Something New On The Patio

Well, the birds were starting to fight for space at the bird bath. 

So I ordered this little green solar fountain from Wayfair. I had points to cash in.

I placed it just below the standing bird bath. And added my stash of flat marbles to the mix for a bit of decor.

The standing bird bath has the solar energy insert fitted just below where you see the water spraying up. The green one has a large one you can see sticking in the orange pot. 

It’s pretty big, so I couldn’t exactly conceal it. But I tried to blend it in while also positioning it for a good amount of sun.

Charlie is a very happy camper. He now has constant entertainment at the patio door. 
Unless there’s a frisky squirrel to throw a fit over, he settles down like he’s enjoying a movie.

Abi’s just not interested in yard critters. Never has been. 

But Charlie is just the opposite. He loves to show them who’s really boss in his territory.

I’m so glad I was able to give my boy this daily gift. And myself as well.

As for me, I got pretty excited when I saw my first tomato of the season. Isn’t it a bit early for tomatoes? 

Oh well, I shall enjoy it on a veggie burger when it’s red and ripe.

I hope I don’t bore you with all my nature pics!




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  1. I need to figure out how to get that kind of show at my house. I have a birdbath outside my kitchen window, but I need one outside the window where I sit. You've given me some ideas 🙂

    I hope Abi is feeling better.


  2. I always enjoy your posts and I (like Charlie) find watching the birds and critters more enjoyable than TV! Keep these great posts coming–for those of us without birdbaths, we can enjoy yours.

  3. Brenda, I absolutely love your new bird bath!!!
    I'm having a terrible time with squirrels eating the seed from my "squirrel proof bird feeder" any suggestions? I tried spraying on Pam but that didn't work.

  4. i'm not only happy for you and little adorable Charlie!
    bless you Brenda for keeping fresh water for the wildlife.
    even those pesky squirrels Charlie likes to hate!
    except here where I live the water has to ge changed fairly often or it becomes too hot to drink. even the swimming pool sometimes gets warm. so shallow dishes can get dangerously HOT! I always feel sorry for dogs kept outside. hopefully they have shade. but their water bowl might be in the blazing sun. nobody who keeps their dogs that way seems to realize how truly tragic that is! I guess they just don't think about it!

    1. I'll have to check the water and see if it's getting too hot. Thanks for the reminder! I really don't think dogs should be kept outside all the time.

  5. Brenda, you could never bore me with your fun and interesting photos of flowers, the birds, squirrels, and of course, your two sweethearts, Abi and Charlie. Your patio is wonderful and inviting, with the fountains, and with your added touches of figurines, you just have the knack for decorating so please don't stop showing everything, we all enjoy and LOVE it all!

  6. I love the nature pictures and so enjoy seeing Charlie enjoy the show! The new fountain is really pretty with the colored glass. I just love the little fountain on the other bird bath as well. So glad you are enjoying your new arrangement!

  7. I love your wildlife photos!
    We have a blackbird that comes around and sings–very operatically–not far from our dining table outside. I have named him Merle (that's French for blackbird). My (teen) kid is horrified that I've named a bird in the yard.

  8. Always enjoy nature posts and pics. You do a great job. I also am enjoying your new fountain. Keep sharing!

  9. Love your new fountain. I might have to look for one for our front yard area. I love how Charlie enjoys his show. Annie Belle loves to watch the birds out of her window! No tomatoes here yet, but lots of blooms.

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