This morning I took my kitchen trash out of the trash can and realized it was a bit heavy for me. One thing about this Simple Human trash can, it holds a lot and the sides never slip off.

So I called next door and asked my neighbor if her grandson would pick it up from my porch next time he goes out.

She is a home health nurse and away a lot, so I packaged up individual packs of peanuts I had ordered a box of for her to take to work with her. She is my age and I fear for her own health being out in homes and exposed.

The first news I saw online this morning stated that the US has now passed China and Italy in number of coronavirus cases confirmed. That is tragic. Unimaginable.

Now is the time to reach out and touch someone. Not literally! No! But to spread acts of kindness in a time when everyone is afraid and feeling somewhat helpless.

There are people who have been laid off who need to pay their bills. If you need work done, like I often do, think about paying them. But always remember to practice social distancing.

The last Shipt delivery I ordered was Monday. When the woman called me about a substitution (the stores are sold out quickly these days) I asked her if she had latex gloves. She said no, they’re sold out everywhere.

I told her I had a package of Mr. Clean latex gloves, and so I put four pairs in a baggie for her on the porch. When she put my groceries there she took them with her.

These people who deliver are risking their lives when they deliver to us. Tip well. Whatever you can afford. I tipped her $25.

There was a time not too long ago when I could not have done that. But I’d rather scale back on what I buy so that I am able to help these people who go out and do things for me so I won’t have to.

I have asthma and when I do get sick it is usually connected to my respiratory system, which is hard hit with this virus.

In Tulsa someone started a page on Facebook where Tulsans could communicate with one another and support local businesses.

People suggest restaurants that are good and will deliver. People offer services and suggestions to help one another through this.

Questions are asked and answered.

There is a farm just outside of town offering free delivery of eggs, meat and dairy items. I may have to use them because the Shipt delivery people couldn’t find eggs the last two times I ordered. And Charlie so loves his daily egg!

I have found this page invaluable. This morning a local florist put 100 red roses out on the sidewalk for anyone to take.

People in need of work post their names and numbers. Those who have used them and were pleased suggest their services to others.

There are people from virtually all walks of life posting there with everything you can imagine.

An internet service offered free internet to homes with children who are now having to learn from home and can’t afford the cost.

It is so uplifting to see the response of people wanting to help one another. And for those out of work to have a place to offer their services.

Do your part and spread an act of kindness today. Pass it on. I know you will and probably already have because I have the best readers.

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  1. I am working during this. Delivering food from restaurants via postmates. I figure someone has to do it and I need the money. That first photo is beautiful! You should put that one on Instagram. I always love seeing your furry family. Oh and there is a glimpse of the kitchen. I love. I’m still planning on a kitchen overhaul. But other things to be done first. I got electricity run to the garage last week. Had a fence guy out to discuss a new fence but now waiting on my landscape guys to clean up my yard so the fence can be done. It’s more than I can handle. And still waiting to hear from both brick guys I spoke to about brick repairs. I don’t know how these companies stay in business…they are so lax in getting back to you.

  2. I put less in my kitchen garbage can, and change it more often so I lift it. There are other tasks I divide like this. The last two years it is essential.

  3. There are a lot of really good people in our country and our world, including you, Brenda. I think we lose sight of that during ordinary times as the bad eggs are the ones that make the news. Thanks for your inspiring post and reminding us that there are those who care about the welfare of others and demonstrate it through acts of kindness that they do.

    I had to cut my own hair last week as I didn’t want to possibly expose myself to the virus by going to the hairdresser. I have done it lots of times before but not for a long time. It turned out okay, though, and feels so much better. Brenda, you won’t have to worry about a haircut any time soon, will you?? I remember when I lost all my hair when I had chemo for breast cancer and my head was always cold. I even slept in a little hat. Hope it is getting warm enough in Tulsa that you won’t need to do that.

    Be safe and stay well. This, too, will pass.

  4. We had food delivered yesterday. They left it at the back door but I could see her, to thank her, though the glass. I was so grateful. And yup, I gave her a huge tip…

  5. One of our local policemen posted notes on doors of senior citizens homes and offered to pick up groceries and meds for them…anytime just call the department.

  6. You are such a kind and thoughtful person Brenda! I’m sure the delivery woman appreciated the gloves and the generous tip! That is a beautiful picture of Ivy ! I was thinking the same as you about cutting my own hair, when I get to the point when I can’t stand it any longer I’ll ask my daughter who lives with me to cut it !

  7. You are such a wonderful person and you and your blog gives such joy to so many. Kindness is contagious and speaking of that, we must be very thankful that even though many more people are testing positive for the virus, the good news is that the number of deaths is still rather on the low side, thank the good Lord for that…even though not one is okay!!

  8. So glad I am a Retired Registered Nurse.

    I exposed myself to germs for 44 years when I was working. I even had an AIDS patient. Thank goodness I never acquired any of these germs . We always used Universal Precautions. Gloves masks and washing our hands a zillion times a day.

  9. Brenda, wonderful inspiring post today. Thank you.
    How can I find a local FB page that might serve the community? What did you search for?

    1. I didn’t search. My older daughter sent me an invite. But I’d go to FB groups or just Search on FB and look for Covid-19. That’s what this one is called. Shop Local & Covid 19.

  10. We have more testing available in the USA than other countries so our reported cases will be more according to the news. There is information about how to isolate and clean packages we receive. I saw a doctor who showed me how he wearstwo pairs of gloves. One was for his personal protection. He does not take them off. The second he wears over those and replaces them after each patient. Be safe.

    1. Actually our rate of testing is behind other countries. When we actually have more testing available we will see a substantial increase in the number of reported cases. This may serve to decrease the percentage of deaths as compared to actual cases, although there are more than likely deaths that have not been attributed to the coronavirus.

  11. I also saw that US surpassed those countries. But be aware that they’re talking tiny countries and take per capita into consideration. Comparing the US with Italy for instance is no comparison. Be careful of scare tactics. Having said that, we should still maintain our quarantine.
    It’s nice to see others doing kindness is this mess.

  12. This was a great post Brenda. I think we all need to help and show kindness in whatever way we can. Thank you for showing such kindness and giving the delivery person some gloves and a nice tip. I am working on some beautiful gift bags to give to my daughter’s cancer clinic she runs. It gives me motivation and makes me feel wonderful to do kindness for those on the front lines of this.
    Have a good Friday and wonderful weekend.

    1. That’s wonderful, Kris! I told my older daughter about the Xmas time gifts of toiletries you send to African girls. (I think it was African? Could be wrong.) Concept is the same anyway.

  13. Just read of a girlfriend posting her boyfriend was out of his construction job and looking for work. So daughter sent her a message saying we needed some repairs with our chicken coupe and included my number. He never called. Maybe he got a job at one of the grocery stores hiring now. That was so nice of you to leave her the gloves. You can truly see the spirit of people changing in these troubled times and it is wonderful.

    1. It brings the best out in some people. The worst out in others. Now I have to figure out how to cut my hair because it drives me nuts as it grows because it’s so thick.

  14. How lovely, Brenda – did you ever see that movie from ages ago called Pay It Forward? It was sooo good and speaks of doing kind things for others and they then turn around and do kind things for someone else and so on…you may enjoy it!

    The sun is shining here today and I’m hoping it will melt this snow so I can get back out soon and clear some more garden beds. Hard to believe next week is April!

    Enjoy your weekend, my friend – xo

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