, although I located an in depth critique which lead to side discussions about it that in turn lead to other interesting discussions. Unfortunately they took those off. If you are open to hearing an opposing view from an industry insider or just an opposing viewpoint one can learn a lot. That seems to be a problem though–people willing to hear an opposing viewpoint.

      3. Ever hear of the book, Without Conscience by Robert D. Hare. He is a Canadian forensic psychologist, known for his research in the field of criminal psychology. He has won numerous awards for his research, lectures widely on psychopathy, and consults with law enforcement organizations, including the FBI. It’s an older book, but it’s been updated.

    1. I hear you. They are frightening and incapable of ever changing because of their different brain structure.

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