I woke up to Ivy meowing. She doesn’t meow very much. Usually just when she wants something.

She needed me to turn on the water spigot in the bathroom so she could get a drink of water. They always have a clean bowl of water. I change it multiple times per day.

But Ivy wants to drink the water dripping in the bathtub.

Our Morning Stroll Around The Patio:

Then Charlie and I went out on the patio. I took my camera, as I usually do.

Things still look pretty good out there. Some of the plants have died. But others have found a second wind. Maybe they will bloom for another month. I hope so.

I’m going to miss my spring and summer garden. From the very first seed that germinated to the morning glories that finally began blooming last month.

I don’t know why they wait so long to bloom. But when most everything else is on its last legs, the morning glories are going strong.

Purple Morning Glories:

Once these wild purple ones get going, they come up in nearly every pot. I have no idea how they spread like that. Because I didn’t plant them.

However they are such a bright vibrant color that greets me every time I go out on the patio.

Charlie & Ivy:

Charlie sure is bright-eyed this morning.

He hasn’t been wanting to eat his treats with his medication in them in the morning. And he doesn’t seem to want his egg. So I’ve stopped fixing them for him. Maybe he just doesn’t have as much of an appetite right now.

I know his tummy bothers him because when he won’t eat anything else, he will go out on the patio and chomp on pineapple sage.

Here is Ivy being her nosy self with a sack that fell on the floor. Nothing happens in this apartment that Ivy isn’t aware of and checking out.

Now she’s curled up inside the sack. Such a silly kitty. What is it with cats getting into small sacks or boxes?

She sure is entertaining.

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  1. Ahh, the beautiful morning glory! Check out her past….probably ALL states which use to grow cotton, ban, banished, forbid the growing of morning glories because….they choke out cotton! Cotton comes to harvest in the Fall, and that’s probably why your MG grow then! You couldn’t even buy MG seeds in many states, Arizona being where I live. Of course, with so much of our cotton now grown in far away countries and not in America, the rules have relaxed and one can find and buy seeds in any of these old cotton states. In fact, I’ve yet to find a younger employee in a big box or nursery even know that, per current law, they shouldn’t be selling these seeds. So, a quick lesson in the background of our lovely morning glories! They were sorta considered like ‘cudzu’ in the South!

  2. I still have actively blooming are my three Roses of Sharon – the one I thought for sure was a gonner did survive and is blooming beautiful large white blossoms with deep maroon red centers and yellow stamens. I pruned her back severely some weeks ago and despaired because of so much totally dead and brittle wood; and then we got all the rain, and since then a couple weeks of warm weather and I’ve been giving her extra water as well. Voila! She set blossoms I didn’t think would open in time but lo and behold, she is blooming now in all her glory. My garden mums – nope. They’re big, bushy and look healthy but no hint of the tiny buds opening yet. Don’t think they’ll bloom this year. I probably “pinched” them back far too late. I developed a new appreciation for the people who work in the nurseries who send up perfectly sized and rounded garden mums every season. I haven’t been able to produce one yet!

  3. Roses, sunflowers and zinnias blooming here. Inside, the cats are energized as I move furniture around in order to paint our bedroom. They are so curious about the nightstands and lamps sitting in the living room. Wish they could help me do the painting!

  4. Hi Brenda,
    On days when Charlie doesn’t feel like eating, you can try baby food – Gerber’s chicken with gravy, beef with gravy, turkey with gravy or ham with gravy. They look like pudding. My vet recommended when my Charlie who LOVED to eat stopped eating. Charlie had lymphoma and sometimes that’s all he would eat towards the end. They keep baby food on hand at our emergency animal hospital for animals who won’t eat. I still keep on hand for my Lily who is 17 and sometimes has off days.
    Take care. Margie in CA

  5. Morning glories are such an old fashioned flower, which I love. My mom, who passed away last November, named her little house Morning Glory Cottage. I loved it. You have such a pretty garden and it’s precious. Ivy and Charlie are doubly precious. Thank you for sharing.

  6. I love the photos today, from your lovely garden, to adorable Charlie, to made me laugh Ivy. She certainly keeps life interesting.
    My kitty, Misty, is currently running from the slider to the window, and back. She keeps telling me there is a squirrel in our garden! What are we going to do about it?

  7. My morning glories are growing and blooming like crazy now too.
    I have always heard animals (specially cats) prefer running water. My son bought my 3 small dogs a water bowl that has a fountain and they prefer it over the plain bowl of water.

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