Small Space Holiday Decorating Tip #1: 

When you’re decorating a small home for the holidays, utilize your vertical space.

You have a lot more real estate if you use your walls. So take advantage of that.

Small Space Holiday Decorating Tip #2: 

Decide on a color theme. Two or three colors or shade of colors is  best. 

Use this color theme from one room to another for a more cohesive look.

One of my favorite color combos is red and white. 

I moved the red truck painting from my living room to this wall in the dining space. It was just too dark to be able to see and enjoy it where it was.

I found the green “vintage” mail box a few months ago at my local grocery store. I find some really neat things for a great price there. 

Small Space Holiday Decorating Tip #3: 

Small decorative elements don’t look as overbearing or cluttered when gathered together in a vignette. 

Instead of scattering the small Christmas trees individually here and there, I chose to put the trees together in my dough bowl. 

So that’s my dining room for the holidays.



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  1. Your little dining room is very pretty and festive looking! I love red, white and green at Christmas time. I've tried other things but I keep coming back to red, white and green. Those are all great tips, thank you!

  2. I love it too. It’s so spare and clean lined , a bit of Swedish cottage vibe too, maybe. It could easily go throughout the winter. A big difference from the lush decor of the little blue house but I think I like it even more. It can stay up during those dreary winter months rather than just a few weeks.

  3. That truck painting is seriously fabulous, Brenda. I'm so glad you decided to decorate for the holidays, even with the hassle of waiting for new electrical outlets. I always look forward to what you do.

  4. Thank you for so generously sharing your life with all of us. I once read 10 or more blogs a day but in the last year or so I'm down to yours and one or two others. You are so honest and real….I admire how you do it all your way and it's unique and beautiful and simple and easy to relate to. Sending lots of good wishes for health and happiness to you and your babies this holiday season.

  5. Oh,my gosh, I love that old toy truck! One of my other blogger friends, Kathy, at Sharing Shadymont has two old trucks and an old red toy tractor that she's decorating for Christmas with and I am so jealous! I've gotta find one of those old trucks!

    I like the dining area vignette a lot. The truck painting is very nice. Especially combined with the other simple things on the wall and the little faux pine trees on the table. Grouping them together makes a nice addition to the decorated wall. Did you find the truck painting at Wayfair? If I remember correctly it was there that you found the yellow rose canvases. Wonder whether the truck paintings are still available. I have a family member that drives a red pickup. Was thinking of the painting for him for Christmas.

    Thanks for sharing your Christmas decor. It always helps to see how others do things. Especially in small spaces. My house isn't as small as your apartment but I have some pieces of furniture that take up a lot of room–antiques from my family that I just can't get rid of. They do cut down on the space for a lot of decor though. In fact, I'm not sure where the Christmas tree is going this year! Maybe on top of the old upright piano! We'll see. (It is a small tree!)

    Hope your ankle's not giving you too much grief and that Charlie has gotten over his fixation on the dot on the ceiling!

  6. It looks perfect Brenda! I love the truck painting there. You are right the lighting is just right for it over the table. And of course your antique truck and small trees complete the look! I wish I had your talent at arranging things. I put Christmas items out but they never have the "look" that you get with your decorating. You are blessed with an eye for decorating!

  7. I love your red and white, but what sets it apart is the lovely blue hutch. I really like the way it softens the red. Your Christmas decor is perfect!

    This year I put up a little 24" lighted tree. I am doing a woodland theme. Then I added little miniature pine cones, deer antlers and red and gold and brown snow flakes.

    I put it on my breakfast bar and added my Santa dressed in woodsman clothing sitting in his sleigh, two bronze reindeer and a fir tree. It is just enough for me for this year.

    Oh yes, I forgot my door wreath embellished with pine cones, red berries, a burlap bow and some jingle bells tied with ribbon.

    I am calling it my country rustic look LOL!

  8. I like this Brenda, love the trees in the dough bowl, and the mail box is soooo Kool. it all goes together so perfectly, like everything you are able to do, without a "how to book" so to speak…Thanks for sharing some great ideas.

  9. Brenda, I love the truck painting in it's new location. Add the red truck on the table, trees and you have the perfect vignette! I'm taking a big box of Christmas stuff to the thrift this year and big tote full of ornaments and other things to my church. It feels good to downsize.

  10. It is just perfect for your small space, Brenda. I love that painting of the truck!!! And, because you didn't overdo "Christmas" you could probably keep it up well into the winter months. Love it and hope you are having a good week. xo Diana

  11. I love how the truck in the painting is off-center. It makes it seem like the truck is moving!

    Your tips are good. I see you have a variety of items in the vignettes, but also two or three of the same item to make a kind of story, such as the Santas in the living room vignette and the trucks in the dining room. Then you have some similar colors in both vignettes, and similar items such as the red berries and the baskets. It's very pleasing and on a scale that is good for small dwellings.

  12. Love your polka dot plates and that red and white combination is really cute. You have a good eye for interior design. And you are right, the simpler the better. Carol

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