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  1. Brenda, I hope that you are feeling a little better. Please please go the the hospital if you feel worse this weekend there are too many things that could go wrong.

    I love your vases!

    Take care of yourself.

  2. That was really sweet of Leslie to get the vase for you! They are a cute pair. Hope you're feeling better real soon. I've been battling an inflammation of the cartilage lining by the ribs. It hurt to breathe for a few days. Not fun. I didn't sleep one night at all. No computer time for me lately as I still have a few lingering vertigo issues. I drive when I have to, but I have to be careful about turning my head. Reading sometimes bothers me, too. Ugh…getting older ain't no fun!!

  3. I'm sure the man vase helped brighten your day, and I hope you're feeling better soon. Your visit to my blog and your kind comment brightened mine!

  4. Brenda, I am so sorry you are still feeling ill. I hope the tests can determine something. I sure is not fun to hurt and feel crappy. Especially when you live alone. Maybe you don't mind, but I hate being alone when I'm sick. I want to be taken care of!

    How thoughtful of Leslie to find the gentleman vase and send it to you. They look like a happy couple now!

    Sending healing tho'ts and prayers for you to find out what's going on and get the right treatment post haste.

  5. Something is off for sure. As far as colonoscopy, if they want one do the colo guard test instead. I had diverticulitis twice lately. It felt like a UTI. It's hard to clear up. But you have been on the mess they usually use. I hope they get this solved soon.
    Cute cup.

  6. I know this might sound strange–but have you added anything new to your space lately that has or would have a chemical off gassing–even a new soap could do this or something new with the doggies?? I have what is called multiple chemical sensitivity and often get bladder spasm when I get around chemical off gassing–even when I can't smell anything–it feels like a uti too when I get these–just walking into a store can set them off –I live with it nearly every day–other times things me feel 'loopy' or pains in my ears–depends on the chemical how I react–
    bless you- enjoy the moments, di

  7. Count me in when I comes to Jan's advice. Go to the hospital emergency room. They'll be able to draw bloods and have results back within a couple of hours or less. You also may be found to be clinically dehydrated and they can give you IV fluids. Also abdominal ultrasound , X-rays and a CT scan can be done whilst you are there to find out why, after a course of antibiotics , you still have so much pain.

  8. Poor Lynx, who was going to have a colonoscopy today after she wrote you. For anyone considering having one, ask for a 'balloon colonoscopy'. They are a lot safer.

    1. Hello thanks to you and Ance Mist for your concern. There was a polyp found and removed during the colonoscopy so I'm glad I had it done. It will have to be tested but I'm guessing it will be like the polyps removed five years ago — not cancerous now, but with the potential to become cancerous in the future, such as 10 years from now. So I'm glad it is gone. I can handle the colonoscopy, it is drinking the awful stuff beforehand that is a challenge. I will have to research balloon colonoscopy since I have to have another one in five years. Thanks.

  9. Hope they can figure out what's going on soon. You've been sick far too long. How wonderful that Leslie sent you the matching "man" vase! I know you've talked about it several times. Perfect timing to receive that wonderful gift in the mail, too.

  10. Oh my! I hope they find out what is wrong and get you on some proper medicine to clear it pronto. The moustache man goes well with the lipstick woman. So nice of your friend to get it for you.

  11. So sorry you aren't feeling well dear Brenda. I hope you feel better very soon. The matching vase is such a lovely gift! Take care and sending you healing wishes. xox

  12. I am sorry to hear that you are unwell. I hate it when I'm sick. Please get better soon! Your postings are a delight to read. Kiss the pups for me. Smile.

  13. Adorable vase duo! It really sounds like a routine urine test may not reveal what is really going on. A urine culture and sensitivity could very well show a resistant organism, along with antibiotics that will work. This happened to me years ago. I was taking Cipro and would get better, but symptoms would reappear even before I’d finished the bottle. A c/s showed that the organism was resistant to Cipro, but Tetracycline did the trick. Hope you feel better soon. A uti can be so debilitating!

    1. Better than taking a chance with your health! If you feel worse or start running a temp, please head to the ER.

  14. Brenda, I am so sorry to hear you are feeling so badly. Isn't it frustrating to have to keep going to the doctor and having tests, all which have to be scheduled and it takes days and sometimes weeks to get it all done and then back to the doctor for a result. I have been doing that since January, and I actually had to wait for almost 3 months to see a specialist.

    I hope they find the problem soon.

    The matching mr cup is so cute, so nice of her to send it to you.

  15. If you get to feeling bad this weekend GO TO THE HOSPITAL. UTI's can very quickly become a life threatening Sepsis. No kidding. This is NOT a time to wait it out.

    1. Jan is absolutely correct. UTI's can lead to sepsis and can be life threatening. So do go to the emergency room if you get to feeling too badly or running a temperature. Hope it clears up soon so you can get back to doing the things you love.

  16. Also praying you don’t have interstitial cystitis. It really made my life miserable for many years, but thankfully it’s now under control.

  17. I hope you feel better soon. It sounds like possibly interstitial cystitis. I had a bout of that a year and a half ago. There is a dietary component to it. I started following the recommendations (for example, coffee a big aggravater, which you've discovered already, but there are others) and it passed, thankfully. Also the herbal Butterbur was helpful to me for the spasms.

  18. From reading your blog posts, I know you must be stir crazy from laying in the bed and feeling so awful. Your writings and photographs show you to be very creative and busy so this inactivity must be annoying and frustrating. Sure hope the test results find the cause and that it is easily treatable. Pray that you are back on your feet and feeling happy and healthy again soon.

    The vases are adorable. How sweet of Leslie to find and send the mustached man vase.

  19. Awww, Brenda, I'm so sorry that you're still feeling so awful – you poor thing, how terrible for you. So glad Leslie was able to brighten your day with that mustached man vase – super cute!! I hope they figure out what's wrong asap so you can get some relief, my friend.

  20. thinking of you and holding only the best positive thoughts.
    you have had your share of it all for sure. time for the universe to give you a break.
    sending love and virtual strength to you.
    in my own stuff going on i keep falling back on "this too shall pass!"

  21. Dearest Brenda,
    I hope that they find out what is causing you such trouble and that you are restored to full and complete health very soon. I am so glad to hear that you are getting in to the doctors office today to see someone that can help you. Hopefully, they can find out what the problem is and get it taken care of ASAP. We all want the very best for you and for you to feel better soon.
    Try and get some rest and hopefully you can feel better over the weekend. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
    Love the planters. They are so cute and look as though they absolutely belong together. 🙂
    Take care and have a good weekend.

    My e-mail is: [email protected]

  22. Brenda I hope they can figure out why you aren't feeling well. I know how frustrating it is to be sick for weeks and no answers. I've had an MRI and CT scan now and have some Dr appts scheduled. I'm hoping for some answers soon myself. Love the vases and they look so cute together. Sweet reader friends are the best!

  23. I hope you get some answers soon about your health. I'm sure you're feeling miserable. You have been dealing with this for too long.
    The vase Leslie sent you must have made you must have really put a smile on your face. They look totally in love.

  24. Hope you get some answers soon Brenda and feel better. What a wonderful gift to receive from Leslie on a day when you really needed it. Sending healing thoughts.

  25. I am so sorry that you are still suffering with this. Having had UTIs myself I KNOW how awful they are. Just miserable!! Hope they get it figured out soon.

    Love the face mugs-what a sweet gift from a friend. xo Diana

  26. The vases are sweet together. I'm sorry you still feel so badly. I've had a cold this week and now I'm getting ready to leave the house to go have a colonoscopy done. Ugh, the stuff you have to drink beforehand is dreadful. But polyps were found when I had one five years ago, so I have to have another one at this time. Taking care of our bodies as we get older is a big job. My husband and I have been cutting some treats out of our diets and we've both lost a few pounds. We need to lose five or 10 more. I think we will be able to do it. It will help him with his high blood pressure and help me with my high cholesterol. Here's hoping you have a restful weekend.

    1. I have had one colonoscopy, when I was 40, so 20 years ago. I told my doctor I did not want another one.

  27. I hope they are able to find an answer for you and that you will be feeling well again soon, Brenda.
    How sweet of Leslie to send the vase. They were definitely meant to be together. So cute.

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