This is a darling little home owned by a young couple in Oklahoma.
Everything is so creative!
I love all the color and the way they’ve redone this home in their own unique way.

The jar lights remind me of the ones I had at the little blue house. The curtains happen to be drop cloths hot-glued together!

Here’s a close-up of those lights.
The kitchen is a combination of cottage and vintage style.
They got really creative with these lockers with part of a kitchen cabinet in between.
Love the headboard!
And how they “framed” the mirror with paint.
The bathroom is beyond adorable.
And they were even clever with their outdoor space.

What is your favorite room? All photos from

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  1. To Ann at 11:07.
    I have decided that somewhere along the line, that bathroom photo was one taken from an in-store display to allow customers to imagine it in their homes! That's why no plumbing shown under the sink…Could it be that this cute Oklahomia couple didn't have their bathroom re-do finished and just "borrowed" this photo for their home tour?

    1. To Ance Mist: Most likely that is the case or possibly they just haven't got it hooked up yet. Anyway, it is a lovely bathroom and they have done a really nice job creating a happy looking place. Mystery solved. lol

  2. Thats an adorable little house. I love their vintage cottage style, and I love the colour that they have filled their home with. Have a good day, Brenda.

  3. Shirlee from 11:13am-that bathroom was in a blog Brenda had about cute bathrooms not too long ago. I wondered then and still do now, where is the drain and other plumbing that should be under the sink??

  4. I love this home and I recognize the bathroom as I pinned it ages ago from somewhere. It's so nice to see colour and not all that white on white.
    The creative couple filled their home with personality.

  5. What a sweet and colorful cottage style home they have!! They are obviously quite artistic, love everything about this house! I love what they did in the garden, might be something I can do with the two pallets I have in my garage from when my floor was delivered.

  6. What a cute home!! I love the kitchen the best, I think!! I also love the outdoors space since I could see myself sitting out there on a day like today!! Lots of cute ideas for a cottage home! Thanks for sharing Brenda!

  7. There are so many clever ideas here. I love how much color and nature has been brought in. I love the kitchen, which looks subdued until you spot the different colors and shapes of the door and drawer hardware. I definitely would consider copying that idea. Next favorite is the TV area. I love the Mondrian-style paint job to the chest under the TV, as well as the canvases behind the TV. That floral chair is gorgeous. Seems like you would feel upbeat and energized in this house.

  8. I can't choose because I like them all. This is a very talented couple! So simple but so unique! I love the headboard – that one blows my mind because I have always been a fan of this metal. I would like to have one for my own bed. The detail in very room is amazing. Thanks for sharing this lovely space. There are many ideas that we can gather from this talented couple.

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