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  1. Gosh, these are are wonderful! Something about the first one, however, really talks to me. So much so that it is now sitting in my Amazon cart! Thanks for this pop of joy.

  2. I love the style of some of the stands, but the ones I liked most didn’t have wheels. Sure gave me an idea to go hunting for one, though. A movable stand would work in my home because then I could move some recent gifted plants around the house where they would get maximum light.

  3. Brenda, I noticed a few days ago that plant lights are very reasonable. Do you think you might want one of those? It would allow you to decide how much “sunshine” your plants need. I guess I need to let you do my searching for me. I bought the A-shaped plant stand on Wayfair, don’t have it out of the box yet, but I paid $7 more and it doesn’t have wheels.

  4. I love most of these plant holders but would choose one with the wheels so that
    I could move it to a window if it needed more light.
    I was surprised at the cost too, very reasonable

  5. I like all of these options too. The wheels would make it so easy to move around. I really like that! I also like the ones with a lip, so the plants are less likely to get knocked over. Those are a lot of good options you found.

    1. I like the first one a lot, but I know with Ivy the plants would get knocked down. So I’d have to choose one with the lips on them.

  6. So many fabulous options! It’s difficult to pick a favorite!
    I hope you’re feeling well today, Brenda!

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