1. Sunny and mild here in Michigan today, too. So nice to sit in the sun. No blooms here, though, except the daffs which are on their last legs and will soon be gone. Sniff! They are my very favorites. I love tulips, too but can’t grow them as the bulbs get eaten before they come up and if they come up the deer make quick work of them. Sniff, again!

    Your patio is gorgeous, Brenda. And what a great shot of the dove. I hear lots of birds around my back yard when sitting on the deck. And see lots swooping back and forth. Mostly cardinals, chickadees and robins. But sometimes a couple of blue jays. Love seeing and hearing them. Yesterday I heard a woodpecker, too.

    Thanks goodness it’s Spring! Even if it turns cold next week like Kris, above, says, it won’t stay that way for long, hopefully.

    Enjoy the beauty on your patio and send us some more of those lovely flower photos.

  2. Brenda
    Enjoy your dove. I had one build a nest in my lilacs and laid two eggs. They have hatched and both the mother and father are protecting them. I had to postpone some yard work that I had scheduled in my yard until the babies can safely fly away. Your patio is beautiful as always and your photos are a treat to our eyes. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I love the color of your petunias. So gorgeous! The picture of the butterfly is perfect. Do you ever submit your photographs to magazines like Birds and Blooms?
    Glad Charlie is enjoying the sunshine and Ivy is enjoying her Tree. You will enjoy the doves cooing to you. We have a pair that comes every summer. Don’t know if it is the same ones or not. They like to “ground feed.”

  4. You brighten up my day. Reading your post is something I look forward to each day. As much as I am a homebody, this is starting to be a little much even for me, being home all the time.

  5. Weather here today is supposed to be 70 and it is nice and sunny. Glad to see the sun shining! My daughter bought a harness for one of the dogs and it arrived yesterday so we will take all three dogs for a walk today since it is so nice out! The dog she bought the harness for has to be on a leash because he runs away and he pulls so hard on the leash that he chokes, so she bought a harness to see if that helps. Enjoy the sunny day !

  6. That looks like a Japanese lilac tree! If it is – how wonderful to have that in your yard. I’d love to add one to my garden, but with no vehicle even if the garden centers were open to the public right now it would be out of the question to buy one. I would want to buy as big a tree as I could afford – if only wishes cost pennies, LOL! I won’t start getting flowers on any blooms here for probably 3 more weeks, other than the very hardy field violets that sprout up wild here and there in my yard – volunteers whose seeds blew in or were deposited by birds. I never know what may pop up – like the milkweed that suddenly appeared last year. The flowers are a deep purple color and so delicate looking, but obviously hardy because the plants started sprouting up here and there toward the end of March along the side of my garage and randomly along the border of my driveway in one of the garden beds. Mother Nature is just amazing.

  7. Good Morning Brenda. We are having your weather this weekend in Illinois. OMG loving 75 degrees today and tomorrow and the sunshine. I wish I could start to plant but it is too early for us as our temps will drop back to normal next week in the 40’s. Traditionally I plant and start my flowers on Mother’s day so I hope next weekend will be the turn for us to get warm and stay warm. I will be working on the She Shed today with this nice weather. I am so happy to hear Ivy loves her tower. Cats love to climb don’t they. That gives her some exercise too. Have a good weekend.

  8. a beautiful post for this Spring day!
    I just love hearing about your ‘ordinary’ days with the fur babies.
    each one has such personality and is so adorable. they make me smile.
    and the patio is looking so beautiful already! have a wonderful weekend! xo

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