Whether you realize it or not, you have many untapped storage solutions in your home.

Some of those solutions come from overlooked or underused spaces. Other solutions can be found in common items you already have on hand.

Think your storage space is already maxed out? You may need to reevaluate after checking out these tips:


Under the Bed
Underneath  your bed is a great place to store bulky sports or hobby items, out of season clothes or other overflow items. To really maximize your space, you have two options and two price ranges.

The first (and cheap) option is to nab a set of bed risers during back-to-college sales. More clearance equals more storage space.The second option is to invest in a storage bed. These beds eliminate the need for a box spring AND maximize every inch of storage space. If you have a bedroom reno or refresh in the works, consider making the switch.

Back of the Door
We’re not talking hanging a hoodie or coat on the back of your bedroom door, we’re talking about using the back of closet and cabinet doors to their fullest potential.

In the kitchen try:
  • Mounting pot lids using dowel rods or command hooks
  • Using hooks to hang measuring spoons and cups
  • Putting up cork to hold unit conversions, weekly recipes, coupons or receipts
  • Using spice racks to store spices, seasoning packets, dry mixes and other small pantry items

In a closet try:
  • DIYing shallow shelves
  • Mounting multiple hooks to hold extra purses, totes and backpacks
  • Using basket and rail systems typically used in pantries for everything from clothes to hobby items
You can use back-of-the-door shoe organizers on any door to store anything that will fit, not just shoes. Store toiletries, scarves, toys, kitchen utensils, cords and electronic gadgets.
You can use the whole organizer or cut it down to use inside bathroom or kitchen cabinets.

Between the Studs

As long as there are no wires or pipes hiding back there, the space between your studs is just plain wasted! From recessed medicine cabinets to simple shelves, there are plenty of ways to store your possessions in this untapped space.

Already planning to open up a wall for another project? That’s the perfect time to install DIY built-in-shelves.

To save money, go for a decent plywood and paint it. Once you’ve finished it with wood filler, caulk and paint, no one will know it’s not wood under there.

Over Your Head

No one likes wasting money on heating and cooling. And no one likes tripping over bulky items. You can kill two birds with one stone by replacing your garage door and DIYing overhead in the same project.

Even if you don’t heat or cool your garage, an energy efficient door will help keep your costs down and your garage at more reasonable temperatures.

With that taken care of, you can use plywood and 2x4s to create simple overhead storage that will get bulky gear up and out of the way by taking advantage of the space above your vehicles. 

With this dual action renovation, you can also keep important items in your garage that won’t get damaged by uncontrolled temperatures!



Although the name would imply otherwise, bookshelves are not just for books. If you have a sturdy, unused bookshelf, consider using it in a non-traditional manner.

Bookshelves are slim but mighty, allowing them to fit spaces that may be too small for cabinets. Try tucking a bookshelf in your bathroom or hallway to serve as a linen closet or put one in the kitchen to serve as a makeshift pantry.


Simple cardboard boxes will do just fine for most organization projects. Hang on to shoe boxes, diaper boxes, cereal boxes and other packaging to reuse as custom storage containers.

Leave boxes designated for the garage or attic as is, but consider gussying up boxes that will be on display. Buy cute fabric or use wrapping or craft paper to beautify storage boxes.


Boxes aren’t the only recyclables that can find new life as storage. Soup cans and glass jars of all sizes make for hardworking, free organizational tools.

At minimum you need to thoroughly clean empty cans and jars and make sure to cover sharp metal edges. Or you can go the extra mile and remove labels and add paint, paper or labels to pretty them up.

You can mount jars underneath shelves with screws or hang cans on the wall. Use them to store pencils, craft supplies, screws and nails, spices or any other small items you need to store.

Junk Drawer Items and Scraps

Simple staples tend to have the most diverse uses. Hooks, command strips, string, wire, cardboard, PVC pipe, plywood and other scrap wood are all items that are just waiting to be turned into DIY storage solutions.

Hang on to leftovers from your own projects or ask friends and neighbors for their scrap pieces. Ask local stores if they give away or sell scraps or old pallets.

And don’t forget to make use of your local Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Not only do they have great deals and a wide variety of goods and materials, the money you spend also goes to a great cause.

So what’s the verdict? Have you found new ways to make your space work for you?

Kacey Mya 
CLH Contributor 

Kacey is a lifestyle blogger for The Drifter Collective, an eclectic lifestyle blog that expresses various forms of style through the influence of culture and the world around us. Kacey graduated with a degree in Communications while working for a lifestyle magazine. 
She has been able to fully embrace herself with the knowledge of nature, the power of exploring other locations and cultures, all while portraying her love for the world around her through her visually pleasing, culturally embracing and inspiring posts.


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