If, like me, you live in a small home or apartment, you probably have issues with storage. So let’s look at some ideas I found to add storage and/or personality to your kitchen.

The kitchen above could be most any apartment kitchen with it’s layout.

Adding a bit of black always adds elegance to a room. And if a kitchen is to reflect my personality, it would have to have a bit of red in it!

Drawer pulls aren’t all that expensive, but can really add a lot of appeal to boring kitchens. If you rent, you might swap out the original drawer pulls or knobs for new ones that better suit your personality. Just keep the original ones in case you move, as I have.

Some small homes don’t have a separate dining room. Back in the “olden” days, I don’t recall that we ever had a separate dining room.

We had a table in the middle of the kitchen, and I’ve always loved the coziness of that look.

If you are really limited on space, put a table or piece or kitchen cart in the middle of the kitchen that can serve as an island. Then add a couple of stools for seating.

Another idea to change the look of a rental kitchen is to take the cabinet doors off and store them.

You could put contact paper in the back of the cabinets to add a pop of color.

In that same vein, you could remove the cabinet doors below the sink and instead add a simple gathered curtain on an extension rod. Extension rods are cheap, and a couple of yards of fabric won’t break the bank either. It gives the kitchen a feminine/cottage look.

You could also take the leftover scraps of fabric and add strips to decorate dish towels or even make your own dish towels.

Another way to add storage to a small kitchen is to utilize wasted space above and to the side of the refrigerator. Adding a couple of shelves adds personality to the room, as well as needed storage.

(Photos 1-7 courtesy of BHG.com)

If you don’t have enough cabinet or storage space in your kitchen, consider adding a kitchen cart or table at the end, as in the photo above. If you line it up to the rest of the cabinets, it will look right at home.

Another idea would be to fill an unused space with a table or butcher block/island. The basket below it acts as even more storage space.

If you’re short on cabinet space for pots and pans, add a rack to the wall or ceiling where you can hang them out of the way.

Tomorrow I’ll have Part 2 of small space kitchen ideas. Do you have a favorite?

(Photos 1-5 courtesy of BHG.com. Photos 6-9 courtesy of countryliving.com)


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  1. We have a small kitchen so I like looking at these photos. We have few kitchen cabinets so we made a pantry area in the utility room for some food items, pots and pans, and kitchen tools that aren’t used often. Means taking more steps but it works pretty well. I love the colors in photo #6.

  2. Here’s my thing: when the kitchen is small and you have crammed numerous cabinets, etc. into the space in order to have storage – how difficult it is to clean, i.e. floors, dust on baseboards. How do you get to these things without having to move everything? Since I have arthritis, and bending and twisting is very painful, I just wonder how it would work. We plan to downsize in the next year or so, and I’m going to need these ideas and thoughts on how to live in a smaller house. Thanks for sharing inspiration, Brenda.

  3. Oooh, all of them are unique and pretty. But the one I love best is the one with the old-fashioned stove-oven and all the windows. I need a lot of natural light in my rooms and to have that many windows–hopefully with a great view–is a dream.

    There are a lot of good ideas here and I’m going to forward your post to my daughter who has a horrible kitchen and can’t afford to do anything major for a while.

    Thanks for sharing all these great examples of workable small kitchens, Brenda!

  4. I think the first one is my favorite if I had to choose, but they all had good ideas to use. You have done an outstanding job in decorating your small space, I love when you show pictures of your kitchen area. I don’t believe that I would have thought to do some of the things you have done.
    It always makes me want a tiny little place.

  5. I really like that first kitchen with the pops of red. Our house doesn’t have a separate dining room; just the eat-in kitchen like you mentioned.

  6. Maybe it’s because I’m on the east coast but all the homes I was in as a child (including a 1905 cottage and a Victorian from the 1800’s) plus the 1960’s Colonial I grew up in had both a dining room and a big eat in kitchen.

    i think now a days, an eat in kitchen is more desirable and you really don’t need both.

  7. Took Door off double cupboard can,t believe the difference it was above fridge had nothing in it as I couldn’t reach filled with red objects my kitchen is red and black and white just love the look

  8. These are all great ideas, and I adore small cozy kitchens! Well, perhaps not as small as the one I had in NYC, but I still made that 18″ of counter space work for me!! Adding the pot rack over the stair railing in my kitchen really freed up sooooo much space in my small kitchen, I am so glad I did that! And also so proud that I did it all by myself!! 🙂

  9. I love all of these kitchens, as you say they are all cozy and that is what I look for. In another house we lived in we had a formal living room or lounge and then we turned a small bedroom on the same floor into a small den. We always preferred to sit in the small cozy room and the living area was hardly used.

  10. Love the article . The Country Living pics are my favorite . It is always fun to move your stuff around.Then it feels like something brand new. They say always shop at home first . This is going to be my motto for 2018 . Many thanks Brenda ….

  11. this is great! there is something to love in each of these kitchens.
    actually I like the handiness of a small kitchen. I’d be lost in some of the huge modern ones of today’s new homes.
    as always ~ small can be and is beautiful!

  12. Oh wow! What neat kitchens! I love the first photograph and am also partial to number 4. But they are all wonderful. We live in a home built in 1925 and we will be renovating the kitchen in a couple of years. Your post presents so many great ideas; looking forward to the next post.

    Thank you.

  13. Great collection of ideas! Just redid a tiny kitchen and went to open shelving. It forces me to keep things tidy!

    1. I’ve taken off some of my kitchen cabinet doors before, but since I have so little room to store them, I put them back on.

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