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  1. Hi, Brenda! I have been locked-out of my email and so many different events going on, plus a cell phone that stubbornly refuses to accept texts for that all-important code that a new email service would send you, I have not yet been able to re-establish myself, so – grateful I remembered enough of your blog name to find you via the Internet!!! & happy to read of your progress!!!! I have shared different things through different platforms still open to me. As for Lifetime ….. I have a dear friend and that, and channels like that, are all she watches. But -wait! You can sit there with her watching the same movie and she’ll come up with a completely different ending! It’s actually pretty funny 😉

  2. Hooray for progress! I’m glad to hear that there’s another option for PT with Greg after the next couple of weeks. I’m sure your surgeon with sign off on it. Ivy is adorable with her baby. I would have bought that bowl in a heartbeat! I don’t watch Lifetime movies, but I almost worked for them years ago!

  3. Sounds like you are making progress…YEA!!! I get nerve pains, primarily in my knee/leg area…and this product has been SO HELPFUL:
    I don’t know that it helps with muscle pains, but wow, nerve it sure does!! I hope you feel better soon. I have begun a crochet project, to try to make my hands and wrists stronger (it worked some years ago…so worth a try). I try to limit how much I do it per day tho.

  4. I am so happy for you that you are taking steps on your own! That really made me smile.

    I’ve never watched a Lifetime movie – I don’t even know if I can get them on any of the networks I subscribe to. But they don’t appeal to me, so it doesn’t matter.

    Ivy is so cute. Clem used to throw a certain toy up in the air like that (a ball with a feather attached) and then chase it. The only thing she likes to play with now in her old age (and having stage 4 kidney disease) is chasing old shoelaces/ribbon/string or the laser pointer. But at least she still has energy and plays!

  5. I am glad to hear about the dainty walks – slow is fast and little walks will lead to bigger walks and help all your (other) muscles and tendons stay supple as well. I understand about your hand and although it is very kind of you to respond to so many messages (most bloggers do not these days) I never expect it. That being said, I wanted to tell you about the hand yoga classes that I have taken over the last year and thought maybe it could be helpful to you as well, as many in the classes have arthritis and other hand/wrist conditions. The company is Jamber and it was founded by a young couple w science/engineering backgrounds. They started Jamber when doing research in an effort to help an ailing family member. You can read their story on and from there you can also sign up for free classes (live or on demand). You can also see them on Facebook and YouTube. The classes are only 15 minutes and my hands feel really good afterwards:) I believe I originally heard about Jamber from AARP or my healthcare provider. And keep on the dainty walks!!

  6. Tie-dye was exactly what I thought when I saw your lovely bowl.
    You ARE making progress and I’m so glad.
    I love Ivy.

  7. Please don’t feel you need to comment on our comments. We know you read them but a reply back is not necessary in my case. I do like your comments back to your readers but taking the time to tell us about your day is good enough for me and your hands.
    Love Ivy hugging her baby. Cats do the silliest things for about a week and then forget about them.
    Good attitude in your distance to walk and then know to rest. Pushing it will further aggravate your ankle and you need it rested for when you have to walk to the bathroom or be in the kitchen for food prep.
    I am a Hallmark channel junkie as Lifetime can have too much drama that I don’t like to think about after the movie is over. Tonight the new show with Hillary Swank starts on ABC. She’s an investigative reporter in Alaska doing a story on missing girls so I will enjoy the scenery. If it becomes gory or become too over the top to watch, it will be off my tv watching list. That gets shorter and shorter but I laugh over “Ghosts” on CBS and miss This is Us a lot.

    1. Omg, that Ghosts show is hilarious! I love it! They even have a British version of it. Different cast, obviously. But what a great show! I’ve thought about watching This is Us. I’ve heard a lot of good things about that show. I’m currently watching Heartland, but I might have to watch that next.

      1. Laura,
        All of my children, nieces and several good friends watched This is Us faithfully and were so sorry to see it end. Great story plot with family issues and it went between generations. We would all check in before the following week to see if we could figure out what would happen next. Some of it was actually funny cause you could remember doing that exact same thing back then. It was my all time favorite show. Ghosts is just so darn funny and I need to see if I can catch the British version some time.

  8. Glad you are making small steps to recovery. Ivy is so sweet glad she has her little baby to play with and amuse her. I do watch lifetime movies every so often. They do have some good ones. Have a great rest of the day.

  9. I’m so happy to hear you put your sneakers on and walked a little! You should be proud of yourself! I love the blue and white bowl. Ivy is so adorable snuggling with her toy. I really like watching Lifetime and Hallmark movies!

  10. I will sometimes watch the Lifetime Movie Network, if they have a movie that looks interesting. Mostly, I like watching the Hallmark channel. I think you’re definately making progress. I hope you are able to keep working with Greg through the other company he works with. He seems to really care for your well being. You just keep doing the best you can, but don’t over do it. Your body will let you know. It’s good that you found a company to wash and deliver your larger quilts. I have a king size bed, with an extra plush comforter, and it’s impossible to get it in the washer! I’ll sometimes squish it in, but I don’t know how clean it’s really getting. Then it takes several times in the dryer cycle. That picture of Ivy is adorable! Is that a bird she’s holding? I’m sorry your hands have been hurting so much. Just comment when and if your hands feel good enough to do so. We all understand. No one wants you to be in pain. We all appreciate the fact that you take the time to write to us everyday. That’s enough. You have to take care of you! Your blue bowl does sort of look like a tie dye shirt, doesn’t it, lol?! By the way, I LOVE that mountain scenery painting! The mist coming off the water is mesmerizing. One of those painting I could just sit and stare at for a long time. Where did you get it?

  11. Excited you were able to take a few “baby steps” Brenda!!
    Slowly does it. 😊
    The only way to properly heal.
    Gregg looks after you nicely!
    Great you found a place that picks up and delivers flat laundry.
    When we were kids, our mom did that.
    Was way too difficult for her to launder countless sheets & blankets on our machine.
    Then iron & fold them.
    Lots of labor involved.
    So mom sent them out to Regent cleaners.
    They always wrapped the separated linens up with dark green ((like the color of Marshall Field shopping bags)) thick paper & white string!
    Using the linens, I vividly remember the scent of the ((all whites)) sheets, cases and blankets!
    Everything was laundered in bleach, not harshly though.
    In those days linens were 100% cotton.
    Very easily wrinkled.
    Similar fabrics like those are rare today.
    Lifetime channel drives me cuckoo with all the commercials. No thanks.
    There was a time I watched the movies ,,,,, no longer.
    Depending on the film, now, good to check the TCM daily schedule.
    We pay extra for TCM. Hopefully they’ll show okay movies. Not always though.
    Impossible to waste time watching westerns, crazy science fiction & especially gorey movies. Ugh no.
    Those films however will be coming up soon for Halloween ,,,,,, on TCM.
    Frightening & scarey stuff.
    Not for me.
    😘 Ivy is just delightful! 🐈
    Her beautiful eyes are magical.
    Very pretty 💙 blue bowl Brenda.
    I like it.
    At my age ,,,,, there’s nothing to buy any longer. We have sooo much “stuff” already.
    Trying to unload it all.
    Just too much. 🙅‍♀️

  12. You don’t need to respond to any of my comments, I know you have issues with your hands sometimes. The photo of Ivy with her “baby” – wow! It almost does look like she’s snuggling a little kitten. I don’t watch a lot of movies, but when I get in the mood for one, I have a small collection of favorites and I watch them over and over again as the years have gone by. A few weeks ago though, I had a yearning to watch “The Natural,” which I don’t have in my small collection of DVDs, so I rented it from Amazon. It was as good as I remembered it, and watching it so many years later, I appreciated it so much more, I got so much more out of it, mayhap just due to accruing experience over the years as I’ve gotten older, and (hopefully) wiser. I think I’m also going to shop for a used DVD of “Twister.” I never get tired of watching that movie, there is something in that movie that just speaks to me. But then, I like films with happy endings. I don’t want trauma, other than “Die Hard” movies – got a thing for John McCain, what can I say. And those movies always have the good guys win, which is the way the world should be!

    1. Oh ,,,,, I just love ❤️ that film with Redford!!
      Comes up often on cable.
      How & why he was shot by that crazed woman greatly bothered me.
      A crude and selfish character.
      Having seen so many times,
      it still upsets me.
      Took him so long to heal.

  13. Yay! I’m so excited that you are literally taking baby steps and making progress! I’m clapping loudly for you!!!
    The first time I saw your beautiful blue bowl it reminded me of tie dye, as well. Takes me back to the 70’s and high school.
    Ivy is adorable with her ‘baby’. She’s such a sweetie – Ivy not the baby. LOL
    I watch Lifetime movies on occasion. It’s mostly when I remember to check the listings to see what’s on.
    BTW, I like the idea of a laundry service to do your blankets. Perfect solution!

  14. Such great news with your walking. Gregg sounds like a great therapist. I’m sure it wouldn’t be difficult to get another extension if need be.

  15. What good progress you are making! You could use a timer to know how far you have walked. Then the next time walk a little longer. Keep up the good work.

  16. So happy that your making even more progress Brenda! Yaaayyy!
    I love that blue and white bowl that u bought from Tuesday Morning. Some day hopefully sooner than later, you’ll be able to go shopping in that store again!

  17. Brenda glad you are making progress with your steps. Your goal is not far away! Is Ivy’s baby a bird? I don’t like upsetting movies and I keep telling myself I will watch more Hallmark movies. To me they are really an escape and the background is always so beautiful. I also keep saying I will go to bed at 10:00 and get up a little earlier than I do. Hope your hands feel better today.

  18. Yay! Any progress is progress!
    I stopped watching Lifetime long ago. It was always depressing topics. LOL.

  19. Brenda, I have never heard of any company that picks up laundry or dry-cleaning and delivers it back to your home. Wow, that is awesome, so happy for you that you found them.
    Cute picture of Ivy and her baby. (every photo of Ivy is cute tho). She is adorable…
    Little steps at a time, you’re getting better and better. Hang in there , you’re a trooper!

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