1. You have created a lovely and zen like oasis. I can imagine the pleasure it gives you to gaze at both while indoors and when on your patio. I also like that the possibilities of continual new growth as the season evolves with the varied plants and vines. A true visual and scent-filled feast!

  2. Your garden is BEAUTIFUL!!! The colors POP. I love the blue egg garden art and Mr. Concrete man too… I bet he’ll be extra glamorous once his hair grows in. We just got a puppy about a month ago and he’s already made himself sick by eating grass. I guess I’m going to try to find pineapple sage for him to shew on.

  3. You have also helped me rethink on planting veges and do herbs instead. I have a small area so the herbs would be more beneficial as I can get fresh produce that we eat all around my area of NY at decent prices. Your flowers are so pretty to admire.

  4. Absolutely love the colors and arrangements. I can never be sad or grumpy when I’m looking at beautiful flowers. I’ve never had a green thumb, but you certainly make me want to try on my own patio!

  5. Your patio is so lovely. As is your apartment. Such a gift you have. I’m so glad you share it with all of us.

  6. Brenda, I’m Loving your patio and all the beauty of so many flowers already in bloom. The way you have arranged everything, is such perfection. Love, love, love !!!!!

  7. Wow! Your patio garden looks fabulous for this early in the season. So colorful and pretty.

  8. Your patio garden is so beautiful already! I love the photo of the Cardinal at the bird bath! Glad that Mr Concrete man is still with you and in good condition!

  9. How sweet when everything begins to really take hold and come to life in the garden. Your patio is going to be so beautiful this summer. Lots of hard work but it is going to be such a lovely sanctuary for you. Happy Monday.

  10. Your patio is lovely.
    It is time for me to make some decisions about my yard. Sadly the soil is red clay. There are places where the grass and flowers grow fairly well and others, we won’t even talk about the barren spots. It will take all summer to do the things I want to do before it will be ready for lots of new plants next spring.

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