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  1. I feel your pain, yorkies are our human little baby’s no matter their age. My li’ll baby girl was only 6 year of age her 7th birthday was July 13th this month. Vet put her down 22 may 😭😭😭 kidney failure. I’ll never love someone as mutch as my Suki li’ll baby girl. My heart aches for her I still cry myself to sleep as she’s not tucked against my chest under the covers every night as we went to sleep. I do visit her grave in the yard every day to let her know I love and miss her and wish she could be here with me. Loseing a child 🐾🐾 is just too painful.

  2. It just breaks my heart to see you – such a good, good person – suffer like this. I had to comment again because I SO agree with you on the issue of adopting after the loss of a beloved pet. I know it takes time to “be ready” for that, but I cannot think of a better way to honor the memory of one’s lost companion than to give a caring, loving home to another needy soul in his/her name.
    Since dear sweet Charlie has been gone, I’ve wondered several times if adopting a kitten for Ivy would ease some of the pain and emptiness you are feeling? Just a thought. I can see Charlie and Abi looking down fondly and tsk-ing, “Well, she’s gone and done it! Mom’s gone over to the cat side now!”

  3. Gloria Richards says:

    So sorry for your loss Brenda. Both Charley and Abi were very special and I agree with you to look for a new furson as soon as possible. With the passing of each of my fursons, I with broken heart have vowed to never have another one and have my heart broken again but within a certain period of time, I find they call to me and once again, my heart is full with the love of a new little soul to care for. All of mine have been rescues, not puppies and some have had a pretty rough time when they have come to me and really aren’t sure of what is happening in their world but the distance is soon shortens and we end up cuddle buddies after all. I have felt that those who have passed over manage to bring a new baby for me as if to let me know that my heart is still functioning and needs to be refilled. I have followed you for many years and I know how well loved your companions have been and I know how lucky they and you were to find each other. I am sure that soon another will find their way into your life and don’t be surprise to feel Abi and Charlie very close to you when it happens. Once again, I am sorry for your loss and send hugs and healing energy your way.

    1. I love you, Gloria! This is my story, too…..and the first time I’m hearing the term “furson” which I just adore and plan to use everywhere from now on! God bless those who rescue again in the name of a beloved lost furson. Especially the “damaged” ones wanted by no one else – who end up with a “second chance” at secure happiness!

  4. Chi Chi Mum says:

    I am so sorry you had to let Charlie go. Its always so painful to say goodbye eventhough we know their body is no longer able to enjoy their life here with us. What a blessing that you found him and that he had some a wonderful Family with you and your other babies. Each day you will miss him and remember his personality..and though he is not there..he is in your heart always. Thank you for encouraging others to not write off pet ownership after our losses. Its a very healing thing to love another one at some point and time. Charlie had the best of the best having you for his Mom. :0) ..So sorry for your loss. (I have been out of town and do not always have internet access to keep up). Take care.

  5. I found your site on Pinterest and I recently lost my dog as well. I feel what you are feeling and everyday I miss him so much. All of the things that were a part of our life together make me sad, and I cry about him most days, it has been 2 months tomorrow. I just wanted to let you know I appreciate your quotes and expressing your feelings about your loss. I wish you fond memories that make you smile, and also to remember how lucky we were for the wonderful times we had.

  6. I think if you really love a pet and it dies, you want to get another to love again. Of course the new pet won’t replace the one you lost, but it fills such a void and I have learned it makes you so much happier. I have lost several dogs in my lifetime and I wasted no time getting another. The last time I lost a sweet dog two years ago, I adopted two sister Labs and they have been a joy. I never want to be without a dog in my life.

  7. Susan Daniels says:


  8. I’m so sorry to hear that your dear Charlie has died. I love what you wrote. “ Though death is final, love lives on. And you cling to that and all the sweet memories.” This is so true. So many sweet memories. Hugs

  9. I recall Abi well as you shared all about her thru the years … she was such a cutie and the leader of the pack. I recall Charlie would let her lead the way. They were such different personalities yet so cute together. I’m guessing you will find that you and Miss Ivy will now develop a special bond. ❤️

  10. Donna from SC says:

    Brenda I just read your post I’m so sorry for your loss I know our fur babies are family members we lost our German shepherd in February she was 12 and actually our 16 year old granddaughter’s pet but we all claimed her as “our” ginger it’s been rough on our granddaughter but she’s found a German shepherd puppy she’s fell in love with not to replace but to share her time and love with my thoughts are with you I enjoy your blog

  11. It is strange when a dog dies. When one opens the door to go outside, you automatically pause a second to let the dog go before you. It’s just an ingrained habit. You listen for their footsteps, always a constant for many years. Their feeding/water station seems haunted. It is such a difficult transition stage.

  12. Kerry Berghoff says:

    Brenda –

    I am so so very sorry about the loss of Charlie. You are the most devoted Mama and have taken such amazing care of Abi, Charlie, and Ivy. You made their world a joy. The depth of such a loss is unimaginable – I know, as I am a Mama too.

    I hope you can find some comfort in the things that are there every day. Your garden. Your Ivy. Your daughters. Your grandchildren.


  13. Vickie Williams says:

    Pets are pure love.

  14. Brenda, your Charlie had the sweetest most soulful eyes and you are so right, they were filled with love and devotion. Charlie, Abi and Ivy knew/know how much they were and are loved. You are an amazing mom.

  15. It’s so true. I have suffered through the loss of cats and dogs, most recently my little yorkie last summer. I now have a little coton de Tulear who is so precious and deserves all good things after the tough life she spent in a cage, producing one batch after another of puppies. She is perfect for me and I will protect her little life as best as I can.

    So sorry about your loss.

  16. Thanks for the pictures of Abi Rose and Charlie Ross. I am sure they changed your life. Another will, also, when you are ready. I’m glad you have Ivey now!!

  17. Naomi Shelton says:

    Brenda, I just this afternoon caught up on your last several posts and was so, so saddened to learn of your loss of Charlie. I could feel the tears behind my eyes and my memories of having to euthanize my dear, sweet Tavi came flooding back. It’s been several years but the sadness is never far away when we think of them, is it?

    I have, because of my age–77–not gotten another dog but live with my daughter and her fiance’s big Staffordshire mix, Bam. I love Bam a lot and am grateful to have him to pet and take naps with, but he’s not my Tavi.

    I will be thinking of you as you navigate the grief and sadness of your loss of Charlie. It will get easier, as you know. But only in it’s own time. Cherish your memories of Charlie and be patient.

  18. Annette Tracy says:

    Love the pics of Charlie Ross and Abi Rose! Hard as it may be right now with losing Charlie you will know when the time is right or the opportunity comes about. 💞

  19. There are so many pets just crying 😢 and broken 💔 hearted in these kennels.
    I mean who really knows the quality of them all?
    We rescued and adopted our 2 yo, sweet Stacey (I renamed her) from a not so good place last November 3. 2020.
    Thankfully, we finally got her. It was difficult because of covid.
    After we lost our precious Sabrina, that we also rescued at 8 or 9 yo; this sweet little Toto look-a-like, was very very ill (we had no idea) with a rare, fast spreading cancer.
    After 5 months of ❤ loving Sabrina, she was taken away from us only after 5 months.
    We were just devastated with sorrow.
    Stacey did not replace Sabrina at all. Just another wonderful puppy that needed her forever 🏡 home with us.
    I wish we could keep rescuing and adopting.
    Age is against us though.
    Both Stacey & Sabrina made our lives so fun & simply awesome. 💖
    Hope in the future you might consider rescuing Brenda.
    Just a thought ,,,,,

    1. Oh Marcee …. I feel your pain. We adopted a sweet pup not knowing she already had distemper and we lost her after only a few short months. It was devastating for our family. As hard as these losses are it’s good to know we all gave them a wonderful life … short as they were. (((Hugs))) to you!

  20. Oh. Such a sweet sentiment Kathy. I’d love a pillow like yours!
    Always always rescue ❤
    We did and for the most part it’s been very rewarding.

  21. I agree Brenda that saving a dog or cats life from being inside a kennel cage is the most rewarding part of living with a pet. Yes, It’s hard to say goodbye but you gave them their best years together with you. I keep a pillow that says “ my shelter pet rescued me” as it gave me purpose to be home which I am most content doing.

  22. I agree with you Brenda there are so many beautiful pets out there that need homes. You had such great loss and need time to grieve but hope you will someday in the future adopt again. No pet can ever replace another but a new one can fill that hole in your heart a little bit. Happy 4th.

  23. It is hard to adopt after losing a pet. I wait until the time feels right for me and I adopt an older cat that has been at the shelter a long time. Then both of us benefit. Sophie turns 13 today and I’ve had her since she was 9. She loves my retirement more than I do though cause she knows she has a lap just about any time she wants. She loves to watch when I’m out gardening.

    Have a safe and quiet holiday

  24. Karen Robbins says:

    I know what you mean about the friendship of a pet. It is wonderful and I wouldn’t want to be without one. You are so right about pets waiting to be adopted. I am sure that is what you will do when you are ready. Don’t wait too long. A new fur baby will help heal your wounds and you will help your new baby by giving them lots of love. I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  25. Darlene and Cooper says:

    Charlie Ross and Abi Rose will live in your heart forever! Gentle hugs, Brenda! I’ve found myself thinking about you quite a bit – take care of yourself. Allow yourself to cry – it’s very cleansing.

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