In this 900 square foot Denver condo, the homeowner sticks to a certain group of hues for her home’s color palette.

Her preferred colors to use in her home design are green, brown, magenta, orange, and white.

As I’ve mentioned before, I do the same thing. I have a certain group of colors I use throughout my apartment. This helps to guide the eye and give a good feeling of flow to your space.

Also, she is obviously not afraid of color. She uses bold colors to enhance her home and reflect her own personality in some areas, then mutes these colors down in others.

Here she shows that you can take a tiny space, and turn it into a desk/small office space. This little nook doesn’t take up much space, but does the job nevertheless.

Her style seems to be a mix of traditional and modern, with a twist of vintage thrown in. Her dining chairs are a wide mix of different styles.

With her use of perky flowers scattered throughout her condo, she shows a playful and whimsical side of herself.

Her bathroom has more muted tones, with a touch of femininity. The paisley wallpaper is the perfect accent for this small space.

By using various tones of her preferred colors, she can tone the scale up or down. 

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  1. The owner has done a fantastic job of hinting at a '70s look without going overboard and making her home look clichéd. Her color scheme is 70s, but with a much, much lighter hand. Her colors are more soft and sophisticated compared to the dense browns, greens and oranges of the 70s. (That pale, peachy chair in the living room is heavenly.) She doesn't go too far with the daisies, paisley, and shag rugs. My favorite part is the brutalism from the concrete walls bumping up against the elegance of the giant mirror and pale green walls in the dining area. I would love to see the kitchen of this home. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. This was a great share. She has done a marvelous job with this small space. Thanks for sharing. I have been watching lots of decorating videos on YouTube the past couple of days on small apartment spaces. I am actually getting a quite a few ideas for my new place.

  3. This is a cute one Brenda. I love that she used the large mirror for wow factor and also makes the space seem bigger. Love all the natural light. Good to see that you can have bold colors in smaller spaces too.

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