Lawsy, it’s hot out there. When is fall going to visit Oklahoma?

I water the plants in the morning, and just hours later everything is withered looking and limp. And then I water again. 

Guess what I took on yesterday? I tore down the wallpaper behind my couch. 

It was supposed to be removable wallpaper, but it tore paper off the wall. I will have to patch various places before painting. And that’s after I get the sticky goo off the wall.  

Why did I do such a thing? Well, I got tired of the look. Plus there were bubbles I couldn’t work out no matter what I tried. So I just decided to take it down and repaint.

With the heat and humidity outside, which just zaps you, it may take me awhile to get it all done. 
I’m going to look into getting one of those long handles for painting so I don’t have to keep getting up on step ladders when I paint it. 

I’m debating if I want to try to match the white of the other walls, since I don’t have any leftover white paint. Or maybe paint it the light tan color that surrounds my kitchen sink. Not the whole living room, just that wall.

For those of you that have a dog, I have a question for you. When your dog is sleeping, does he/she sometimes roll their eyes to the back of their head and twitch? 

I’ve never seen Charlie do that, but Abi does. Her body twitches and she makes little sounds and her eyes roll around. I don’t know if she’s having a dream or what’s going on. Frankly she looks a bit possessed when this happens!

I try not to laugh because I don’t want to wake her up. It’s quite entertaining to watch.

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  1. Well… "they" said "removable".. they just didn't say that it would remove everything else with it! I've steamed off wallpaper before and it came off pretty good. As for your wall, too bad there's not another lighter accent color you could do, that would be acceptable to the landlords (since you love color so much)… like a pale yellow or one of the colors in your quilt… pale sky blue or something. I'm not a "gray" type person, but I did our bathroom a really light gray and really LOVE it, as have white and aqua with it and it makes the fun colors really pop. Just a thought…………. good luck and be careful on a ladder! Marilyn

  2. We had a living room with one wall painted gold and the others were white. It looks good especially behind a sofa.
    About your dog it could be a dream or a seizure. My daughter had seizures that only came at night at first. Reduced one of her medicines and it stopped

  3. We added a two story addition to our home many years ago. I had brand new fresh walls for a short time before I decided to jump on the wallpaper train . I covered those perfect walls and the ceiling. Tired of the look and believed the hype about removable paper. It took weeks to steam it off little scrap by scrap.We had to drench the paper with water and steam, and peel, peel and peel!I swore off wallpaper although I still have rooms that have it. It was a good way to cover old, imperfect walls, but I was crazy to cover new walls!

  4. I don't know if they are rolling their eyes but my dogs dream…twitch and yip, etc. When i was a kid the elders always just said that they were 'chasing rabbits' but now that I am older it does make me wonder what is going on 🙂 As in…do dogs have a Subconscious as well as us that is a source of their dreams?

  5. Be careful getting the rest of the paper remnants off of that wall. Don't wear yourself (or your ankle) out. We have wallpaper in two areas of our house, but when we think about how much work it is to remove it, we decide to leave it right where it is.

    I'm looking forward to the cooler days and nights that are predicted for this part of Missouri on Wednesday.

    My Fuzzy Pom does a lot of stuff in his sleep. He kicks his feet while lying on his side, soft strange growling, muffled big dog barking, little puppy yaps, but the cutest of all is when he purses his lips and makes little sucking sounds, like a nursing puppy. I think he sometimes must be dreaming he is a giant fierce Pomeranian, and other times he must be dreaming about being a little puppy getting his dinner from his Momma Pom.

    I hope you can find an easier way to get the remnants of paper off of the wall.

  6. Hi Brenda. Wallpaper is a bugger. After crying, cursing, and begging during a removal we swore we will never ever put any up. It's pretty but such a pain to change. I had to remove some for my mom a few months ago and found some stuff at Lowes that stripped it right off goo and all but it smelled like a chemical plant exploded. It was so strong.

    Go with the tan. It will look good.

  7. Yes, all three of the dogs that I've had do that twitching thing and even little barks when they are sleeping. My current dog doesn't do much of the eye rolling and I can't remember about the other two I had. I think they are dreaming, too. And sometimes I've seen my dog's legs move like he was running. It is funny to watch. I figure he's dreaming that he's chasing something when he does that!

    I'd probably go with the beige paint since you've used it in another area. I'm not so fond of that color but it would be hard to match the white on the other walls, I think. You'd end up painting all the walls!

  8. If the sticky wallpaper is like adhesive drawer liner product, try heating it up with a hair dryer to make it easier to remove.

  9. I have NEVER trusted the claim of REMOVEABLE wallpaper. I still used the SPRAY and used the TIGER to make a lot of holes so the spray would do it's magic. The bladed scraper that came with the kit, did a wonderful and reasonably easy job. I know THAT method works, even on the wallpaper I removed in our kitchen, that had been up for over 25 yrs. All I had to do was patch a few nail holes and then paint.
    SORRY that you are having such an ordeal with yours.
    I believe that when ABI'S eyes roll, she twitches and makes the little sounds, that she is in REM (rapid eye movement sleep). When my yorkie, CRICKET does this, I stroke her tummy and talk to her. It is my way of comforting and reassuring her. It may not really soothe HER but it does make ME feel better. I realize I am not a NORMAL animal lover, I actually prefer them to most people.
    When I told my landlady "IF you and JADE (her boxer) were in an accident. I would holler "Get that WOMAN some help, but I would go to JADE." She was visibly upset, and said "I am not sure how to take that." I told her that I really didn't care how she felt, because that was just how it was in my world.
    Sometimes people make a lot of DEMANDS of us, ALL my animals need is LOVE,compassion and a few necessities of life. PEOPLE have hurt and dissapointed me more times than I care to remember, ANIMALS have never done anything like that to me, UNLESS you count when they pass away, and leave me grief stricken. BUT to that I say,
    Don't cry because it (the time with you) is over, but SMILE because they shared your life for a while".

  10. Brenda, so sorry about your "removeable" wall paper..I hate removing wall paper.. Such a job.. Hope the goo goes more easily..
    I think I would go with the tan color in the kitchen.. It would blend the rooms together and also… just about impossible to get the same color white..
    Can't wait to see , what you do with that wall.. Will be lovely for sure..
    It is hot/sticky here too.. The weather men are saying , a cool front is coming in this weekend.. Sure hope so.
    Be careful on that ladder.

  11. Brenda! I can't imagine that you have not considered painting that wall in your favorite color of R-E-D! They say that everyone should have a WOW statement in their home and this could be yours, a whole wall in gorgeous red.

  12. I would do the tan,and than Maybe do a Rag Rolling Or a Sponge painting with A shade Or 2 Lighter Or Darker. It Might Help Hide Where You Patch. Kris

  13. Brenda, I do think dogs dream. My beagle/basset woofs and her legs run sometimes, and I think she's doing her favorite thing, chasing bunnies. Poor girl never catches them, probably because of the tags jingling on her collar! I'm about 30 minutes from you, and I'm ready for summer to move on as well! New to reading your blog and enjoy it so much.

  14. I'd paint that wall the same as your kitchen walls. It will blend nicely and look as if you planned on having an accent wall all along. Good luck with the stickiness — yuck.

  15. Well, removing wall paper is something I have done..and NEVER want to do again..Good Luck, and take your time, and be CAREFUL on the ladder, if you choose to go that route. I've had several dogs in my lifetime, and they all have had those kinds of dreams..anyway, I think they are in a deep sleep, my cat even makes noises and wiggles around..when sleeping sometimes too.

  16. SORRY to hear about your problem with the wallpaper.I have NEVER trusted the claim that IT is removable wallpaper. I have always gone the route of using the spray and TIGER tool that scores the paper so spray penetrates the surface.Then you use the bladed scraper to REMOVE the wallpaper. NEVER had any problems or issues doing it THIS way,even when I removed the wallpaper in my kitchen that had been up over 25 years.Only had to patch a few nail holes and then paint.
    I believe that when ABI is twitching and moving, that she is in REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. When this happens with my yorkie, Cricket, We jokingly say "SHE is chasing rabbits ".Sometime she will also make a variety of sounds. I will stroke her tummy, and talk to her. I want my touch and voice to SOOTHE her, Whether it does or not, it does SOOTHE me to think, I am reassuring her that she is SAFE.
    Of course I admit I am not a NORMAL animal lover. I have always said "If you and your animal were hurt, I would yell "Get that WOMAN some help," BUT I am going to see about the ANIMAL." I told this to my landlady and she was offended. I told that's TOO BAD, cause THAT'S the way it is in my world. For the most part, I PREFER DOGS to most PEOPLE. THEY are loyal, add so much to our lives and ask so little of us in return. I once told a boyfriend that IF he harmed my dog, that I Would HARM him, and I MEANT IT !!!.

  17. I love the look of wallpaper, but I get bored with it too soon, so I haven't done wallpaper for a while. take your time and be careful up and down a step ladder. I agree, use a color that maybe a little darker, since it will be hard to completely match it.

  18. I don't know about dogs but my cat Dexter twitches and I have seen the eye roll a couple of times.
    Just had my walls painted white. Someone else mentioned all the different colors of white. It was hard to choose. I choose 'simply white' but really I expected it to be a brighter white than it is. Still I have to accept what I have now.

  19. might be worth calling a professional cleaning place about the 'stickiness' left by the wall paper. they have things that could clean it in a jiffy perhaps. we have one in our town that caters to the layman as well as professionals. just DON'T FALL OFF A LADDER!!! 🙂 xo

  20. That's why I will never use wallpaper again. It's such work getting it off. I liked yours though.
    Crazy hot here in Ohio too. They are closing school early the next three days for those without A/C. Can you imagine those poor kids in 90 degrees.
    Stay cool. ❤️

  21. If I was painting that wall, I would go with the tan that matches your kitchen wall. Your colors carry through and it will look really nice. There are so many shades of white, it is almost impossible to match. Especially since your white walls have been painted for awhile already. Good luck with the messy wallpaper. Don't over do it & take your time.

  22. I adore wallpaper, but not the removal and yes, I have used some of the removable kind and it ripped the top layer of sheetrock right off the wall. Ugh…

  23. We have two Pit Bulls. Our older Pit snores terribly and sometimes twitches but the other one . . . . It is difficult sleeping with her because she twitches constantly and her eyes roll back into her head. At first I thought she was having a seizure. She is quite the sight.

  24. Hi Brenda,
    I am with you on when is fall going to appear. I am a summer girl but can't wait for these hot temps to calm down. Here in Illinois it has been unseasonably hot up in the 90's for the past week. This is crazy for late September for us.
    Dogs I think do that eye rolling and twitching when they are in deep sleep and they say they are reliving their day through the dreaming. Have a good start to the new week.

  25. Good luck with the sticky walls!!!! What a horror. Re the paint color, you're probably better off going with something clearly different since you won't be able to match the whites. Unless you want to paint everything, which would turn it into a much bigger project.

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