Small Space Christmas Hot Chocolate Station

For those of us who live in small homes, we typically don’t have a lot of flat surface space. That is especially true of my own kitchen counters.

But I found a way to have a portable hot chocolate station for the holidays tucked into a corner of my kitchen, and I wanted to share it with you.

To reduce the look of clutter, it is especially important to use trays. Trays gather what you need in one space and can be moved if necessary.

Trays also corral things and looks tidy.

I’m a firm believer in using trays and boxes and baskets in my home for storage and organization.

Using this one little corner of my counter next to the refrigerator, I was able to get everything I needed to create the hot chocolate station while taking up a minimum amount of space.

I found this sweet little lamb at the grocery store. Isn’t he cute with the bird on his back along for the ride?

I’ve had the vintage ornaments a long time. I only have about 7-8 that haven’t gotten broken over the years, so I use them in vignettes like this where it doesn’t matter how many I have.

It creates a vintage element to my vignette, which I like.

This little vignette accomplished everything I wanted it to.

There are two kinds of hot chocolate, a little measuring bowl filled with marshmallows and a bit of Christmas decor to spice things up.

I found the mug at World Market. I thought it looked rather boho-ish.

I didn’t want to buy a mug with a Christmas scene on it because then I’d have to put it away after the holidays. Plus I’d be taking up precious storage space for something I’d use a month a year.

That’s not very smart when you live in a small space home.

I imagine there will be many days this winter when I will be in my recliner watching Netflix, warmed by my portable fireplace, sipping hot chocolate.


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  1. So pleasing to look at! Imagine the marshmallows and the hot chocolate packets if they were in their original packaging.The display would look a lot more cluttered. You can change up the decorations as January rolls around and still be able to have easy access to your hot chocolate fixings.

  2. Where is the “heart” button to click. :0) …all so the little Christmas Lamb and friend. Enjoy the hot chocolate. I rarely have any hot chocolate since “they” say it has so many It is so cozy and warming..Have a blessed Holiday Season and Winter, too.

  3. I love it, Brenda! Especially that little “snow”-covered tree. Where did you get it? And the sheep is darling, too. Nice job.

  4. I like your vignettes. I too live in a small space and find your decorating ideas very inspiring.

  5. Love your vignette! That little tree speaks to my heart as well as the cute deer and bird! Did you find your hot chocolate mix in the grocery store? Love the old-fashion milk bottle its in! Some brands of hot chocolate taste better than others and was just curious if this tasted good or not.

    1. I got that one in the bottle at World Market. Thought it was pretty cute for $2.99. Haven’t tried it yet. I’m driving myself half crazy trying to get this boho tree done. Nothing seems quite right!

  6. You find the cutest things, Brenda! I love the little lamb. Now I’m off to create my own vignette. You’ve inspired me. Happy day!

  7. Brenda, your hot chocolate station is delightful! The lamb with the little bird is so cute! I drink hot chocolate every day, 365 days a year, instead of coffee. I think it is the “food of the Gods” as they say! I can picture you enjoying mug after mug this cold winter in front of your fireplace. Enjoy!

    I hope that your mouth is feeling better.

  8. Very cute!! I’ve been seeing a lot of hot cocoa bars around blogland lately – however since I rarely indulge in a hot cocoa, I can’t spare the counter space. You’ve got me thinking of it now however, especially since I just came in from yet another shoveling marathon!

  9. I also love trays for use in little vignettes and yes, because they are so moveable. Nice look!!!

  10. Your hot chocolate station looks happy! I think it is the red color that always makes me smile and feel a bit joyful! I love the idea of a hot chocolate station with the cooler days and the holiday season upon us. What a wonderful idea; I also have limited counter space but could manage something like this. Christmas shopping and errands are on my agenda today so I will be looking for a pretty tray, hot chocolate mix, etc. Thank you for the idea!

    Take care and stay warm.

    1. I love your Christmas hot chocolate station Brenda! The little lamb with the bird on the back, is so cute! I start using my Christmas things in November, so I can get more use out of them bc before you know it the next holiday is here!

      Keep warm with your fur babies!

  11. You’ve created so many boho looks I’ve admired and enjoyed. But this is the one. It’s simple, portable, and I’ll be able to dress it up year round.

  12. Brenda this is really cute. I love that when we live small we try to carve out small spaces like this to enjoy. I have very little space as you know and try to use every sq. inch to its best advantage. Now you can have a cozy hot cocoa when it gets cold.
    Have a good day and week.

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