Living in an apartment with few windows, I’ve been considering the best places to locate my house plants.  So I went looking online to see what I could come up with.

The wall of shelves above, with the addition of a small surface for a desk, actually kills two birds with one stone. You could gather lots of plants on these shelves.

And have a small desk space as well.

These pod containers attach to the window.
I found the one above on Etsy. If you’d like to check it out, click on the Source button beneath the photo.

If you rent and don’t want to put holes in your ceiling to hang house plants, then try a garment rack. 

You could squeeze lots of plants into this method using a rolling cart.

I think the one above can be found at IKEA.

This wall mounting system comes from IKEA. A great little container garden for indoor herbs.

There are outdoor window boxes, so why not an indoor one? I’d never thought of it before. But this would certainly give your indoor plants lots of light.

Go portable with this rolling cart. You could use any bar cart available and be able to roll it over to a window for better light, then roll it back to its normal place in your living room at night.

Another idea is to put a low shelf at the bottom of a window. You could attach the shelf to the wall. Or simply put something underneath to hold it up.

Did you know that grouping your house plants close together releases moisture through their leaves? This is a process called transpiration.

This creates a humid micro-climate that will benefit all of your plants. 

Do you have tips on displaying house plants in small homes?


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  1. Ha! I am ahead of the game. I have indoor window boxes and have had them for about 20 years in various homes! Love plants inside or out! xo Diana

  2. I have a plant on top of my fridge and china cabinet in the kitchen; several on tabletops in the living room; but most of them on top of a couple of small tables in my office/spare bedroom.

  3. I live in a small house and have windows in all directions except South but as I grow primarily African Violets I really only have an East window in the LR and one bedroom as the West windows are too hot in Summer and the North window–actually a projecting plant window– is too cold in Winter. I use the North window in the summer, but then have to find another spot as the weather becomes cold. I have some on my kitchen counter under a grow-light which works moderately well but takes up too much space. I do use the large bay window in the LR for more bright sun-loving plants, but it's too hot for the AFs. It's always been a dilemma in this house as to where I can put my plants so they love their location.

    Anyway, I do like some of the options you show in your post. Especially the inside window sill. I might be able to use that in my bathroom under the plant window to increase capacity. I also like the black wall-hanging racks with the white pots in them except my wall space is pretty limited. I think for me the inside shelf or window sill would work best.
    Thanks for the informative post, Brenda. Idea to think about!

  4. This has always been a problem for me too. I have all mine grouped together by my bed for maximum benefit. These are some great ideas–thank you.

  5. I love plants, but I have a hard time keeping them alive. Maybe I need more of them grouped together and they can help each other out! 😉

  6. I have houseplants everywhere in my little house! Always have, from my very first apartment when I was a youngster. All cool ideas, no doubt! I love the idea of an indoor window box, that's awesome.

  7. My three or four houseplants sit in the usual boring places such as on top of a book shelf or a dresser. I like the pots holding herbs that are mounted on the side of the fridge in photo #3.

    My late grandmother had plants sitting on a vintage wooden ironing board that was set up in front of a dining room window. One of her daughters came up with the idea when looking for new uses for some of my grandmother's things when she moved into a smaller house and didn't have much storage space. My aunt then hung some other old items on the wall near the ironing board, such as an old washboard and a few framed vintage photos. My grandmother loved that the plants were at an easy height for watering and tending to as well as to look at.

  8. Thanks for sharing all the neat ideas about where to place your plants. The one on the side of frig grabbed my attention. They are all neat.

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