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  1. I hope your daughter didn’t have any damage from the tree coming down. I had a great time trying to read some of your book covers on your bookcase.

  2. Brenda,
    I hope your daughter Kendra didn’t have her car in the garage or any valuable items.
    Charlie looks the picture of health; bright eyes and lustrous coat!
    Your tomato plant will probably regenerate with a ton of tomatoes for you…

  3. Brenda, about five years ago I bought a small pot of black/ blue salvia you in the NC mountains outside of a small antique shop in a little town called Saluda. I planted it and it did nothing. Three years later it took off and it banks one side of my house now. What I love about it is that it is a drawing card for hummingbirds. When I pull up in my drive way I just sit in my car and watch them come and go helloing themselves to the salvia’s nectar. The bees seem to love it too and I feel like this little pot of salvia has served so many so well, food for the hummingbirds, bees and beauty for me. You might want to try to plant some next year as it’s a perennial and seems to require little care just lots of sun. I’ve given it ways now several times and it just fills itself back in. I love to give plants from my plants to others. It helps spread the beauty and good Will and God knows we need more of that now. Stay safe & be well.

  4. Charlie is so cute! Seems he’s relaxing more and letting you take his photo without looking so apprehensive. I would have never guessed he’s 14 … he still looks so puppy-like. Such a cutie!

  5. Not sure what is going on, Brenda, but you have lots of pop ups happening. Hefty popped up twice.-covering the post.. Also, there are at least five PRIVACY POP messages that run throughout your post. Just thought you might want to know. Diana
    ps- I got ONE flipping tomato off my tomato plant this year. lol

  6. I love watching out the window to see the beauty of whatever I see, today I was so lucky because I saw my first hummingbird of the season! It was magical. I am sorry about your plant, we too have had terrible storms here, I am starting to feel as if I am going to need a boat!

  7. Know what you mean, about enjoying the beauty of nature right outside your window.
    My little garden is mostly plants and a white flower plant or two; nothing as spectacular as yours. However, what a beautiful view of green, and the occasional bird, butterfly and dragonfly. The simple things of nature.
    P.S. Charlie looks adorable!

  8. No rain here today or tomorrow as forecast yesterday, unless some surprise suddenly appears on the radar. No storm fronts are approaching from any direction, so it’s going to be another week of dryness and my grass will start to die once again. So, time to set up the sprinkler, but first, I have to lug the hose out to the front of the house and give the lawn yet another sod web worm treatment to try and kill yet another round of the little awn killing monsters. The dew point it high, it feels like 90 out and I sweat inside a minute outside, I can’t stand the constant dripping in the eyes and stinging and wiping it off over and over again after a certain point and get chased inside by the burning sun to hose myself down and change my clothes. UGH! Maybe all of us gardeners are just cray cray.

  9. I love that first picture of Charlie. He’s just so cute.

    My what I’d give for a rain storm here in So Cal. Hitting 105 today and maybe thru Tuesday. We already have several big fires going we need rain for.

    My little Morkie Ziggy is having surgery Tuesday morning. Vet is taking off a nasty cyst on his eye. She’s been very thorough in ckg his blood work and vitals to make sure he can handle it. He’s 12 now but he doesn’t know it.

  10. Not fun cleaning up after the storm. I always enjoy plants inside and outside to nurture and it is sad when they get ruined. Good thing the dog woke us up last night. I left a watermelon on the kitchen counter all night and woke up to a flood on the floor. We put the watermelon in the sink and cleaned up the mess. When I got up there was foam streaming out of the melon. There was no crack but a spot where the green rind was kinda carved out. I usually put all fruits and veggies in a bowl for this reason and will be more careful with the larger fruits from now on. It was just overly ripe and was fermenting.

  11. We had a storm last night that lit up the sky,around 1:00 am, and when it thundered, it seemed to even shake the house. That is possible, since we live in a Mobile home. Any way, no damage here, just quite a few tree limbs, and leaves on the lawn. We have a 5 x10 area rug on our upper deck, that Jeff hung to dry on the railing, after moving the deck furniture and grill. So that wasn’t too bad, and the flowers look pretty good yet, after being almost drowned. Sun is suppose to come out today, now it’s 10:10 am, and no sun yet. The picture of Charlie today, is awesome. His coat just glistens it is so shiny, and his eyes are so big and black and bright. He really looks the “picture” of health. Now I’m going to have a second cup of coffee with a muffin, Hugs to you from WI

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