1. If you liked Nicola Walker in Unforgotten, there is a new series on PBS called “Annika”, starring Nicola. It just finished a couple weeks ago, but I thought it was very good. Keep an eye out for it, I think you will enjoy it. I do like your New & Notable posts. Glad you like your new recliner,too. Enjoy your day! 😉

  2. Yes, I enjoy the new and notable mentions. It’s fun to see other decorating tips and recipes and such. Lots of inspiration. I’m glad you are enjoying your new chair and that you kept your old chair. Now you have the best of both worlds. I was watching Heartland, but I’ve been taking a break to enjoy all the Hallmark Christmas movies. I’ll go back to watching Heartland after the holidays are over. I do enjoy reading cozy mysteries and romance stories. I don’t mind a good rain if we need it, but I’d much rather fall asleep to it in the evenings. I think that’s relaxing.

  3. Yes, I love New and Notable Mentions so much. It’s so much fun to see new blogs I’ve never heard of before. Thanks for sharing these wonderful bloggers with us.

  4. I also love the New and Notables on Saturday! I love to read, but I have the early stages of cataracts and my vision has become a little blurry.

  5. I didn’t realize that there was a new season of Unforgotten coming. That’s great news. I just assumed after she died the show was over. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I do enjoy your Saturday posts, thank you for all that researching. Always something that is appealing. I just don’t always comment. I will try to do better.
    And it’s a gray,cold,rainy on/off day here too. So enjoy having the Christmas tree lights on for cheer. May have to make an outside run later, but may put it off. Hmmm…
    I loved Unforgotten – two actors I love- Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar. He was excellent in the very good series on PSB titled The Indian Doctor. It was funny, sad, just so well done. Look it up. It takes place in Wales in the mid 60s or so. The whole cast is excellent.
    I’m a reader too. Have to have something on the go. Was one of those kids who read the cereal box at breakfast if nothing else was around. Thanks for your book tips.
    Hugs to you, pets to Ivy girl.

  7. I have been thoroughly enjoying the New and Notable Mentions on Saturdays. Often, I come back during the week to read the post again to refresh my memory on a certain ‘mention’.
    Oh, my goodness how I’ve enjoyed reading for most of my life. I grew up in a small town and a childhood friend and I would walk to the tiny library at least once a week to get a new pile of books to read. I can’t remember a time I didn’t read. I believe I’ve read 3 books in the past 4 years. I keep purchasing books and I have a hefty to be read pile because I feel certain the desire will return.
    I do enjoy dreary rainy days. I find myself craving them! LOL

  8. I love your Saturday posts, thanks for doing that research. I too love a rainy, dreary day once in awhile. I call them pajama days. While I don’t wear pajamas, I wear my usual comfy house clothes. It has been dreary for the last week and might be for the next week. I need a sunny day every once in awhile to hang clothes outside. I guess it’s nostalgia that comforts me using the clothes line and seeing the wash on the line blowing in the wind. I also enjoy having a cuckoo clock in our home. Both of our parents always had one in their homes also. Have a nice day.

  9. Yes I love Saturdays with your New and Notables. It takes me quite a time to look at every link. Thank you.
    No one else in my family were readers but I loved books. I cam remember reading most of the Enid Blighton books. I still remember The Magic Faraway Tree books being my favorite. If my Mother had known what it was about (fantasy and magic) she wouldn’t have let me read it. On a Sunday we couldn’t watch TV, no crafts even, but we could a read a book.

    1. I’d much rather read than watch TV. But I also like to watch TV on the streaming channels after my shower at night. After I watch a little TV, I go into my bedroom and read a book.

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