This homeowner likes neutral spaces. So all of the walls are painted either white or gray.

The resident is obviously also a fan of chippy, shabby goodness. All of the furniture pieces look well-worn.

A pretty robin’s egg blue cupboard serves as storage and a place to put things on display.

Souvenirs garnered from random travels are served up in apothecary jars with vintage mirrors behind them.

As an entryway, a large old column is placed next to a chippy chair.

And old hutch hides office supplies. A table and chair is provided for dining, office work or crafting.

More chippy furniture and clear glass is lit up by the natural light from the windows.

In lieu of a headboard, an old architectural piece stands in while also anchoring the bed.

What once was a chicken coop was turned into a small retreat for getting out of the heat while gardening. A chandelier gives the space a touch of elegance.

When you live in a small space, it’s important to make good use of the outdoors in order to extend your living and entertaining space. 

Here the homeowners added dining to an outdoor area covered in pea gravel.

I hope you enjoyed this small home tour!




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  1. BEAUTIFUL HOME.I adore everything chippy, rusty, crusty and vintage. I beat things up with chains and hammers to age them even more. I paint over fine wood furniture and sell the chippy look furniture and the demand for it has not slowed. I would paint that blue piece she has, off white. I love the color white and all the shades it comes in along with grays and greige. I don't mind seeing color in other peoples homes but hate it in my home.

  2. It all looks soft and ethereal, which some people love. I have a sister-in-law who says that too much color makes her feel nervous (why I don't know). I love the soft colors, but not the chippy paint. The quilt on the bed is so lovely!

  3. I liked it to look at, but for my real life it would never work. We have a very furry, Fuzzy Pomeranian who has black fur. I can just imagine those white slipcovers in my home after just one day. Yikes. I would have no serenity in a white slip covered home, even though it is pretty.

  4. . Some just worn items might have given some relief from the overdone "chippy effect. I'm no decorates though. All in all, a very soothing environment.
    I, too, cannot imagine what level of cleaning and disinfection would allow that old chicken coop to be used as a living space. You'd have a devil of a time getting bleach into all the cracks and crevices that harbor spores .

  5. I like this home. I like the neutral colors, texture, chippiness and patina! It's a lot more than I have in my own home, and I do prefer more color overall, but I saw a lot here that I liked. 🙂

  6. I was told I was conceived in a converted chicken coop at the end of the war. apparently housing was scarce and my dad was still in the army and had just come back home. he had to stay on base but my mother wanted to be near him. so they rented that coop to be together on days he had leave.
    I doubt seriously that it had a chandelier! LOL!
    I always wonder how all that chipped furniture could be dusted or cleaned… without getting splinters or having chips all over the place! still. if you like that kind of style it's at least well done.
    thank you for always an interesting post!

  7. Wow, Brenda! That home was too chippy-ippy for me. A home like that feels unclean and I would not sit on any of those chairs. So much paint-chipped furniture almost makes me think they are too busy(or whatever) to sand and repaint their furniture-ugh. Lying in that bed with the deteriorating old mantle above one's head/face would give me an uneasy feeling. Not my style.

  8. Wow, Brenda! Now that house I could live in! I might add just a tad more color, but basically, I love the neutral look. Nice post. Gave me some ideas. Thanks!

  9. This home is screaming for some color. Nothing stands out to capture your attention because it all blends together. And so much chippy, shabby! I will be interested in what your other readers think of this home.

  10. Lovely home, but way too much chippy paint for my liking. The blue hutch is the one real standout in the bunch. I also love that blue and cream quilt. I'm always baffled when I read about a chicken coop turned into living space. I've had chickens in a chicken coop and I cannot imagine ever getting it scrubbed thoroughly enough to think it could be lived in. But, I did have an aunt and uncle who started out their marriage in a renovated chicken coop back in the 1950s, so I guess it can be done!

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