Tasty Homemade Bean Burritos

Last night for supper I made two bean burritos with pinto beans and fresh veggies.

First I warmed the flour tortillas in the microwave and then I put a little dollop of sour cream on each one.

I had cooked beans and added sliced fresh tomatoes and the pepper from the garden. The pepper was not at all hot.

I added a bit of shredded Pepper Jack cheese to each one and warmed them about 45 seconds in the microwave. They sure were tasty.

Yesterday when I went to paint the piece of furniture I mentioned I realized I’d bought the wrong color paint. I had purchased a quart so I used that to paint the back of the piece.

I had already ordered 2 more cans of the right color spray paint a few days before. That should come sometime tomorrow.

So it looks like I’ll have to haul the piece of furniture out to the patio and spray paint it. It isn’t all that big. But I can’t do it out front because the grass is still so high.

I will just have to move things from under what shade I have and spray paint it there.

The heat let up some yesterday but the next days are supposed to be pretty hot.

Lately when I don’t know what to eat I usually fall back on easy bean burritos.

Maybe I’ll have to make those chicken tacos I made a few months ago. That would go great with the bean burritos.

What are you feeding yourselves these hot summer days? Are you getting any bounty from your garden yet?

I have dozens of little tomatoes on my tomato plant and another pepper growing.



  1. My favorite, easy stove top meal is to combine a can of drained corn, can of beans rinsed/drained (black, pinto, or kidney), can of chopped seasoned tomatoes (any kind but I like Mexican flavoring), 1 c instant brown rice and half cup water. Stir and heat for about 5-10 minutes.

    This makes a huge amount that lasts for days! I add low fat shredded cheese and light sour cream. It can be eaten on its own, w/taco chips, or as a stuffing for a burrito.

    You could use fresh tomatoes and add peppers etc.

    I always keep these ingredients on hand so if money is tight I will have the means to make a plentiful meal.

  2. That sounds like an easy yet delicious meal. I have pasta for a quick meal in the summer. I am starting to get tomatoes on my plant, but the tomato thief has already struck this year. Management has promised to take care of the problem We shall see xo Laura

  3. I learned how to cook “Brown Beans” (pintos) from my husband who was born and raised in Texas before moving to San Diego, California. I use a little bacon grease to saute some onion and then add the rinsed and sorted beans and water. I bring them to a boil for a few minutes; then cover slightly and reduce the heat to a simmer. They’re usually done in a few hours. I always add my salt at the end, because bacon grease has some salt in it. I love them and they are so good for you.
    You mentioned growing peppers. Have you ever used a food processor or blender to make your own pepper sauce? You can use jalapenos or serranos or a mix and add some red wine vinegar and some salt and a little olive oil and some cilantro. Pulse it all together to get the texture you like. I think of it as a southwest pesto; and it’s good on or in burritos, salads and even sandwiches and scrambled eggs.
    I hope you are being careful moving furniture… it’s so easy to over do it.
    Take care and stay cool…

  4. The burritos sound good!

    Anybody hear have any suggestions for a bird seed catcher for a large bird feeder on a pole? We need something to catch the seeds that the birds are knocking out onto the ground. We can’t find anything that will go around the two inch pole.

  5. It’s cold here in Australia, so we are back to soups and curries in the slow cooker. I follow a blog called Priscilla’s – it’s predominantly cross stitch related however she has a ‘yard sauce’ she makes with her harvest of home grown tomatoes and freezes it and puts it in all sorts of meals. I’d like to make it one day if I have an abundance of tomatoes. If you’re interested, just search her blog under ‘yard sauce’ and it should come up.

  6. Burritos are yummy…years ago, when we could have the wheat shells, I would microwave them maybe 10 seconds, to make them pliable…then roll up refried beans and cheese in them, and fry in some oil in the pan. We ate them hot…leftovers later we ate cold…we all loved them both ways. We would dip them in salsa when eating…yummy. It is a lot what we ate during some very slim years money-wise. Tacos too…another great food for slim times. Chili at times as well. One thing my family did was fry the wheat shell till rather crisp, on both sides, place on a plate, shred lettuce and put over it, then with some heated chili cover that, then cheese, whatever else like tomatoes, salsa etc over that and some crushed fritos on top of all that. WE LOVED THAT…and when my kids came along, they loved it too. I have no idea what that dish was called…a great aunt introduced us to it. What are we eating these days?? Whatever, this and that…a little of this…a little of that. Your veggies sound yummy!!

  7. Your daisies are lovely—such happy flowers!
    Those bean burritos sound yummy, especially with the fresh veggies from your own garden.
    My little tomatoes are still green but I am checking them every day. We had about an inch of rain two nights ago so everything perked up!

  8. With meat prices going up so much, I’m fixing more bean dishes (not that I was such a big meat eater to start with). I really like green salads with beans/cheese/nuts and lots of veggies for a hot weather meal. Publix has really good rotisserie chickens. Good for several meals, pieces for the freezer, and the “frame” goes in a freezer bag for chicken stock. I’m getting reaaaally curious to see your next project. It’ll be fun to see what you’ve been up to.

  9. Your bean burritos sound easy and wonderful, and I am hungry now! It is so hot here now that I don’t want to eat half the time but just drink something cool. Leaning toward smoothies alot. Can’t wait to see what you have been up to with your project!

  10. I get rotisserie chicken from the deli from Walmart and use it to make chicken salad. Sometimes I will add Mandarin oranges, grapes and slivered almonds and add a little sour cream. It’s a light and delicious meal for summer. Quick and easy are two of my favorite words.

  11. Your burritos sound easy and great. I’m going to try them. Did you use black beans? I’m getting tomato blossoms this week. Happy about that cause I live in Wis. I’m making ice cream today. It’s so easy with a machine and the grands love it. Adding sprinkles and strawberries this time.

  12. Hey Brenda we have garden tomatoes that are about ready to eat we love chicken tacos and veggie tacos anything I can do without turning the stove on sometimes we grill outside we love salads and fresh fruit not a lot of heavy meals in this Carolina heat and humidity they say cooler air is headed for the upstate we are hoping it will make the humidity lower have a great day

  13. Hi Brenda, with it getting so hot and humid here in South Carolina, I love to go with salads. I have a couple of good fruit salads, a good cobb salad and pasta salads. I use my air fryer almost daily and love that appliance because it keeps the heat down in the kitchen. Have a good rest of the week.

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