Back in the day, I made a terrarium or two. I used old aquariums. We weren’t as evolved with our creativity in terms of containers back then!

I remember finding little miniature squirrels and turtles to create a woodland scene inside my aquarium. I put a small mirror slightly underneath the dirt to reflect like water in a pond. 

I would love to make one of these. And as you can see, you don’t necessarily have to take the plants out of the pot and arrange them in the dirt. 
Hanging terrariums are very trendy now.
The one above is actually a way to protect your cuttings. Great idea for repurposing.
Now is this cute or what?
I love the themes created inside these terrariums. Like fairy gardens, but in a slightly different form.
This colored sand really takes me back in time.

You can use any glass container.
These would be fun to create with children or grandchildren. Or just to make for yourself. Create your own little world under glass.


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  1. Cute cute cute! This gives me some ideas… now to get all these boxes unpacked. I think I have just the container…. somewhere…

  2. I made them back when too Brenda..I have been collecting things to do it again..I have bunches of vintage glass containers..pebbles and miniatures and I got a bag of soil while I was out Friday..All I need to do is go get some plants and I will get started..

  3. My kids tease me when I say "back in the day"! But , I remember my Aunt, who had such a green thumb, made beautiful terrariums. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Mercy that colored sand takes me back as well!! We made quite a few of those! Takes me right back to raggedy bell bottoms, platform shoes, granny dresses, paisley, "THE BIONIC WOMAN" and the "LOVE BOAT" and "green tamborine". Are you going to make one of these?

  5. Those are all so lovely. I never thought of that before – perfect solution to my nosy cat who in her old age likes to eat things she shouldn't – including plants. I have space in an un-used window seat…the creative wheels are turning…

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