1. I LOVE your tours of smallish apartments series. You seem to find the best spaces and I can gather decorating info from them all. Thank you.

  2. Brenda, thank you for the great post! I love seeing how others decorate small spaces. Happy Easter and enjoy the weekend.

  3. Having enough room for books has always been a problem to me…and I have given away the most of them over time too…yet from time to time I get more!! Reading as a child saved my life in ways…and it was fun to escape to the stories in books!! I used to have some lawyer bookshelves…wow did that save on dusting…I gave them to my daughter when we moved cross country. Here I just have some simple ones that collect way more dust than I wish and I am not good at keeping up with dusting!!

  4. I have a few bookcases around my house. I would love to have bookshelves like this if I had large rooms in my house! Lol
    Happy Easter Brenda to you and your family!
    Stay safe and healthy!

  5. I love this apartment! Light, airy, uncluttered, with plenty room for plants… it gives me many decorating ideas. Thanks for sharing, Brenda.

  6. What a cute apartment! I especially like her dining area.

  7. What a nice apartment you shared! The furnishings are just enough to be interesting.

  8. The kitchen and bathroom are not cluttered and they are sparkling clean. Even if generic/dated, that goes a long way to making a good presentation. Not sure, but it looks like the kitchen countertops are covered in peel and stick faux granite paper. The white walls really make the most of giving the illusion of more space. I’m with you when it comes to bookcases. Mine are filled with books, a few internet printed pieces of free “art,” photos and souvenirs from travels over the years and even a mini collection of horses made from metal, composite, wood, ceramic and porcelain – a real mish-mash of stuff collected over time. The only shelves I attempted to “style” are built into a corner of the living room. It’s certainly not up to scratch as far as landing a spot in any decorating magazine, but they suit me (and my horse collection) just fine 🙂

  9. What a wonderful home she’s made for herself with things she obviously loves.
    Happy Easter to you and yours, Brenda!

  10. How cute is this place. With a little imagination and organization you can make a beautiful space and make small living work. Thanks for the tour. Wishing you and Charlie and Ivy a happy Easter. xoxo

  11. Beautiful home! It doesn’t matter how big your living space is, it can always look eloquent!

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