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  1. It’s interesting that all those scents that ants hate, people love. Well, maybe not the vinegar so much. I really appreciate you putting this list together for us. I’m going to save it too. I don’t have problems with ants all the time, but when I do, they are super annoying! Mosquitos are another bug I find annoying. I feel like I am a mosquito magnet, then I’m itching and scratching for a long time afterwards. I need to invest in the citronella candles they make and put them on my porch. Maybe then I can sit outside and enjoy myself.

  2. I love good natural remedies like this! So today I learned about the ground cinnamon and I read somewhere in the last few days that sunflowers don’t like their roots disturbed. That solves one mystery for me so this year I put the seeds in the ground. So far so good! Still having trouble with my prayer plant but I haven’t given up hope. I had it in the bathroom but I am moving it to the kitchen closer to the sink for extra moisture. Fingers crossed! Have a good evening.

  3. I had no idea there were so many options for deterring ants (and possibly other insects as well) that are natural and don’t involve potentially toxic chemicals. Thank you for taking the time to do so much research, this is great information. I’m saving this post url to my “favorites” list for easy future reference.

  4. Great tips as usual. I need to buy some more herbs and get them going. Mine have died off. I had a huge rosemary plant that was old
    old and finally had it ripped
    out. I need something to deter flies at my back door. They drive me nuts.

  5. Good to know Brenda! I have somehow avoided ever having ants in my home as an adult but I do remember a few incidents growing up (I do not remember how it was resolved).That being said, there is always tomorrow LOL and then I will know what to do! Thank you! Have a great day:-)

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