Today I have Part 2 of small space kitchens. Let’s explore more ways to decorate and give your room personality.

If you don’t have a window above your sink, add a mirror. A mirror helps make a small space look larger.

I love the picket fence style oven hood cover. How adorable this would be  for a cottage-style kitchen.

This kitchen is kind of industrial, kind of cottage, kind of vintage. I thought the attached industrial light was a nice touch.

If you happen to be lucky enough to have a built-in pantry, you might consider taking the door off and replacing it with a curtain.

This kitchen has wall shelves for added storage. Below is a cute little table (could be a desk) with even more storage space.

Centering a piece of furniture, like this table, just below the wall shelves gives the area a cohesive look.

The kitchen above has an interesting architectural element added to the window. How easy would it be to place a piece of wood above the window? And how clever too! It adds so much to the room.

This could be your grandma’s kitchen, with the addition of the industrial-style shelves above the stove. The narrow shelves would be an adequate space for spices.

All of these ideas are budget-friendly and add lots of decorative personality to your small space kitchen. Do you have a favorite?

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  1. Thanks for the fun photos — it’s always fun to look at kitchens! That picket-fence style hood in the second photo looks like an outdoor window awning to me. So if someone wants to repeat that look, you might consider such an awning. My mom has a mirror over her kitchen sink. It was there when she bought her cottage-style condo. I thought it would be annoying but it actually has been good feature in terms of brightening up the area. She put a simple primitive-style garland around the mirror and it helps soften the hard surface.

  2. I love the Jadeite dishes in the fifth picture! I have a Jadeite canister that belonged to my Grandmother and I would love to have more but it has gotten pricey, especially the original pieces.

  3. Brenda, all of your posts are wonderful hello and love to you and the pupsters hope ins. figured out fr you good soon

  4. I just love posts like this. They give me ideas of what I might be able to do, let alone great eye candy. Eye candy may seem frivolous but it trains our eyes to see ideas in our own homes when they come up.

  5. I also love kitchens with open shelving. It seems a bit bohemian to me. I love bohemian style, One of my daughters decorates her home a mix of bohemian and Victorian and it is wonderful. She does not follow decorating blogs so she had no idea what style she is actually doing and she was pleased when I told her. She has always marched to her own drum. Her place is tiny, and is overflowing with furniture and decor but it is all very pleasing to the eye.

    I myself am presently decorating in a more “romantic” look. I received a cute vintage china cabinet for Christmas, and now I am loving all these cute pictures you are sharing Brenda. Isn’t it wonderful how such small touches can bring so much character to a room like a kitchen?

  6. Love the open shelving, haven’t got it at the moment and my husband doesn’t like it at all!
    The only way I might get it is if we move!
    Love the ‘old’ stoves, they look so much nicer than the modern ones, at least I think so.

  7. I can attest that the Morrow above the sink makes a tremendous difference. The cottages that we stayed in on our yearly vacations always had the kitchen sink on an interior wall. By adding the mirror, it added light and a feeling of more space. The mirror was hung high enough not to get water splashes on it. I’ve seen photos with mirrors in back of a stove, that would NOT be for me… that would require daily cleaning!

  8. Part 2 is just as wonderful as Part 1. I really like the sink (and the mirror idea) in the first photo. And, the use of open shelving in a lot of the photos is inspiring. Not sure about others, but so many items I place in the back of my cabinets are obviously not worth keeping because I forget they are even there (and hard to retrieve if I do decide to “find” one of the items). The piece of wood above the window is so clever and looks nice.
    And those old stoves have so much personality!

    Thank you for presenting so many neat ideas for small kitchens.

  9. I would have that range in a heartbeat!
    I follow a blog that has a glorious one of that vintage and they named it Stella!
    it holds pride of place in their beautiful sunny yellow kitchen.
    the one with the window over the sink and the more rustic piece of wood over it is beautiful and I think it’s my favorite! though again… so many great ideas.

  10. My favorite is the one with wood over the window – love those windows letting in so much light, the light fixture, the open shelving, the farm sink. Perfect in every way.

  11. Oh my goodness, we have the four burner version of the Caloric range in that last picture. Vintage 1950s. Am always trying to decide whether to replace or keep. It has several features unattainable now such as oven and top working when the power goes out, but like me, it is showing its’ age!

    1. if you have a gas stove with an electronic starter and the power goes out, with most stoves you can turn the gas on the burner and light it with a match where the electronic spark is…….you just can’t use the oven

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