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  1. What a charming house! It looks so inviting and comfortable and warm. Love their choice of rugs in the house. And that library looks like a room I could just curl up in. And read a good book, of course.

  2. Adorable home 🏡 💖
    Suitable for anyone. Especially true for ppl wanting to unload years of “things” ,,,,,, what I desperately need to do. Trying my best. We never buy useless items any longer. For more than several years now. Done with that nonsense.
    The internet begs for ppl to spend, spend spend $$$$. Crazy.
    Enjoy the weekend y’all 😃

  3. I love this house! The botanical wallpaper in the little bathroom is perfect. All the furnishings work beautifully together and it is such a pleasure to see that lovely bookcase full of books! Thanks for the peek.

  4. I love this little house! This is how I see myself living someday when it’s just me and no animals. I’m getting tired of trying to keep this big house (4 bedrooms, 2 living areas, and 5 acres) clean and mown all the time. I wanna read books, I wanna watch movies, I wanna bake cookies for my friends, I wanna go out to lunch! But I consider myself blessed to have the life I have. Maybe a housekeeper is in this old girl’s future haha.

  5. I enjoyed seeing this house. Love how the kitchen has the two antique rugs, and also in the boy’s bedroom and in the library. The shed makes it “perfect”. Small, but it certainly works. Thanks for sharing with us, Brenda. Hugs from WI

  6. What a sweet house tour. Done perfectly and with 50 acres, those boys will never be in the house!!

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