I’m busy, busy, busy. Right now I’m washing my mattress cover. Since I don’t have a dryer I try to only wash one big item a day and then lay it out to dry.

The stackable washer/dryer at the new apartment is small, so I wouldn’t be able to get this big stuff in them. Might have to look at another washer down the line.

Ivy is busy, busy, busy as well. She doesn’t like the boxes stacked around. So she goes around tearing at the tape with her teeth. I wouldn’t be surprised to have to tape many of the boxes back up again.

Gracie seems unperturbed. That’s young and easy-going Gracie Mae.


I’ve been taking the paintings off the wall and either packing them, or I plan to take the big canvas ones in my car. That’s a job I’m sure Kendra will help with as she hasn’t scheduled much for Tuesday in order to help me.

Kendra is having trouble getting supplies for her house (supply chain problem) and getting workers to show up (they’re sick with COVID). And she can’t do drywall because there’s no water yet.

One of her workers who’s been with her the longest fears that when they go to put the kitchen cabinets up, that the weight might bring the wall down.

I don’t know what would give me a stroke first: Having a snake fall out of the ceiling vent. Or putting up cabinets and watching the wall crash down with them.

I don’t quite understand this about the wall. But if it did, it would fall into what will be son Riley’s room. He’s 18 now and headed for college in the fall, but will need a place for holidays and when he comes home.

Ivy staring out the French doors

The List:

I told Kendra about “the list.” She said if they want to, they can ruin my credit over this.

But she doesn’t really think it’s legal, when it comes down to it.

Where in a lease have you ever seen things like what was on that lengthy list enumerated like that? Down to the toilet roll holder?

She said to copy the list and address each issue and mention all that I’ve done to this place. And to write that things like a medicine cabinet never existed.

You know these people have been inside apartments here. And there have never been medicine cabinets. So where did they come up with that to add to their ridiculous list?

Kendra said wear and tear is part of renting property. She has rent houses herself, so she knows this.

The difference between her and them is that she goes in after her houses are leased and does updates like new windows, etc. She likes to keep her properties up. It’s smarter in the long run. But they don’t give a sweet damn.

Rebuilding A House To Live In:

My word! There’s so much to think about when you gut a house and basically start over. This isn’t the first time she’s had to do this.

But she’s going to need a place to live pretty soon and the wheels are grinding very slowly. She’s beginning to get really stressed over it.

Kendra is spending the weekend over there doing what she can. But without water it is hard to get much done.

I could not do her job. There’s so many people calling or texting her all the time and so many deadlines, I think my head would explode.

Gracie walking along the back of my couch


Teri took the weekend off to tend to her horses. She’ll be back tomorrow.

I’ve got a chiropractic appointment in the morning and then will rush to get last minute chores done.

I haven’t even been out on the patio getting things together. Boxes are so near the French doors it’s hard to squeeze through.

Funny Kendra Photo:

I found this amusing. This is a photo of Kendra (though you can’t see her face) sitting down at her house at night trying to watch TV and relax.

One dog, Thor, is sleeping on her stomach. Daughter Marley is sleeping below Thor. And Lulu is curled around her butt.

She says she never has personal space when she’s home. But I figure these guys miss her when she’s working long days and just need to be comforted.

In Sunday: 3 Days Till Moving Day, daughter Kendra is home trying to relax.

This is the life of a mother, any way you want to look at it.

Speaking of that, here’s an interesting little tidbit about my daughters. I didn’t name either one of them.

My great-aunt let me stay at her house when I had toxemia during my first pregnancy, and I felt that I owed her. So I let her name Kendra.

Kasi’s name was chosen by her father. Whether it was a boy or a girl, he wanted his child named after Casey Stengel, a famous baseball player. Since she turned out to be a girl, we changed the spelling.


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  1. You’re almost at the finish line, Brenda. I feel badly for Kendra who’s up against the wall with supply chain and covid issues slowing her down. But that picture of them is sweet!

  2. I haven’t taken the time to read all the comments on your recent posts about the upcoming move, so I apologize if someone else has made this suggestion. To protect yourself (in regards to the apartment you’ve moving out of and also the apartment you’re moving into), please consider taking photos of each place (the current one after you’ve completed your move and the new one before you start moving in) and then print them. I’m self-employed (or at least I am when I have work) and have worked out of our home since 2007. When I’ve taken the home office deduction on our tax return, I’ve always taken photos of my current office space (one time only and usually before I’ve moved out of what was my office space at the time), printed them, and kept them stored safely away. Pictures are worth a thousand words. Best of luck on your upcoming move!

  3. I know it’s different states but I think that the items list has to have been given to you when you first move in if not where we are it’s whatever move in and leaving info that was given in original lease I would check into it I hate to see anyone done like that but especially us mature citizens good luck with the move and don’t over do 😊

  4. Don’t worry about getting a new washing machine in your new place. Just take big items to the laundromat once in awhile. That’s what we do with comforters and big blankets.

    I like that picture of Kendra with her daughter and the pups. Yep, that’s a young mom for you – no personal space! Everyone wants mom.

  5. I’m not a lawyer or a landlord but I would totally ignore that list, assume they’ll keep your security deposit, leave the keys on the kitchen counter and go to your new apartment.

  6. Love the photo of Kendra! That is how it is when I am watching my great grandson! I usually have the baby on my lap surrounded by two dogs and a cat!

  7. Lots of advice here about renter moveouts. I have lived in 20+ rentals for almost 40 years @of renting and have had good landlords about 5 times. Everything is skewed in favor of the landlord and to be honest most are horrible grifters, especially those run by larger management companies.

    Due to my experiences, I am biased (obviously). When you rent from a company like Brenda’s apartment owner, nothing you do – moveout inspection, cleaning, improvements – will be respected. Living in fear of a slumlord management company ruining your credit is absurd in my opinion. They will lie, cheat & steal with impunity. Respectful people do not leave a list of ridiculous, excessive potential charges at your door after 8 years of tenancy! That alone tells you they plan to behavegregiously no matter what the tenant does or does not do.

    The best revenge is living well. Go forth and let the sun shine into your life, Brenda! And don’t blame yourself for any of their shenanigans.

  8. Be sure to take pictures of the place before you leave and have a couple of witnesses maybe walk with you as you check the stuff on the list. Just doesn’t seem right that they do that to you but best to keep yourself safe.

  9. I have a similar list,its 1 of the pages of the lease,not one that needed initials.
    I agree with the previous poster,that’s the price to pay if they deem anything needs replacement,honestly,they may not be happy about the removal of the cabinet doors.
    In addition to being a renter,having also moved into A senior housing complex A year ago last month,my husband was a residential superintendent and believe me some of the messes people leave behind are mind- boggling!
    I know that’s not this case but while they maybe slumlords they are within their rights to charge for damages and or alterations.

  10. Wow wow ,,,, so nervy is that “list” ,,,,, very difficult to imagine scumlords taking it all seriously.
    Just want to see if people will fall for their bs.
    I would do everything possible to protect myself. Like your readers have said ,,,,, take pictures!!
    If you are supposed to get a security refund after you’ve moved out, my guess is they will not give it to you.
    Best to use good energy to concentrate on the move Brenda. Just a few more days. 😊
    Poor Ivy. Soon she will have lots of space to ❤ explore ❤ with Gracie!!!

  11. Boy I wish Lou were with you that day you move! All good ideas. Sure is shady now coming up with a list. Management sounds very bizarre so keep your wits about you before turning in the keys. Teri and Kendra will be godsends that day keeping it all on task for you. Bless everyone’s hearts for helping so much. Kendras dogs are like mine. Soon as I sit down they snuggle and can’t push close enough next to get to my thighs! They are the kind of dogs that love their people!

  12. My husband and I stayed at a “micro-hotel” in the Carolinas one summer for a night. We saw a “list” like you showed in our room. So, I guess there are folks that take anything they can. Best wishes on the move! It sounds like the right decision at the right time!

  13. Brenda, if you take photos get a newspaper and photograph with the front page opened. This will verify date. Wishing you the best.

  14. Make sure you do the walk through with the manager. So there are no surprises have her sign off and give you a copy while there. Don’t let her tell you she can’t.

  15. Brenda~
    Please do NOT relinquish your keys until you have had a final walk through of your apartment after it has been cleaned. You are paying for this service!
    Photograph the apartment with everything you are leaving behind.
    (this includes all the Upgrades you have made to the apartment!)
    Nothing speaks louder than photos.
    Not turning in the keys will also give you access to the patio to re-evaluate what you still may be able to take to the new home.. Perhaps you an also list on Market Place to sell those very expensive items which you purchased to make the patio more habitable.
    Has the maintenance man been approved to rent the apartment?
    When does your lease actually end?
    Finally. I would view “The List” as just a guide for replacement costs of items should they actually need to be replaced.. not as a list for NEW items to remake an old apartment. No one has kept an apartment up to date or cleaner than you..your blog is actual proof of all the upgrades you’ve made as well as the constant pleas for management to at least maintain the existing apartment!
    (Do you still have your original leasing agreement?)
    Again, do not turn in the keys until you have seen the cleaned apartment and are satisfied that you’ve held up your end of the lease. Insist on a meet with management to do a final walk through and have them sign off..then give them your keys!
    Wishing you all the best as you turn a rented place into your new Home!

  16. I am a renter and I have basically no positive feelings for any property owners or managers. However, I think a lot of you have some unreasonable concepts of renting. When I signed my lease, I was presented with a list like Brenda received. Granted, it is more appropriate to get that list at the beginning than at the end, but it’s their way of saying, we are renting you a place with these things, we expect them to be there in good and clean condition when you leave, short of normal wear and tear. If we have to clean or replace, you will be charged. I think some of those prices are high, and after the fact presentation is questionable, but the reasoning behind the list is sound. I have not, of course, read any other relevant documentation in this case. I would not be surprised if Brenda receives a similar list when she signs her new lease. Her lease will probably also say that no changes shall be made without pemission and I doubt many landlords give permission for any changes other than painting and any given will be with the caveat that everything be returned to move in condition upon move out.
    I think Brenda lived in a very unusual situation where she did what she pleased because no one really cared. In any more regular place, I believe she would be paying big time for the changes she made. It’s their private property that they offer for rent with a lease stating all conditions. They don’t want improvements. On a scale of shoddy to excellent, they have no idea what kind of work you have done. One person’s improvement is not necessarily another’s. They don’t want to end up with apartments that are different from one another in different ways. Again, I have no idea how Brenda’s original lease reads.
    Already, Brenda wants to replace her washer. I’m quite sure that is not allowable and they will not be pleased. I’m as happy as anyone that Brenda is getting out of her hellhole of an apartment but that was a highly unusual situation. She had a lot of freedom to do as she pleased. All the owners and managers were horrible, but, as with the old, if you don’t like this job, get another one, I think most property owners would say, if you don’t like this apartment, move. This is not some kind of criticism of Brenda or defense of the place where she has been living. It’s just my thoughts, feelings, and experiences as a renter.

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