Someone’s Moving In Next Door

Someone’s moving in next door to me. When I got up this morning I saw a U-Haul truck out in front of the apartment. Two young guys are moving things in. I saw a woman of indeterminate age outside at one point.

So I guess I’ll find out who they’ve rented the apartment to in due time. Apparently the apartment manager’s last day of work was Friday, thank goodness.

How I Named Charlie & Abi:

Annette wanted to know yesterday how I named Charlie and Abi. So I will tell you that story today.

Abi came to be with us just before Charlie. They were about a month apart in age and came from different places. Abi was born in August 2006, and Charlie was born in September 2006.

My husband at the time did not want dogs from a rescue. He said he dealt with “rescue patients”, or some words to that effect, at the state mental hospital every day. And he didn’t want dogs like them.

I’d just lost Pepper, a black Chihuahua rescue I’d brought home when I volunteered at an animal shelter. He was 7, and no one wanted to adopt a senior dog. Pepper, as someone had named him, had a hard time with the bigger dogs loud barking at the animal shelter.

As no one else would take him, and he’d been brought back to the shelter several times, I adopted him.

Adopting Pepper:

He lived to be 13 and was just precious. He lives in my heart and always will. My ex didn’t have much of a say about him. I was miserable knowing I had to leave him at night and he had to go be with the bigger dogs.

During the day I volunteered as a receptionist there, and I would bring him to the front with me. Sadly I don’t have any photos of him now.

That same month I lost Pepper I lost my best friend, who just happened to be my first husband’s mother. She had become sick and told me she “would go and take care of Pepper for me.” So I was reeling from both their deaths just weeks apart.

In August I was ready for another dog, so we got Abi. I liked the name Abigail, though of course it was shortened to Abi Rose.

The name Rose came from the fact that Tyler, where we lived, is the rose capital. Tyler, Texas is known as the “Rose Capital of America.”

Charlie, my senior Yorkie dog

Bringing Charlie Home:

I brought Charlie home in September. This is how he got his name.

My best friend, as I mentioned above, was an only child. Her beloved father’s name was Charlie Ross. Her name was Charlyce, a twist on his name.

I wanted Charlie to be named for them. He just happened to be born on her birthday.

Charlie Saw His Regular Vet A Week Before:

I did take Charlie to his regular vet the week before he was, what do you call it, put to sleep? Put down? None of the words seems quite apt to me.

Anyway, the old vet told me that Charlie could live for years. I don’t know if he told me that because he knew how upset I got at the mention of losing him. Or if he actually thought it was possible.

So that is what troubles me as well.

I just remember thinking: Charlie could live a long time like this? Is this the vision of what’s in store for him in living for years?

So I made my decision without consulting him.

I’ll let you know about the neighbor or neighbors when I find out more.

I’m having problems with my camera this weekend and haven’t been able to get anything off the memory card. Hope it is something easy to fix.


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  1. Thank you for adopting Pepper. I am a Chihuaha lover/owner and it takes a special person to understand their behavior sometimes. We have rescued several through the years and I have one tattoo on my arm and a memory of sweet Hercules. How sweet the name choices for Abby Rose and Charlie. I hope your new neighbor is great and like you alot.nice and quiet.

  2. I hope your neighbor(s) is a nice and quiet person. Thank you for sharing how you named Abi Rose and Charlie Ross. Sweet story.

  3. Try not to let the vet’s comment affect you, Brenda…I very much doubt ANY dog at that age would “live for years”. Even human doctors are often prone to say things that are not possible. A heart doctor told my mom she was going to drop dead at any moment…she lived for 10 more years…all they can do, at the best, is to make an educated guess. You lived with Charlie…you knew the whole story better than anyone!! Go in peace!!

  4. Good Sunday Morning to you Brenda;
    just home from Mass and decided to catch up on my computer while my egg casserole bakes. I liked reading your fur babies back stories. When you talked about your ex-husband’s view of rescue dogs??!!!…. I was astonished. I have never equated rescue animals with people. He is weird! You’re fortunate to be rid of him!
    I hope your neighbor is a good one.

  5. Brenda, I loved reading the explanation and your naming Charlie Ross after your friend’s dad. I had an Uncle Ross and I loved him so. We had this little rescue we got from the pound. She was a mess but my daughter wanted that “one.” I had to have a skin biopsy on her after we got her she was in such bad shape. Goldie lived for 14 yrs and in the end she was deaf and blind and senile. I felt I let her suffer far too long. So please don’t agonize over Charlie. Picture him and Abi in a field of flowers.

  6. Maybe the woman is your new neighbor and the young men were helping her move in? Here you go again with a new manager!

  7. Quality of life is a big deal to me. We had a dog that we should have “put to sleep” long before we did. Instead he was miserable and ended up not being able to get up, all because we loved him so. Rest in peace knowing that if Charlie lived for “more” years, his quality of life would surely be compromised. Sometimes it’s best we don’t think of ourselves, but for our pet. You really did the right thing.

    1. I agree Ann. I tend to let my pets go too long. Brenda absolutely did the right thing.

    2. Yes I agree with your comment Ann E ,,,,, so very true.
      My first pup (years ago/rescue) Panda, needlessly suffered because I was never throughly educated re pet health.
      Even though Panda lived to be (probably) 14, she suffered at my hands. I believe she had had several strokes. Couldn’t properly function or even eat her meals. Just forgot how.
      This little girl lost so much weight, I was beside myself.
      Keeping her alive was so wrong.
      Finally, my aunt educated me re “quality of life” ,,,,, I never forgot her wise words.
      Putting Panda to sleep, out of her misery, was the best thing I did for for her.
      To this day, many decades later, I think of Panda and how she brought joy to my life.
      We both had so much fun together ❤
      P. S. Brenda ,,,,, keep on thinking of all your sweet pups ,,,,, but, remember ,,,,, when they are ill and suffering, it’s time to say the final goodbyes without guilt.

  8. We know our pets best. Our hearts know when it’s time. I had to do the same. A life of suffering for US is cruel. You showed him immense kindness and endless love in your decision. You knew dear Brenda. Your heart knew.

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