Squirrel Antics


Yesterday I watched this goofy squirrel sit there on the little perch on the other side of the fence and eat his nut. It took him awhile.

Then he jumped down and got a drink and jumped in one of the green chairs.

After that he came to the patio door and stared at me. I think it’s so funny how the outdoor critters are coming to the door to greet me lately!


And then the squirrel jumped into one of the wicker chairs. Then Charlie saw him and off he ran.


This sedum autumn joy, that I moved from the clematis container to its own pot weeks ago, has grown quickly.

Small sedum plants are about to take over my galvanized containers, so I will be digging some out in order to make room for other plants. I even saw sedum coming up in between the breaks in the concrete.

The only other plant that has run amok on my patio is purple morning glory.

So far I’ve been able to keep the various mints from spreading beyond where I want them to grow. Mint is well known for taking over, but it’s much easier to keep mint in check when gardening in containers.

Not sure if I will plant blue morning glory seeds this year. I haven’t had any luck with the blue seeds coming up in recent years. And I’ve done everything you’re supposed to do to ensure the success of the seeds germinating. I nick the seeds and soak them.

But the purple morning glory is a wild variation that sprouts up wildly.


Yesterday was cold and overcast. I had to roll Jade the tree back inside as it got down to freezing. Thank goodness I had the good sense to put that tree on wheels.

end table

I moved my blue coffee table and stored it in my bedroom. It is really heavy and I’m tired of moving it every time I vacuum and mop.

If anyone around here wants a coffee table, it’s free of charge.

It is 32 x 32 inches and that is pretty small really, but I find as I get older that I have to let health and pain dictate more of my decisions. It is made of good wood (which is why it is heavy).

I have started reading two books that are a disappointment to me.

I read more than half of one and gave up. The plot was confusing and the story line seemed implausible to me. Then I started another one that I’m iffy about. Not sure I can keep reading it either.

When you start reading a book how long do you give the story line to appeal to you?


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  1. There is no library near me, so occasionally I make a trip to B&N and browse through the bargain books sections I’ve found some winners and losers. I will usually read 50 pages or so and if it’s not grabbing my interest, it gets put into the DONATE box for the next pick-up. You just cannot tell that what you don’t like may appeal to another person – taste in reading material is as individual as taste in clothes and decorating one’s home. Love the squirrel pics – makes me wish I had a really good camera so I could get great shots like yours of my tribe of squirrels. I have about 30 who visit (yeah, I feed several square blocks in the city around my house – Squirrel Grape-vine is VERY efficient).

  2. Many years ago someone loaned me a copy of the book “A Land Remembered ” by Patrick Smith. It is historical fiction written about the area of Florida where I live. I didn’t get very far… I thought it was boring. Fast forward to about the year 2000…my daughter had to read it over the summer for middle school. I read it too and loved it! I have reread it and parts of it several times. I just wasn’t ready for it years ago. It is a wonderful book. Maybe you will get to read it sometime.

  3. I have lots of squirrels here but none that are that brazen. Must be the dogs scare them off. If I’m struggling with a few chapters and think I will
    Just do one more then I find it’s time to quit.

  4. I try a couple of chapters. If I don’t like the book by then I think my time is more important than the book. So. I stop reading it and begin another. 🙂

  5. I stay with a book for about the first two chapters and if it can’t hold my attention, I stop reading it. There are just too many good books out there waiting to be read! I loved the blue jay in one of your shots and the squirrels are awfully funny. My Molly wants to catch a squirrel so badly on our daily walks, but it just isn’t going to happen (but she doesn’t believe me) and will continue to make the attempt. Have a lovely Monday Brenda!

  6. Squirrels can quickly become fearless. Some ran amok in an apartment, when I left a window open. What a fright!
    These days, we have birds, which seem quite unbothered by the humans around. They come very close. Some came in the house a while back, but those seemed to have moved on–they had nested in our porch, and when we enclosed it, they managed to get in…and then into the house. They still are around, but not on the porch.
    I have read some books that didn’t grab me at the beginning, but I stuck with them and appreciated it. But there are others, as Carol says, where I kick myself for having wasted my time.

    1. Lately I’ve been leaving the patio door open while I change the water in the bird bath. If a squirrel got in it would give me quite a fright. And Charlie would go crazy. After tonight I’m hoping I can leave the hose on the outdoor faucet. Freezing tonight.

  7. Sounds like the animals are all curious to see who the human is that it putting out such nice plants. Perhaps the squirrel comes by just to taunt Charlie. Good Boy, Charlie! Good Guard Dog!

  8. When I am not enjoying a book, I sometimes go to long and then I’m annoyed that I wasted so much time on it.

    I am surprised you are still having freeing temps this late in the year.

    1. I usually give a book longer because I’m reading for a publisher or publicist. But I too get annoyed that I wasted time I could have been reading or doing something else.

  9. Love the squirrel…cheeky little devil.
    I will usually read a few chapters to see if the book engages me before I give it up as a lost cause. I hope you have a wonderful Sunday, Brenda. xo Diana

    1. Perfect word for that squirrel! Cheeky little devil. They’ve been hiding nuts in my containers all winter long.

    1. I’m still having so many problems with my hands and neck. And I’ve had back trouble since my twenties. Had back surgery at age 30 and could barely walk to my car. Had to have someone come drive my kids to school there for awhile. So arthritis everywhere.

    1. That’s a thought. Don’t know why that didn’t occur to me. But I just don’t need something taking up that much space in my narrow living space. I measured and measured before I ordered it, but you never really know until it’s in place.

  10. I recently read that you should use the number 100, subtract your age from it. The number you then have is the page number that you use to know if you should call the book a bust! Haven’t needed to use that yet, but I will try it if I need to!
    Glad to see all of your patio plants! The weather here has not made up its mind to stay Spring! I just am content to find gardening picture online for now.
    Wish I lived in your city, as I love your table and would gladly pay for it. Hope you find someone to love it!
    Have a wonderful Sunday!

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