1. I like the green piece where you moved it. It’s perfect as an anchor to the artwork. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about your pet shrine. And, I really like the basket on the mantel. I might just copy that idea!

  2. You do you. Whatever you choose to do is the right thing. There are these called furniture sliders and I’ve put them under all of my furniture. You can get then for hard floors, carpet (Super Sliders) or there is also one that works on any type of flooring (Magic Sliders) you have. I use then under everything and it helps to move things very easily, often with just a light push of the knee. I use them to move furniture so I can vacuum behind stuff. Amazon has them (as does Walmart & Target). I suggest if you wanted to try them to only get enough to see if they work for you. I’ve found it makes moving things easier for anyone, not just for me. I looked up Magic Sliders on YouTube and there are videos you can watch before purchasing.

  3. So glad you have finally decided to let someone help you with moving furniture and other projects. Also although you can no longer have as large a garden as you have in past years a much smaller area will be easier for you to maintain resulting in much less wear and tear on you ankle, hip and back. Looking forward to seeing pictures of what you come up with for your patio.

  4. Brenda, your home is looking so beautiful and inviting. I love all the floral prints on the walls. Some plants will definitely add to the ambiance.

    I don’t think it is macabre at all to have your pets’ ashes displayed. I have the ashes of three dogs and a cat in my bedroom closet and at some point will find a place to display them. Losing a pet leaves such a hole in one’s life, having their ashes feels like a little something tangible of them still is with you.

    I’m glad your ankle is feeling less painful; also that you aren’t doing too much lifting and straining to move things where you want them. Good job for taking care of yourself in this way.

    Sending hugs and healing tho’ts to you and Ivey.

  5. I love the warmth the tray gives the mantel. Lovely. Also think the green table looks great along the dining room wall. Didn’t notice until I looked at the pictures a second time that Ivy was walking under the table.

  6. First, I want to say I love the pet shrine – perfect! We have to do whatever we need to do for self-care! I know this brought you some peace.
    The wicker tray on the mantle with the picture propped in is looks lovely. And, I love the placement of the green cabinet. Although I liked it behind your couch/sofa, as well.
    I hope you’re having a great day!

  7. Isn’t strange at all re your pets ashes Brenda.
    We do the same.
    Most all of our pets ❤ were cremated.
    They are in my sister’s office upstairs ,,,,, nestled in beautiful maple boxes.
    Then, 2 of our pups, were buried in a relatives backyard, under a gorgeous, still healthy, flowering tree. Most likely, that home will always remain with the family.
    3 of our other pups, were buried in our pet cemetery.
    We don’t do that any longer though. The land is very expensive. Also, kinda far away. So visiting is difficult.
    We could never just toss our sweeties away. Just couldn’t.
    Glad to know you did not move any furniture!
    Everything 😊 looks nice ,,,,, cozy!

  8. I think your little shrine is perfect, although seeing them and the new,very sweet,header did make my eyes fill again. And your new arrangements are lovely. The tray so perfectly frames the painting. Good for you for having Maria help you – I am glad that you have her for cleaning and some extras.
    All good thoughts to you and your dear Ivy.

  9. I like your changes and I’m glad you had someone else move the furniture for you. The big wicker tray that Kendra gave to you looks wonderful on your mantel. I think it adds nice texture to the display and grounds all the color.

    I don’t think your shrine to your fur babies is strange at all. I think it is sweet, loving, and comforting. I have locks of Zippo’s and Monkey’s fur displayed in little glass bottles next to their photos and clay paw prints.

    I have some of Phil’s ashes in a special box in the guest room closet…the room that used to be his bedroom. I don’t display them because I can’t bear to do so. To have a visual reminder every day that my child is now nothing but ashes is more than my heart could take – even though I know it in my mind.

    1. Oh Melanie, I’m so sorry. Just reading your comment brings tears to my eyes.

  10. Brenda, like the way you moved the furniture, it looks very nice, and really like the basket on your mantel, holding the painting you placed in it.
    I know how you feel about Gracie’s ashes, I too, cried like a fool, when Cleatus came back home to be here with me forever. Her ashes are in a sweet little wooden box, placed in a crock with her favorite mouse toys. It sits in my living room, with a statue of a sleeping cat laying on the top of it. Like you stated, I don’t care what anyone else thinks of it, It makes me feel better knowing she is here. Hugs to you and Ivy from WI

    1. I was calmer than I thought I’d be yesterday afternoon. I thought I’d be a mess, but having her box and paw imprint home with me gave me a measure of peace.

  11. All the little tweaks you’re making just make your home look better and better, Brenda. I always thought the green cabinet would be perfect in the dining room and I love that you turned the table the other direction too. In my opinion the mantle arrangement is the best look yet. Looking wonderful!

  12. Nice change. I really like the blue pillows with the quilt.

  13. Glad you are feeling better. Your apartment looks lovely! I love the style and color of your couch and the blue accents on it. Large neutral pieces make it so easy to change things up on a whim! I recently bought 3 house plants and started seeing ants. It must be the new bag of potting soil. I put them on my sunroom table in a tub of water, sprayed them with organic lavender water and sprayed vinegar around the tub. Any other ideas except for repotting? Have a good day.

    1. Sorry, I don’t. If it was me, I’d have to dump that dirt out and clean the plants and roots and replant, though I know that’s a pain.

  14. It all looks good. I’m glad you let someone else help you with moving your furniture around. I know it’s not fun having to depend on others, when you’re used to doing things yourself, but it’s smart to let your ankle rest for the time being. Hopefully, some day, soon, you’ll be back to your old self, but until then, allow yourself the help you need. I think once you can get a little garden going in pots on your patio, you’ll feel much better. It takes time… baby steps. I’d like to send you a little something, if you have an address that I can send it too. I like your new graphics header. Maybe you can add some pretty flowers to it, and do your “gardening” that way, lol. By the way, I really love that basket!

      1. I did try, but I hadn’t heard back from you yet, but I’m happy to try again. 😊 If you don’t see my email, please let me know somehow. Maybe in the comment section.
        Also, I decided to order the basket. I really like it! Maybe you can do a post about different ways to style it. I could use all the help I can get, lol. I’m not as skilled at decorating as you are. I can usually copy something, but thinking of it on my own, not so much, lol.

      2. Ok, I used your contact button to send you an email. Hopefully you got it.

  15. I like how the tray looks on the mantel. It balances out the larger white painting nicely and adds a warm tone to the mantel without being too much. I don’t think it’s strange to have your fur babies’ ashes in the house. I have the ashes of my last two doggies and they will go into my coffin with me. One of my sisters has made the same plans for her fur babies’ ashes.

    1. Well, glad I’m not alone in terms of the ashes. I was not going to rest until Kendra got the ashes to me. I was just an anxious mess. I don’t know why I thought it would make such a difference. But once I had the ashes, it did lessen my anxiety. Maybe it was because she was just a baby, and I couldn’t stand thinking of my baby not being home.

  16. I had to go back and look for the tray as I first thought it was the background painting for the flowers. I think it looks great as do all of your changes. You have a lovely home. The shrine is perfect as now all the babies are together.

    1. Right where I wanted them. Some people may think it strange, but as I stated: I simply don’t care.

  17. Love all your changes & that you’re going plant shopping soon.

    Hugs to you and Ivy during this transition.

    Be well.

    1. I always wait until mid-April because when I moved into the other apartment it was April 14 and snowing. I do think I’ll feel better with some plant babies to take care of.

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