I’m so glad to be leaving this place. When I got home from talking to the new apartment complex people on Monday, a note was on my door from the management here.

Note From Management:

It said: After walking property, I noticed your unit needs new blinds. These blinds need to be replaced as soon as possible. If not replaced in a period of 2 weeks (by 11/24/2021), maintenance will go in and replace them and you will be billed for the replacement. If you want to change them yourself, we can give you the measurements so you can buy them. (Living room blinds – $25, bedroom blinds – $25, vertical blinds – 60, vertical slats – $2 each)

I immediately called management and told her: yes I do have blinds on my living room window. Some time ago the mini blinds looked beat up so I trashed them. But I have these wicker blinds over the window. And black-out drapes over that.

She said: “Oh, well I looked and I couldn’t see any. Did you have them up?”

I said: “No, it’s too hot in here to leave them up. They were down and you just didn’t see them.”

In the past, maintenance ordered and replaced mini blinds for residents at the expense of the complex. So now they’re trying to nickel and dime us to death, I guess.

Air Conditioner Problems:

Plus my air conditioner has really not been working right for months. So I have been here in my apartment basically in the dark. With the blinds and curtains closed and no lights on. Just to keep it somewhat cool in here.

I didn’t want to call the office to send maintenance because I know the maintenance man has not been vaccinated.

But this week after figuring out I was moving, I wanted my air conditioner fixed. Because the weather is up and down in Oklahoma. And I sure don’t want to be packing and moving without air conditioning if it’s needed.

I know the assistant manager who showed me around at the 55+ apartments has not been vaccinated either. But that’s her right. I just wore my mask and tried not to get too close to her. I haven’t had my booster yet and it’s been over 6 months since my other 2 vaccines.

So the maintenance guy brought a little window air conditioner and put it in my front window. That little thing was certainly not big enough for the whole apartment. So I complained about it.

They told me this is not the season for air conditioning. I said in Oklahoma it is always hot one day and cold the next.

Figuring Out The AC Problem:

Thus the maintenance man came and filled the outside unit with Freon. The next day he looked and it was empty. He said he had to wait till it was 80 degrees for his equipment to figure out what the problem was.

Yesterday it got to 80 degrees. He filled that old unit up with Freon again and it leaked right back out.

So then he tells me they probably won’t pay for what he needs to plug up the hole. Then he said: “Do you want to follow me to the store to get it and pay for it yourself?”

Can you believe that? I don’t blame him. He just didn’t want to get into trouble.

I was just about to get my keys and follow him out, then I told him to call the office anyway. See if they’d agree to pay the $50 he needed. And lo and behold, they agreed. Though he said when the bill for it hits the management office they will probably deny it.

I hope he doesn’t end up having to pay for it.

Hopefully It’s Fixed Now:

Now I think it’s fixed. Hopefully and with fingers crossed. Maybe no more being in the dark all day.

There is always something here. And they keep thinking up more and more ways to charge us for it. I will be so glad to get out of here!

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  1. Never heard of a place that made you use blinds in your windows. What if you hate blinds? I don’t ever use blinds, just curtains or drapes. What is it with those apartment managers anyway? I’m glad you’re getting out of that horrible place. Maybe they know you are moving and are punishing you. I am praying that your new place will be a perfect fit for you and that you won’t have to put up with nonsense any longer.

  2. Brenda…. I’m so excited to see how you decorate your new place. You have a knack for decorating and I’m sure I’ll get some great ideas from you. The colors you use are definitely right up my alley. And,,,, I can’t wait to see what you do with your outdoor space, I hope you’re taking as many of your container gardens that you can. Congratulations!!!!

  3. They are unbelievable! I’m so glad you are moving! I wonder how long before all your neighbors decide to move too. I’m glad you made your decision now! 68 days and counting!!

  4. Sounds like you certainly have made the right decision to move. Nothing in your current complex is going to get any better. Glad you’ve found a lovely place.

  5. Wow, it is definitely time for you to get out of there. As far as having to leave up dates you did to this place, well like you said you enjoyed them for the time you were there. That is a positive way to look at it.
    Also I wanted to mention, its always a good sign when neighbors come out to greet a new person coming in. When you think about it they didn’t have to do that, and their kindness gave you a good feeling and a warm welcome. I’m certain you will be happy there Brenda.
    I can’t wait what you will create on your patio area….I’m sure it will be fabulous!

  6. Just another sign that you are making the right decision to move … and move on! So glad you won’t have to deal with this stuff soon.

  7. The new apartment sounds wonderful for you! Perhaps after you are there for a while and still wish for a smaller apartment you would put your name on a wait list for that.

  8. Along with the current craziness, I recall you mentioned there were tree roots actually growing up and pushing their way through a neighbor’s wall or flooring.

    Home Depot and Lowe’s have a very inexpensive line of builder grade light fixtures. If the ones you purchased are pricier, you could have them swapped out. Perhaps Kendra or one of her crew could do it on the side?

    I’m so thrilled for you that you’ll be leaving soon … what a great way to start a new year!!

  9. Brenda, I missed reading your blog yesterday but when I tuned in today and saw that you are moving I went back and read it and looked at the photos of the new place. I’m so happy for you. It will be such a relief to you not to have to deal with the awful management people where you are. Not good for your health to have to be in conflict so much. I love the look of the new place and I think you will really enjoy having more space. The kitties will be able to really run and chase, won’t they? It is sad to have to leave your large patio space but as time goes on you may be glad not to have quite so much to take care of. All in all I think you will feel more relaxed and content once you get settled. And I am looking forward to seeing what you do to decorate the new apartment. I’m jealous of all the wall space you’ll have to hang things!

    I”ll be thinking of you as you sort and cull and pack and get ready to “move house”.

  10. What crooks…sounds like they are definitely trying to run tenants off…that is unreal. About the folks who have not been jabbed..they are no more likely to give you or me the virus than those who have been!! It is not a vaccine..it does not keep you from getting C-virus. Read up on it.. I am pro-choice about the worldly jab and it should be everyone’s choice as to whether they choose to take it or not take it!! It should not be the choice of some senile President! Since you are leaving anyhow from the apartment now stand your ground and report them to BBB as you leave..or some other authorities on how they are treating everyone.. Best wishes on your move.

    1. On another note..if this “quote, unquote”..vaccine definitely prevented folks from getting the virus..there would probably be alot more folks willing to take it.

  11. You have improved that apartment and kept things looking way better than when you moved in and they give you grief over fixing the air?! I’m very happy for you finding another place and it comes with a recommendation from other renters in the complex.

  12. Brenda,
    I’m very happy that you have found a new place that is well taken care of. You mentioned that you thought the new owners were looking to tear down the current building. Did you have to sign a long term lease? If you did, I wonder what other tenants did and how long their leases extend to. I have to say, that I loved what you did with this place! Your red and white kitchen and the living room with those beautiful blinds and red toile window coverings; just outstanding… I will especially miss your garden/backyard! Truly, you have one of the most incredible apartment gardens I have ever seen!!! I know the birds will around there will miss you! A true oasis for them!

  13. So glad you are getting to move! Hope they won’t make it too hard on you. Document everything that is said and done. Good luck!

  14. How do you you know the person who showed you the new place wasn’t vaccinated? Did you ask her? Did she tell you before she was around you? What’s the deal? It’s her choice.

  15. Well, that does beat all, Brenda…those guys take the cake for being unreasonable and actually downright stupid. Basically you are moving due to safety issues…THAT should get anyone’s attention. We had a problem here that was a very strong safety issue for my husband…I told the management for the slumlord here that either they fixed it IMMEDIATELY…or I would do so and I am not so sure it would look as good as the handiman would do. He was there that very next day and fixed it!! Haha…but so far, the microwave and fan issue is almost at an end as to working at all…but I saw the owner one day and I had been told he was not born in USA…uh huh…doing business like it was in India I suppose. I think some issues we renters are having these days is a huge cultural gap…those landlords are here in USA to make a fortune, by hook or by crook and they do not care cause once they get their money…likely back to own country to live like kings. It seems so here at least. We have been landlords ourselves years ago…and we do understand from their viewpoint…but today they all seem mostly unreasonable and money grabbing!!

  16. So glad things worked in your favor to get the other place, and I’m glad you finally got the AC fixed properly. Oh, those morning glories look like they’re glowing from the inside, like there’s a tiny light inside each one. Beautiful!

  17. In the first place, if you pay for your electric , it isn’t any of their business if you want to run your a/c when it is 30 degrees outside. It should be fixed no matter the temp outside. I wonder if they still have your old stove unit in storage so that it can be put back in place. Hopefully so that you don’t get charged for that. Goodness, lots to think about in the months to come.

  18. Good grief, they are really trying to push people out. I’m very happy you’ve found that lovely new place. Wonder if any of your neighbors might want to buy your washing machine?

    1. Maybe. I’m going to ask the maintenance guy to ask around. But most people won’t go without their stove, and you can’t fit that washing machine in the kitchen without taking out the stove.

  19. Wow, management is getting very picky with your money!
    Like I said yesterday, make sure u take everything with u and change things with a cheaper version if u can bc they deserve nothing Brenda!

    The 55+ place must have called to check to see if u live there and if you pay your rent on time.
    So she wasted no time to see how much more money she could get out of u and make u miserable!

    Start writing a list so u don’t forget anything.
    I wouldn’t stay in the dark esp with rodents and snakes running around there Brenda!
    Start counting the days when u will be free from that place!

  20. Telling you you need blinds is absurd. If you wish to walk thru the apt naked and blinds up that’s your business. I hope you leave nothing in there. Maybe your daughter could at least take the frig and use it in her garage as an extra. I can’t wait for you to get out of there!

  21. What really gets me is that your unit was used as one of the “model” units that the prior owner proudly showed off before the complex was sold to the current owner. And you essentially paid to replace things both in the bathroom and the kitchen to make the place livable. Have you given written notice that you are moving? If I were you, I would check my lease agreement to see if there is any fine print that says you have to give them something like four months notice that you will be terminating your tenancy! I wouldn’t put it past the owner to pull something like that – and try to jack you for more rent money even after you’re moved out. And FIGHT for the refund of your security deposit, if you paid one. Hunt down the website for the complex and if they’re on Facebook you blast them if you don’t get your security deposit back, and be sure to detail ALL of the things that you paid to have replaced and paid to have repaired out of your own pocket. What a horrid, nasty group of people the current ownership is. They deserve no curtesy or thankfulness from you.

    1. I had to hand in my notice Monday right after I signed with the 55+ plus. Because that had to be set in motion before the 55+ plus would finalize me moving there. Oh yes, I paid deposits for me and the dogs. I doubt I’ll get anything back because they are just horrid despicable people. Slumlords is too good a word for them.

  22. For Heavens sake, I have never heard of such garbage from an apartment complex! Before they worry about window blinds they should fix the important problems such as sewage, rats and snakes! If they keep badgering you about blinds, tell them you are going to sue them over other issues and that you are leaving in two months and they can change the blinds then! It is aggravating for you for now, but keep your eyes on the goal ahead, your new, spacious, beautiful apartment! This crap will end. I am so relieved you are getting out of there.

  23. Congratulations! Moving is hard on the back and the heart but you will have a whole new canvass to work on and enjoy. Love your energy.

  24. Oh my! It keeps getting worse! You are getting out of there just in time! As Jane said, anything you bought you better take with you or sell it!

    1. Well of course there are lots of things I can’t take that I paid for. I redid everything in that bathroom including the lights and I redid the kitchen. Those things can’t be taken with me, but at least I enjoyed having my place look nice.

  25. It’s turned out to be a very good time for you to move. It sounds like things at this complex just keep getting worse. How will they continue to keep their apartments rented if they treat the renters like that.

  26. I am happy for you to be leaving, too! What is on your to-do list? Put cabinet doors back on? Sell your washer/dryer combo unit? Sell the refrigerator that you bought yourself? You have done so much on your own…personally, I would leave them nothing!

  27. I have never heard of such ridiculous garbage!!!! To bill you because it wouldn’t be done in a time frame is utter insanity!!! And that A/C unit?….. Good riddance to that place. I’m sure your move can’t come soon enough!

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