Stunning Bungalow Transformation In L.A.

Today we’re touring a stunning bungalow transformation in Los Angeles. The house has 1212 square feet. The designer of this home is Shanty Wijaya.

Shanty loves to travel, and she draws inspiration from elements like a country’s flora and fauna, architecture, and culture.

An L.A. bungalow with cement walls and oval wood gate

Shanty and her company, ALLPRACE Homes in L.A., are always looking for a home that can use her expertise for restoration.

Her decision to take on the project of this nearly 100-year-old house was due to how much it meant for the former owner to have his childhood home restored.

A brown tufted couch and blue and white chair in a living room

A tufted couch across from a blue and white chair holds court in the living space.

Mirrors are another great way to open up a space since they reflect light and give an illusion of a bigger space.

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An alcove with an accent shelf on the wall holding decor and a large arched window

Shanty says a great way to brighten up any living space is to incorporate white or light-colored walls.

She also says that accent lighting should show off your personal design style while creating a sense of warmth.

An oval and rectangular wood table with black dining chairs

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For a more inviting feel, rearrange your furniture so that nothing blocks the window. And choose pieces that are less bulky.

A long rectangular wood table in a kitchen with boho style bar stools

For a personalized touch, incorporate your favorite home fragrance.

A diffuser is highly effective in a small space and adds an element of luxury.

A black iron bed with light bedding and an accent boho chair in the corner of the room

Plants bring vibrant, lush elements to your home and are natural mood-boosters.

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This designer likes to add statement rugs for coziness and to tie together the room’s color palette.

A vintage claw foot tub in a bathroom with black and white tiles

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A child's room complete with a baby's crib and small table and chair.

The child’s room is grounded by a round rug.

Lots of natural light flows through the window.

A hammock hanging in the backyard of an LA bungalow

Lots of thought went into the design of the outdoor elements and landscaping.

Two bicycles in front of a modern wood garage door.

“Every element is taken care of when I work on a project,” Shanty said. “From managing the construction process to hand selecting the finishes.”

She brings in unexpected design elements and maximizes and reformats the layout. Then she builds out the landscaping and oversees the staging and photoshoot.

Her company strives to create an original, curated look in all its projects. She always wants the future homeowner to enjoy the benefits of a custom home experience.

{Details & Photos From The Everygirl}

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  1. Wow, I love the windows and all the natural light in this home. I also like the mix of woods that give it warmth.

  2. There are many homes of this style in LA and I love seeing them given a new life.

  3. Very pretty. I would think with your neighbors being that close you would need some window coverings.

    1. Lol! I thought the same thing when I looked at that beautiful bedroom with a wonderful window, but open for all to see in.
      It is a lovely house.

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