Yesterday I paid Nathan to spray paint my two black and glass end tables, that typically you saw in front of my sewing machine tables.

Since the glass coffee table is rimmed in gold, I thought it would look better to paint the end tables gold.

I typically do this kind of thing myself. But my hands are in rough shape and it’s all I can do to use a fork or pick up a glass. So I had him do it.

I’m rearranging things a bit to accommodate Miss Ivy’s cat condo/tree, though it won’t be here till about the 20th.

So when I was looking at my living room furniture and what I could put where or move into another room, this all came about. You know how you start one thing and other things end up getting switched too.

I like really the end tables painted gold. First of all gold is a lighter color than the heavier black. And in this space I need to lighten things up with my dark furniture.

Also I’m trying to scale down a bit on what I have to clean with this hand problem. And Charlie does not need dust around him either. So I need to minimize objects that collect dust.

The more you have, the more you have to dust. I swear there must be a dust fairy that comes in at night and sprinkles it on the furniture while I sleep. Because I can dust one day and it’s already dusty by the next day.

painted gold end table

Below is how they looked black. I ordered them years ago.

They’re kind of small. Since I work at home, I need several surfaces next to where I sit on the couch to place things I use every day. Therefore I typically have something next to the smaller tables.

When I get up I set my laptop to the side. I need a lamp nearby and my camera to download photos. So I usually have more than one surface next to where I sit to accommodate everything.

Of course I have to have a spot for a cup of coffee too.

My living room

You can see the round coffee table color below.

I already had a shiny gold can of spray paint I was going to have him use so I wouldn’t have to buy more spray paint. But apparently it was too old and nothing would come out.

So I headed around the corner to Ace Hardware and picked up two cans of metallic gold spray paint. This paint color looks better than the shinier color would have anyway. And he needed more than one can to finish the job.

gold round coffee table

He also put a fitted piece of leftover trim underneath the washing machine to keep Ivy’s toys from getting underneath. I am tired of pulling that heavy washing machine out over and over again to get her toys for her.

Then he took another piece of trim and actually screwed it into the bottom of the refrigerator so I won’t have to pull that out to retrieve them.

Boy, I sure don’t recall doing all of this stuff when I had cats in Texas. Either Ivy is high maintenance or they just didn’t play much with this type of toy. It’s been awhile so I don’t really recall.

Ivy spends a good part of her day playing hockey with her balls and spring toys. She races around here like a dare devil and often slides into furniture. Thump, I’ll hear. But she just keeps on going.

Until she gets her toys underneath a piece of furniture or appliance she can’t get it out of. Then Mama has to get the yard stick to retrieve it.

Hopefully I won’t have to pull out the washer or refrigerator anymore.

Ivy by patio door

Nathan has three cats, so I asked him if he thought Ivy was big for a seven month old cat.

“Well,” he said. “She’s already pretty big.”

I know she’s getting heavier to pick up. Of course she’s a big eater. (Except for now being finicky about canned food. Which is unfortunate, since I just ordered and received two cases of canned food for her. She was eating it before.)

I know when she sprawls out to sleep, she is a good two feet long.

Every time a bird chirps she runs over to the patio door. Then Charlie perks up because he thinks she has sounded the alarm about an outdoor critter.

Little does he know it is actually a bird that she’s reacting to. Charlie doesn’t get excited about birds. And Ivy doesn’t seem to get excited about squirrels.

Ivy at patio door

Anyway back to the cat condo/tree. I’ve moved one sewing machine table over next to the window in the corner of the living room. I plan to put the cat condo/tree on top of that.

The cat condo/tree is only 32 inches high, so I thought it could use more height. Then she will be close to the window.

The other sewing machine table I had at the end of the couch I ended up putting in the bedroom.

Since I don’t ever sit on that end of the couch, I’ll probably just leave the gold end table at that end. That gives me enough space for the sewing machine table against the wall by the window.

I don’t know if you can make sense out of this convoluted explanation, but I’ll be showing photos once the cat condo/tree gets here.

Charlie on back of couch

I told Nathan, who loves cats and likes to build things, that he should start building cat trees and condos and scratching posts.

Last week I spent several days looking up and comparing cat trees. And I thought many of them were made of inferior materials. For instance, the cat scratching post I purchased has cardboard inside.

While I was reading up on this topic at the company I ordered Ivy’s cat condo/tree from, they wrote on their website that they only use a certain type of carpet and good wood.

Nathan is young and would eventually like to build log cabins. So I told him this would give him experience on a smaller scale. And possibly good side money. I told him I’d help him with a website, etc. Things more under my purview.

I hope he does this. With three kids he needs the money and this would be a creative outlet for him as well.

If he builds pet products I’ll be the first to show them off.

my kitchen

The apartment complex office purchased heaters for the maintenance shed, so I guess I’ll be keeping this Duraflame stove/heater in my living room. It sure does help heat up the place.

Someone asked what it looked like, and that’s why I added a photo of it on yesterday’s post.

I’ve got it up on a table due to little Miss Ivy Lou and her eternal nosiness.


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  1. I love the tables in gold, so much lighter and prettier. I’m so glad gold (and/or brass) has made a come-back (not that I ever got rid of mine!) That photo of Ivy from the rear sitting at the patio door looking out through the glass, she’s got a bit of a hind-end on her, Brenda. Maybe you are feeding her a little bit too much, or maybe she is stealing some of Charlie’s food when you’re not looking – pets can be lightning quick and sneaky when it comes to gobbling from each other’s dishes! When the 3 of my doggies were alive, I took to standing in the kitchen and watching all of them like a hawk to make sure they wouldn’t try to snitch food from each other’s bowls!

  2. Ivy is adorable and she sounds like a normal, happy kitten.
    Kitties are little gremlins and are in constant motion. I’ve just found my two have unrolled and entire roll of toilet paper again. I shouldn’t complain. A neighbor’s pup chewed the handle off of her purse.
    Your tables look really wonderful. Do you remember the brand and color of the gold paint that was used? Golds vary so greatly and yours is not too bright or shiny.

  3. I have to laugh at your comment that if you’d found a man who was good at building and fixing things you might have married again! That’s exactly how I feel! It would be some compensation for all the nonsense you usually have to endure in a relationship! Actually, though, I think you might have the best of two worlds with your new handyman. He sounds like a really nice guy and I hope he goes with your suggestion.

    I do like the lighter look of the gold on your tables. I think lighter is better especially in smaller rooms, as you say. It’s funny how a little thing like changing just the metal on the tables can give a whole new feeling to the room.

    Judging from the comment from the maintenance man Ivy may grow to be a pretty big cat when she’s full-grown. I hope she doesn’t get more finicky with her food. That can be a real nuisance.

    Here I am again, staying up too late! I’ll say good night to you and the fur babies and look forward to checking in with you all tomorrow.

  4. Hi Brenda, I’m not sure how you dust but have you tried using the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner? Just a thought…

  5. I like the gold. I just don’t like black furniture. To me it’s dark and depressing. I was able to find a TV in white.

  6. The tables look great Brenda, I love the gold and I love spray paint. It does bad things to my lungs though, so I always have my husband do it. Of course, then I have to wait until he’s got the time, etc., which isn’t always convenient for me, but it is what it is. Your handyman sounds awesome and he did a wonderful job!

  7. The tables look nice both ways, but the gold is a lighter look. My cats eat only dry cat food, with a tiny bit of plain yogurt in the morning. The yogurt just got started because one of our previous cats was begging one day when i was eating plain yogurt and I gave her some and she liked it. We don’t give them any other people food. With our two current cats, we were told ages by the shelter, but, we know that they are estimations, not exactly accurate. So, it could be that Ivy is a bit older than seven months. Or maybe the shelter knew her exact age, and she is a bit big. Whatever her age, she seems healthy! My husband knows how to fix things, which certainly is handy. But I’ve learned that if I tell him about a project he is likely to see it as an opportunity to go to Lowe’s to browse around and buy a tool that we probably already have two or three of. So, I usually just try to rig up something on my own, and he doesn’t even notice for three weeks what I’ve done! Then he’ll say, Hey, I like that picture hanging there. Did you put it up today? Then I have a good chuckle.

  8. I love the color on your end tables! Those look great! I also like the red bucket you’ve put your tree in…looks very festive! Your home looks so pretty Brenda. I know that you talk about it being a small space, but you have it decorated so tastefully…with a place for everything and everything in its place. I’m thankful that you have Nathan to help with some of the projects you can’t do. It is always a blessing to have help when we need it! Love and hugs!

  9. The tables look lovely! I’m sure you’ll enjoy the change. You do have such a fabulous eye for all things beautiful.

    Ivy is definitely a big girl but that’s just fine.

    Thank you for sharing a picture of your Duraflame Heater in yesterday’s post – I completely missed it.

    1. I didn’t make mention that I was showing the heater for you. I just figured you’d see it. And then decided I might ought to mention it today.

  10. Brenda, good afternoon! I love the new/old end tables, they look great! I think the gold does make the lighter.

    How wonderful to have a good jack of all trades/maintenance man to help with little projects. I would love to see his cat condos if he makes them. I am sure that you would be a great help and encouragement to him.

    I LOVE your tree in the red container! I said that in a previous comment but I wanted to mention it again, it looks beautiful and I am sure that it makes you very happy.

    Have a wonderful day!

  11. My cat was 5 years old when I got him at a local shelter. He was 18 pounds then and I expect he is 20 now. I feed him 1/4 cup of dry food 3 times a day and 1 teaspoon of canned food as his snack on the afternoon. He knows the word snack and comes running. I wonder what I did without him. Cats are so loving. My golden died last year
    at 14 and I miss her so. They are a loving bred.

      1. How much are you feeding her, Brenda? My cats eat 1 can of wet food per day (each), in 4 dosed increments (breakfast, lunch, dinner, late night before I go to bed). Neither one are on dry food. And neither are overweight. Not that Ivy looks overweight though.

  12. I like the gold spray on the tables; very nice. That Ivy is a big girl for a 7 month old, but she is so pretty and she’ll eat that moist food, she may play that little waiting game with you, but hold your ground and she will come around. I told someone the other day that I swear I think there must be an invisible zipper on my Molly and if I could find it that I’d find that I’m the proud owner of a little potbelly pig and not my little Chorkie; she simply has a bottomless stomach (she can always eat)! I wonder what Charlie is thinking in that photo you posted; such a pretty boy. Enjoy your afternoon with the babies!

    Carol and Molly

    1. Yesterday and today I have her the wet food and she wouldn’t eat it. So I took her back in there and scooted the food around with my finger. So she’d take a bite and wait for me to do it again. I think maybe that’s what she wants for some odd reason.

      1. Believe it or not, try heating it up a few seconds in the microwave. That’s the only way Clementine will eat her food! I put a spoonful in her dish and heat it 7 seconds on 40% power. Just enough to take the chill off.

  13. I love these posts. and the little tables are just beautiful now! Nathan does a really nice job.
    I hope he takes your advice. it might turn into a really lucrative thing for him! and he would enjoy it no doubt. quality is always important.
    I’m so glad little Charlie lets you take his picture now. I love seeing him!
    and the other day … he and Ivy reaching out tiny paws to each other … even if it lasted only a short while … it was wonderful!!! xo

  14. Good morning Brenda. Your decorating and gardening skills are awesome. LOVE your Ivy stories and hope little Charlie is doing better. You mentioned problems with your hands. I have arthritis in my fingers and have recently started using two is called ‘Two Old Goats” and the other is called “Horse and Rider”..both of which do help with the pain. Also seem to alleviate the stiffness. I believe both can be found at feed stores. We order on line since we live in a rural area. Hope you and your precious pets have a wonderful day!!

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