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  1. I also love purple and green in gardening. Last year, i only planted purple flowers on my deck. It was so soothing, I immediately thought Black-Eyed Susan when I saw your mystery plant, and I see others have mentioned that as well. It needs a lot of sun, but if your neighbor had luck with his roses, maybe your Black-Eyed Susan will shshow its pretty yellow blooms!

  2. I agree with two of your previous readers that your “mystery plant” looks like a Rudbeckia (Black-eyed Susan). They can spread very easily….even from your neighbors’ yards. I am glad you were able to get outside and check things out!

  3. Picture This plant ID app says your mystery plant is an arrowleaf violet.

  4. jeannette says:

    Patiently waiting for all our snow to be gone. Much warmer this week so far, so hopefully it won’t be long before I see something starting to bud.

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  6. Brenda,
    I love seeing what is coming up in your garden. My peonies are already a foot high and some even have buds! I cannot wait to see the flowers.
    I planted my wildflower meadow this past week, I have no idea what is going to come up but it will be fun to watch.
    Have a wonderful week!

  7. Kate Dudley says:

    I looked up your mystery plant on an ID website. Did you maybe plant a bellflower? That was the ID that was the highest match.

    It’s great to see so much coming back in your garden. The ajuga is beautiful. I’m not doing much this year, as my life is still in transition. Hopefully that will change soon and I will have a new place of my own with a container garden again. I did plant butterfly pea vine seeds & a few have come up. And I’m enjoying all the East Texas wildflowers. Today I saw my first stands of tickseed or coreopsis.

    Watching things grow is the best. Even if we can’t manage a lot, having anything green to nurture is a blessing. In my last garden, a big feature was a neighbor’s gorgeous fig that grew over my side of the fence offering shade & perspective. Even “cheating” 🙂 like this can bring joy.

  8. Weeds! Weeds are what’s coming up in my yard! The grass is barely growing. I think the only reason I need my yard mowed, is because of the weeds. Most of my plants are indoors, but outside I have a rose bush that currently has one rose and 2 blooms on it. I also have some magnolia trees that are starting to bloom. They are all pretty. I love that you have some plants blooming. I know you were a little worried about them, and bummed that you couldn’t buy more, but it sounds like you’ll have a garden outside after all! Yeah!! Please be careful though. The last thing you need is to hurt yourself. What did Ivy think of the squirrel? Maybe one of your neighbors will find the kitty you heard. And I’m sure you, and your neighbors, are all happy to be wrong about the rose bush, lol!

  9. Fran in OKC says:

    I’ve moved to a condo/townhouse and miss my Mister Landscaper Micro Sprinkler Landscape & Shrub Kit. I wonder if this set up would work for your plant situation? I plan on setting it up in my limited space but had it set up in my yard at my house. It’s available on Amazon too and the brand: Mister Landscaper.

  10. I love your Japanese Maple! To me, trees are just as pretty as flowers and offer a foundation to a patio or garden. I love your mint peeking out from the rocks and I also love to see ground cover, such as Japanese Juniper, growing in between and over rocks in a larger rocky area. As far as cutting back, if I am new to growing a plant, shrub etc I always have to look them up because some bloom on new wood so pruning is ok; however some plants bloom on old wood so don’t cut those back. Even within a species it can be different, such as for various hydrangeas, they don’t all bloom on new wood! I lived 35+ years in sub tropical South Florida, gardened in NJ for a number of years, and currently live in South GA zone 8b – gardening is very different zone to zone.

    1. IEL, what do you mean old wood and new wood? I bought a pretty hydrangea plant for my Easter table center piece, and I was considering planting outside. Do they do well, long term, in a pot indoors?

      1. Hello Laura Your “florist” hydrangeas can be grown indoors – they need bright but indirect sunlight and moist but not soggy soil. Florist hydrangeas are generally best keep indoors as their blooms have been forced early; however if you want to try planting it outdoors slowly acclimate it by putting it outside in partial sun/shade for a few hours a day for a week or so before planting it. You may need to cover in burlap over winter although generally hydrangeas are very cold hardy. There are dif types of hydrangeas – yours is probably a mophead/big leaf which blooms on old wood. This means that you don’t need to prune it but if you do cut it back do it after spring blooming and before August when the buds for the following spring are being set. A new wood species will set its buds and then flower in the same year- these should be pruned in late winter. Below are a couple of links about hydrangeas – if you want to plant more I would visit a good nursery that has multiple types so you can match your yard/needs to a specific type – generally they bloom only once per season but there are some newer everblooming ones that set blooms on both old and new wood and will bloom in spring and then again in summer. Hope this isn’t confusing – it’s rather a loaded topic!

  11. I meant to comment too Brenda that many times as I type a comment to you that the blog suddenly reloads and I have lost my comment. We had our internet checked a few weeks ago and although we don’t have the high speed nor will pay for it to be upgraded, it might be a reason others can’t read your blog if it happens to them. We don’t stream but have cable instead as it’s easier for us to just turn on a remote. But there are some blogs I can’t read anymore cause too much comes on them continually as I read and I understand they have to for business. But I like reading yours and feel bad when it suddenly stops and reloads again.

    1. I’m sorry. Let me check into this.

    2. I asked my tech guy and he said that is very strange and it might be the browser you are using and what device you’re on. Do you use Chrome or Firefox or which browser?

      1. It is Safari.

  12. I am sure the fresh air felt good to breathe in being outside. Your plants are coming along. I have a very sore hand from digging with the shovel yesterday but I kept at it or it wouldn’t get done so I rest today. Little by little we do what we can and I am thankful for springtime.

  13. Annette Tracy says:

    I have a wild acre of land lots of weeds. Already had half of them cut down and will
    have to do so end of May for fire abatement. Just had a neighbor drill some holes in an old wheel barrel and have to plant it up. I sprayed it a beautiful dark blue so it will be pretty planted. I’m not much of a gardner sad to say.

    1. That will be beautiful, Annette! I’d say you’re holding your own as a gardener! 😃

  14. I have been out raking…bleeding hearts …violets…blue bell flowers..a peek of hostas…bee balm..flocks…are up…crocus blooming..daffodils have buds…trees budding here in Wi….we are having summer weather for a week then back to 50’s and 60’s…sun is glorius..I feel so much better even with the aches from working lol…everyone enjoy…I usually cut everything off before winter…but last year it did not get done with all of it…I feel I have more clean up after leaving it…it comes up fine either way…have a great day💕

  15. I see lot of crocuses coming up in my front and back yard! No other flowers yet though. Finally it’s spring bc it was a hard winter with lots of snow! Lol

  16. It looks like one of my rose bushes didn’t survive the winter. The other two are showing some tiny sprouts of leaves along the base of each shrub. I got most of the bed under the arborvitaes in the NE corner of the backyard cleaned out, and the hostas are just starting to peek through. Wild violets are ahead of the game, though. I don’t mind them if they stay in the garden beds, but they show up all over the lawn. Sprayed them all last summer and I still see areas where the leaves are shooting up. I also will have to treat for Creeping Charlie. Day lilies are 3-4 inches tall now, as are the iris. I’ve been raking the backyard for the past 3 days, off and on. The backyard is a mess. Squirrels trying to make nests in the arborvitaes had little and larger branches and greenery all over the yard from failed building methods, and strong winds blew the stuff all over the backyard. Sedums are also coming up, they appeared very early this year. Lamb’s ear is peeking through in some places, so I have to tackle cleaning out the beds before more plants start to sprout. All of a sudden, we’ve been getting temps in the high 60s-up to mid 70s. Less than 2 weeks ago I still had piles of snow both front and back yards.

  17. Growth in your pots is a very good thing!
    Weeds and more weeds in my corner of the world. Ugh!!!

  18. Looks like your mystery plant is either Rudbeckia (Blackeyed Susan) or Echinacea (Purple Coneflower).

    1. I agree—I first thought of Coneflower/Echinachea…but I can see Rudbeckia, too!
      Beautiful either way. 😀

  19. Weeds. That’s what’s coming up. LOL. I did buy some flowers however and my asparagus ferns are coming in green and bushy!

  20. Loved seeing your hosta poking its little head out to see what’s up after a long winter nap! We live on a wooded lot, so gardening is minimal. Window boxes bursting with impatiens and several varieties of hosta….that’s it. When I see those brave little spikes for the first time, I know spring is truly here. Time for the bird bath and humming bird feeder and the end table at the window (ala Ivy and her yellow table!) for premium cat viewing!

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