Solved: Mystery Glue On Kitchen Floor

Well, the mystery is solved. For those who don’t know, some substance resembling glue has been coming up through my kitchen floors. In between the peel and stick tiles. It started about 4 months ago.

The maintenance man was outside when I took out the trash. I spoke to him about it. He was not wearing a mask. But I figured he had one, though I’ve never seen him wearing one.

No Mask:

He came inside to look. I thought he might put on a mask when he came inside. He did not. And mine were in the car. So I tried to stay away from him.

I’m going to be putting a box of masks by the front door for those not wearing one.

He looked at the kitchen floor and was confused by what he saw. He began to look at everything around it. And when he opened the hallway door to check the air conditioning unit, he found it.

There was a plastic tube that was not inserted properly into something. He had me come over to see. But I was hesitant to get too close.

Water had been dripping onto the concrete floor. And apparently seeping up through the nearby peel and stick tiles. On the other side of the wall in the kitchen.

He fixed it. Hopefully the problem is over.

Again, No Mask:

I often pay my rent early. So I went in to pay my rent the other day. We have a new manager in her fifties. Probably the third manager we’ve had in as many months.

I had my mask on. And I asked her why she didn’t wear a mask.

She said: “It’s in my purse.”

Well hey, it isn’t going to do anyone a lot of good stuffed in her purse!

But still, she did not put it on. I told her the other managers donned a mask as soon as they heard someone open the door to the office. Hopefully she will begin to do this.

I told her I was a senior and worried about the coronavirus. She said she’s a senior too (she was 56). Then all the more reason to wear the mask.

I know to some a mask may not seem like much. But its thin barrier could protect you from droplets in the air. And that could be the difference between life and death.



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  1. We do not wear masks for ourselves but for others. If someone wearing a mask becomes ill it is because someone that they came into contact with had the virus and was not wearing a mask. It is rude not to wear one. It is similar to wiping your nose with your hand then shaking hands with someone or sneezing into someone’s face when you are ill with a cold. Or, going to the bathroom and not washing your hands. Please be considerate of those you come into contact with.

  2. Wearing a mask is a very simple thing. IMHO and according to doctors wearing a mask doesn’t cause the person wearing it any harm. Whether a person believes a mask does or doesn’t work is irrelevant. If there is even a remote possibility that it helps, even a little bit to slow the progression of the virus, why not just wear the damn mask? I’m a nurse and I wore a mask every day almost the entire day… I never had any bodily harm from wearing it and neither did anyone else I worked with. So, if someone comes in to have surgery, should we ask them if they think wearing a mask doesn’t help? If they say yeah, masks don’t help, it’s OK for the surgical team to forego wearing a mask? Of course not. Why wouldn’t we try to protect the people around us even if there’s the slightest chance it could help? Does wearing a mask cause you bodily harm? Of course not. But it just might possibly protect someone else. Wear the DAMN mask people!

  3. I am in the UK but it’s much the same here. I think there are thoughtless people all over. It’s a goo d job that we are not all the same and thank God for all those that go over and above and put themselves out there to help others.

  4. Hello Brenda- the office at your complex should have a drop box for payments- that way you would not need to interact with the unmasked manager. Laura

  5. As I’m writing this, I’m thinking that you probably won’t post my comment and may even not want me as a subscriber any longer because I have a very different feeling about wearing masks. We will not end the virus by wearing masks, there is differentiating science on masks and until there is a study that says there is absolutely 1000% proof positive that they stop the virus I will continue to not wear mine as often as I can. Almost 90% of masks wearers still got the virus and when some did they were usually just positive and positive does not mean sick! I refuse to be scared will not live in fear of a “dark” time supposedly coming. I live in hope, not despair.
    There are many many medicines that can fight this and the death rate is WAY down. Do what you must Brenda but please understand many of us must also do what we believe is right for us. One is not responsible to keep others alive and safe, that is simply an impossibility.

    1. Dianne,
      I feel like I have to reply to your comment….especially ‘One is not responsible to keep others alive and safe, that is simply an impossibility’. Wow!!! Medical personnel are on TV, writing in medical journals, doing podcasts, and any other means they can, to ask, beg, plead, with people to wear masks. The death rate would go down dramatically if they did. The ‘dark’ time is referring to the collision of both the flu and Covid 19 striking this winter. I hope and pray that neither you or anyone close to you get this infection. For those of us who have had a personal connection to it, please, remember that comments such as yours are beyond hurtful.

      1. Hi there Donna,
        I am responding simply to say that you are assuming incorrectly that I have NOT been affected by COVID. and that because of your assumption, that you believe, incorrectly, that I am a cruel and hurtful person. My beliefs on holding others responsible for keeping illnesses at bay differ from yours because I blame the germ for them, not whether or not someone is or had worn a mask which possibly and I say possibly because and I repeat, people still get sick even if they are wearing the mask at all times. And to the person that accused me of watching FOX news, I say shame on them for assuming that as well. Good day, be happy. I am.

    2. Just wondering where you got your numbers from? 90% of mask wearers got the virus? Which medicines fight this? I think 223,000 deaths are too many, how many do you believe is an acceptable amount? Finally yes we are all responsible for keeping others alive and safe. Most of our laws are designed to do just that.

      1. The CDC in September released that information. Google it. My doctor, Stephen Smith MD, Associates in Infectious Disease Roseland,NJ and many others have successfully treated Covid with Hydroxychloroquine, as well as quite a few other therapeutics. The death rate is WAY down as well as hospitalizations. We know much more about the disease today and how to treat it than we did months ago. We have come out of a DARK time and are going into a more hopeful and more educated one. Talk to your doctors, they are your best source. I’m sure you will hear words of hope and encouragement, not doom and gloom. Much of good health is based on positivity not dwelling on that worst possible outcome. Have hope, courage and most of all be happy. Life is too short to live it in fear. I choose to look to a brighter future, not a dark one.

    3. I will not turn Brenda’s lovely blog into a debate, however, please understand that COVID 19 is on the rise and more people are losing their lives. I don’t think any scientist would discourage you. Maybe ask your Doctor if the message is not clear. You wear a seat belt don’t you? You drive the speed limit (or close to it) don’t you? Those simple things save lives every day. So does wearing a mask. Rules or laws are in place for the safety of all members in a society. Sorry you feel inconvenienced and don’t care if others get an infectious disease that could kill them.

  6. Around here there are idiots who where a mask into the store because there are signs that tell them they need a mask to go into the store but once the lamebrains are in the store they either pull the mask down under their nose or under their chin. It is not safe if you are the only one wearing a mask. The risk is much higher.

  7. Hi Brenda,
    The catchy titles to your latest posts really pique my curiosity and encourage me to check in to see what’s new.
    I think keeping some masks available for those who must enter is a reasonable alternative.
    All the best to you, Charlie and Ivy

  8. I have received 2 packages from FedEx in the last 2 weeks; the same young driver/ delivery man has not worn a mask, even around his neck. I always ask him to leave pkgs. on a chair in the patio.
    It is quite upsetting to see how reckless people think their invincible, or just don’t seem to care. Those of us who wear masks and keep our distance can’t get upset though, even if it’s frustrating.
    We need to care for our emotional and mental health too. Work around the situation and keep far away from them. Getting too riled up will not do us much good. They are a lost cause. You can’t force people to do the intelligent, sensible thing.
    Breathe in and let stupidity walk by.

  9. We know you well enough to know you don’t like to make waves, but I would say “No Mask-No rent – I’ll come back when you wear one in my presence. And BTW, feel free to call your Supervisor.” Keeping extras by the door, and perhaps in your pocket, is a good idea when you have maintenance people coming in and out.

    1. I have only seen two people who live at this complex wear a mask since the coronavirus began. I don’t know what their problem is.

  10. I had a workman come to my house to give me an estimate, he didn’t have a mask on. I asked him where his mask was and his response was “I wish everyone would get the COVID so we could get it over with” I said that was ridiculous! Needless to say he won’t be doing any work for me !

  11. When you have on a mask the other person’s does not matter. This is especially true if you stay six feet away and are around then less than fifteen minutes total. This is the new advise. Avoid crowds and sitting by people for long times. Also children are exposed more now so be careful with your family and friends.

  12. I live in Alabama, thought by some as a “backward” state. We have an order from our governor, Kay Ivey , for everyone to wear a mask outside of their home. I’ve been to three doctor’s offices, and several grocery stores just this past week. Previous weeks were mostly public stores, etc. Everyone complies, everybody has a mask on, everywhere I go. People stay back from you in public
    places, following social distancing guidelines. We’ve had several workmen in our home since Covid, and they’ve all kept their masks on. In short, I haven’t seen anybody’s mouth or nose in months! I’d be concerned like you people who haven’t had the same experiences, too.

    1. This is Oklahoma so I know what you mean. Older people tend to wear masks more. But many in this town don’t bother. Which is why our deaths are up.

  13. Oh dear! I’m so sorry you are running into so many people who won’t wear a mask. I dare say I’ve not had to deal with that issue here in Toronto, Ontario. People here seem quite okay with wearing one. Even the kids seem to have no issue with wearing them. I’m right next door to a high school and I watch the students come down my street and they all have their masks on or pull them out of their bag as they start to get close to the school. In fact, people seem even more friendly than usual and I get more greeting when I’m out walking little Bear. We now all acknowledge that we’re smiling with our eyes and yes, it’s true! Our eyes go all crinkly when we smile! Even when people are out for their walks without masks, we automatically do the social distancing thing by moving far away from each other whether it means moving over onto the boulevard or up onto someone’s lawn or even crossing the street. It almost seems rude to go so far away from each other but a friendly wave always is given to dispel that theory.

    Today we are being gifted with one last taste of a warm sunny summer day so I know the sidewalks will be busy! It will be back to the chill of fall and oncoming winter weather. Ugh. I don’t get the thrill from snow that I once did but know my feelings don’t change the fact it will come.

  14. Somehow I missed reading about the stuff coming up between the tiles in the kitchen. My question is – are they wooden floors or a wooden subfloor underneath the kitchen tile? I don’t like suggesting it, but if there is, there’s the possibility of either mold already existing beneath the tile or beneath the wood subfloor that the tile was applied on top of, or could arise if the wood is wet. The loosed AC tube may have been dripping water for months. I would want to find out about what’s underneath the tiles. And yes, I HEAR you loud and clear about people not wearing their masks in public. It drives me nuts. My state (Wisconsin) has a state-wide mask mandate when out among other people. I don’t drive (never learned, a real dinosaur I gather), and my means of transportation is by foot or by bus. To ride the bus, you must have a mask on, and passengers are limited to 15 per bus. I had a lab appointment Wednesday morning and coming home, there was a woman on the bus who had a mask on – but her nose and part of her mouth were fully exposed. I was sitting far enough away from her and knew I would be getting off in 3 stops; fortunately, she got off at the very next stop. She started talking to another woman who was sitting at the seat nearest the front bus entry and that woman pulled her mask down to respond. It was upsetting, and maddening too, and scary. What the point of having a mask on your face if you’re not using it correctly around other people? If she had not gotten off, I would have, and walked an additional half mile home in cold rain, just to try and keep myself safe. Heaven help our country. I read a few days ago that fully 50% of all Americans are NOT wearing masks when interacting with the public, let alone in close proximity to others they may (or may not) know very well (in other words, in their “bubble.”) It’s so frightening, and frustrating. I’m trying to keep myself safe. I don’t go out except when I absolutely have to. I am a senior with some health issues. COVID-19 might well kill me if I contracted it. But there are some people who act like they’re the only ones in the world who matter, flouting all rules, ignoring social responsibility of any kind. They want their rights, but rob the rest of us of our right to feel safe when we have to be out. And you can’t even suggest to them politely to put their mask on, they respond irrationally. People have been struck, beaten, even shot, for “daring” to ask somebody to put a mask on. Has half our country gone insane?

  15. Don’t tell us!!!!!!! Tell them. I live in an apartment and I had a workmen in for the first time for TEN minutes. He wore a mask and heavy gloves and I wore a mask. I was told by the office five days later that he had contracted COV19. I went for the test and thankfully was negative, which was Yesterday.. What if he didn’t wear a mask and I contracted it???? I would kicking myself for not being insistent that he wear a mask. I didn’t have to because the staff here is very conscientious. STOP BEING NICE!! IT’S YOUR LIFE!! Do you want to die because you were polite???? Say something like, “It’s important that you wear a mask when you are around me. It doesn’t do any good tucked away. I’m wearing one and I expect the same consideration from you”. I was in a building yesterday where a man wasn’t wearing a mask. I was going to say something, but another man walked in and said in a LOUD voice, “Where’s your mask?” The other man put his on right away. I just loved it. Step up and stand up for yourself. You’ll feel better. BTW, the loudness was extremely effective. The guy acted very startled and was very loud and I loved it. It certainly got everyone’s attention and put the unmasked man on the defense. Situation solved in five seconds.

    1. I would call someone, but I don’t know who to call. The owner I think lives in Miami and keeps pretty anonymous. But I will try to find someone.

  16. That burns me up and where I’m from they act so cocky about it – like they’re getting something over on someone. And to beat it all, establishments will have it posted that a person has to wear a mask to enter and there will be two or three without a mask. If they’re not going to enforce it why bother putting it up. I just don’t understand some people. That’s why I stay at home as much as possible. Take care.

    1. I totally agree. I told a woman in the store the other day that her mask wasn’t doing her any good when it wasn’t over her nose.

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