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  1. I love this house. thank you for sharing.. Such a cute little house, and all the space is used so wisely.. Love the dresser turned storage.. The legs on the dresser is so cute.. She did a wonderful jog decorating..

  2. A very appealing little house. All those built-ins in the bedroom look like they would hold quite a bit. I like most of the decor, too. I wish I could see more of the house, though. Is there anywhere on-line that I could do that?

  3. This little house is so cute. That coffee table is wonderful. Wish I could find one. Also the idea of using a dresser without drawers is great. I so enjoy these views into small spaces you provide us.

  4. I really enjoyed this little gem. It's so tastefully decorated.
    For such small sq footage it seems to have everything you'd
    need yet doesn't appear to be crowded at all.
    I love everything about it!

  5. I love this house! My home is only a little bigger than it. I have a wall of bookcases in my little living room and our small TV nestles in it along with the books and some small decor items. I love all the space saving tips in this house and have used several of these ideas in my home. I have normal size kitchen appliances though, but no dishwasher. My hubby and I take turns washing dishes. I'm disabled and sit on a tall chair while I wash dishes. I love living in my downsized home! We got rid of a lot of stuff to live here and it is so freeing!

  6. I just love that sweet little cottage!! What a great solution for a coffee table, would be too wide for my space but I love it!

  7. Love this home. They did a great job decorating in a functional manner. Very cozy and inviting.

  8. The little house is awesome There are so many things I like but especially the dresser with two drawers removed at the bottom. The kitchen is very inviting. I like the counter in the kitchen but could definitely not sit on the stool to eat. LOL Thanks for sharing such a neat house.

  9. What a little gem of a house. I like the white walls and dark floors as a backdrop to everything. I love that bit of storage at the end of the counter for spices and glassware, and the built-in storage on the wall of the bedroom. Thanks.

  10. Hi Brenda,
    This was a perfect post for me this morning. With our next house we buy I am going very small and one level living so I want to find small and cozy and utilize all the living space the best I can. I think that is the trick with living in smaller homes too. Hope all is well with you and Abi and Charlie. Have a great start to the new week.

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