Strange Things

Last week I purchased a back massager from Amazon. It was kind of pricey, but there was a $20 coupon I used. And yesterday it stopped working. I only used it a few times a day.

It arrived on Sunday. And it died on Thursday.


I also purchased this massage mat from the very same company: A massage mat with heat. Same brand. It’s still working. Thank goodness. My back needs both of them right now.

I’ve been lucky with I order a lot of stuff so I don’t have to deal with stores. Which has been so wonderful during this pandemic.

I called Amazon this morning and a very nice man, albeit one that was difficult to understand, said he’d send me a new one.

I’d already tossed the box. I can’t have big boxes cluttering up this apartment. With all the things I order, I’d be swimming in boxes if I didn’t take them down to the dumpster.

So I asked if I could just put the one that doesn’t work in the new box he’s sending me with the new back massager. And so it was worked out. I shall get my new back massager soon.

Second Strange Occurrence:

My granddaughter said her friends on TikTok were upset and crying because they fear the president will not be re-elected. And they fear if he isn’t re-elected, someone will come take their guns.

Well, I certainly hope they meant their parents’ guns. Because these are 11 year old kids we’re talking about.

Being a kid is hard enough without having such adult worries.

We know they got this from somewhere. Little people with big ears I imagine. Or is that little pitchers have big ears? I frequently get idioms turned around.

Third Strange Occurrence:

I took Charlie to acupuncture yesterday. It was only the second time I’d been out and about since his last week’s acupuncture appointment.

When I came home it looked like an explosion of rubber bands had occurred in the dining area.

I then recalled that I had opened a small drawer on my desk to get a rubber band to use for something earlier. You see I keep various sizes of rubber bands in that drawer. And I’m certain that I closed it. But apparently not all the way.

Ivy must have been watching. Because how Ivy even knew I opened that little drawer I can’t fathom. But Ivy misses nothing.

And she had had one heck of a party with the rubber bands in the less than 30 minutes that I was gone.

She must have known I’d put them all back. So she squirreled away rubber bands in her little hidey-holes and keeps bringing them out to play with. And I take them away again.

Ivy is not happy with me when I take them away.

Fourth Strange Occurrence:

I walked into the kitchen this morning and Ivy was eating dog food out of Charlie’s bowl.

And not good tasting dog food either, because Charlie is on a special prescription diet. I imagine it’s rather bland because he has digestive issues.

She’s lucky Charlie didn’t witness her eating out of his bowl, because he would have been very angry.

I keep her cat food on a table in the bedroom to make sure Charlie can’t get to it.

Ivy never goes hungry. She always has food. You have only to look at her to see that she’s well fed. Perhaps a little too well fed.

But there she was crunching dog food when she had food of her own.

What a strange cat she is.



  1. Brenda… I’m assuming you have Amazon Prime…. I have found them to be much more helpful if you have a problem with your order. I know it’s been suggested in the comments before but I’d like to encourage you to set up an affiliate account with them… I’ve purchased items you’ve told us about…. you chould be getting a small commission??? It doesn’t cost your readers any more but I guess you’d get a small amount? I don’t know how it works but if you bring a purchase to our attention and then we buy something because of it, I think you deserve a little bit too. Amazon’s gotten big and also very handy and I use them for a LOT of stuff. My go to phrase before going out shopping is “check Amazon for that”. So, if they’re willing to share a bit, I say go for it!

  2. We got 2 puppies at the same time. We were feeding them both together. When they were a bit over a year old we took them to the vet the one dog had gained a lot of weight but the one dog only a little bit of weight. We found out the heavier dog was eating his food fast so he could munch on the other dogs food too. We finally bought a treat ball…. it’s a ball with sort of a maze built inside so the dog has to roll the ball around until the “treat” came out. We just used it for food. It mad quite a racket but problem solved! I miss my pupper-doodles every day.

  3. Brenda-would you mind sharing the phone number you call for Amazon? I can’t seem to get through and I have to exchange lamp shades that arrived damaged and with small insects! The shipper in China wants the two tall floor lamps sent back first but I didn’t save the huge cartons (with insects) and, with pandemic, I can’t go in to postal store. Thank you so much.

    1. Of course. I think this was it: 1 (888) 280-4331. I got questions asked digitally, then was turned over to a customer representative.

  4. put the rubber bands inside a tin box. Cats can’t open those boxes. They can open drawers and doors. Get one with a hard to get off lid.

  5. I’m going to have to move Baxter’s cat food as Lacy keeps eating it. I wondered why she wasn’t eating her own food then I caught her red handed! They do keep you on your toes

    1. I keep Ivy’s food up high. I never considered that she might want Charlie’s food. Never saw her show interest in it before. Yeah, you have to catch the little buggers.

  6. When you take something from Ivy then give her something else. It can be a piece of food or anything she likes.

  7. Brenda, I came home one day to find my bed filled with feathers. I mean a big pile of them. I sleep on feather pillows and my two doggies decided to have a pillow fight while I was away! I was finding feathers for a week.

  8. Ivy eating Charlie’s dog food is not good. The rubber bands incident – c’est la vie with a kitty, LOL! We have actually had a week of weather in the high 60s/low 70s here in SE WI and it’s been wonderful! I have been working outside a lot enjoying this last reprieve before winter settles in for the next 4 months. This burst of “Indian Summer” hasn’t happened around here for several years and everybody is out in the neighborhood enjoying it. It will last into next week, I’m so happy. I may actually be able to get the entire yard and ALL of the garden beds fairly cleaned up before it gets too cold for me to work outside comfortably. I’ve actually been able to sit on my front stoop (it’s basically a concrete platform 4′ x 6′ with two steps – not much of a porch, no room for a chair that wouldn’t block the door!) when the sun swings around to the front of the house (faces W) and it warms up during the last few hours of daylight in that part of the front yard before dark hits here now at 5 p.m. Folks are out walking, some with their dogs on long leashes and they let them come up to me if the dogs are so inclined because they know how much I love dogs. Lots of ear massages and quick belly rubs for the doggies. This has been the first autumn in the six years I’ve lived here that I’ve actually sat out on that front stoop.

  9. I really enjoy reading about Ivy and Charlie and their antics. What great company they are. we have a cat who keeps us entertained. We’d be lost without her.

    I agree with you about Amazon. We use them more and more all the time. It’s easier and safer than going out by yourself. It is amazing how quickly they get the items delivered.

    Have a good day.

  10. I let my cats eat on one end of the kitchen counter. Don”t judge, I have two “starving” dogs I have to protect them from and I’m lucky to have lots of counter space, so they eat where I fold clothes, not where I cook. After I feed them I feed the dogs and they both occasionally think they need to munch some dog food. They especially like to stick their heads into the Tupperware container and get it themselves, not because they’re hungry, but because they’re cats. They are certainly curious little critters, aren’t they?

  11. That Ivy is quite the character, had a good chuckle at the picture of her and the rubber bands,lol
    Used to be the opposite in our house when we had dogs, they would have partied on the cat food until it was gone so we kept it on the bathroom counter!
    Enjoy the day

    1. I’ve read that cat food is richer, thus the dogs want to eat it. Charlie sometimes walks around the table I keep her food on, looking for crumbs.

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