Small Home Tour: Asheville, N.C.

This small 1950s rental home has a total of 842 square feet.
One great feature is all the natural light. So they painted the walls white and took down the blinds from the windows.


They loved that there was a big yard for their dog, Ed. And a place to garden.



This is Morgan and Brandon in their well-utilized space. They say at night they love to curl up on the sofa with their dog and watch a movie on their vintage tripod projector screen.


Love the crocks and the textured basket.


And the simple table and chairs.
All the natural light keeps their house plants healthy and shiny.




When asked for their best advice, they said: Change what you can in your rental to make
it feel like your own space, even if you don’t plan on being there long term. 

Most projects will take some time and energy but not a lot of smallmoney—and the end result will be that you feel at home in your space.



  1. Great post, Brenda! I love the sparseness of the decor, and, of course, all that beautiful light! I don't know if I could live in a space that small, but maybe the fact that I had direct access to the outdoors and a roomy backyard, I might be able to. I would have to get rid of an awful lot of stuff, though!

  2. I like this little house. Clean and minimal, but not cold and sterile looking. They've still added softness and a homey look with textured blankets, plants, pillows and flowing draperies.

  3. Very nice update. No landlord is going to complain about walls being painted white, either. And they get to enjoy the brightness and cleanness of it.

  4. Charming! With our resources I could have that bathroom done for you in half a day. Hoping you get some service soon so that you can enjoy your redone space.

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