There are so many inexpensive ways to make your home a place that you love to come home to.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a grand house, a small cabin, a mobile home or an apartment, there is a lot you can do right now to refresh your home. Whether you own your home or rent, you can love where you live.

Here are my suggestions for sprucing up your space.

1. Paint, Paint, Paint

Paint is the cheapest way to redecorate. And if  you don’t like it, you can just paint it again. I am having loads of fun with paint these days. Don’t be thwarted by ugly counter tops or blemished refrigerators, etc. My answer: Just paint it! 

2. Add Personality To Your Rooms

Whether you like shabby chic or farmhouse style or traditional or boho, decorate with things that help express who you are.

You can do this via wall paintings, collections, books, lamps, etc. Your personality shines through in the colors you paint your walls and furniture.

3. Switch Out Hardware & Faucets

Switching out door knobs, whether you want to buy new ones or paint the existing ones, makes a world of difference. Switch out electrical outlet covers. You can buy new ones or use scrapbook paper and decoupage your own or even paint them.

Though I rent a one-bedroom apartment instead of owning my home, I had the maintenance man put on a new Moen kitchen faucet that I purchased for $69. And I love it! 

It’s so much easier to put the pupsters in for a quick bath, because the faucet arcs high and gives me more room. 

It’s amazing the difference that faucet makes to my everyday life. So why not?

5. Add Under Cabinet Lighting & Lamps To Your Kitchen

For around $20, I purchased those stick-on round lights that go underneath my cabinets. They give me two light settings in a dark area of the kitchen. Love them!

Overhead light is harsh. If you have the room, add a pretty lamp. The warm glow on an overcast day makes your kitchen look and feel nice and cozy.

6. Enliven Your Space With Plants

Plants are really big again. For me, they never went out of vogue. I simply love the addition of nature in my home. Greenery looks fabulous while at the same time filtering the toxins out of the air.

Plants help to soften angles in your rooms. They add so much to your decor.

Maybe get really motivated and create a terrarium or indoor fairy garden. 

7. Add Books To Your Rooms

To me a house is just not a home without books. I adore them, and I love to read them. I also use them for reference. 

You can stack them or use them on the coffee table or other surfaces. Decorate your shelves with them. 

Books add personality and help tell who you are by what you read.

8. Upcycle What’s Old And Drab Into Something New

If you have an old dresser in the basement or attic, turn it into a kitchen island or beverage bar.

Simply look at what you have with new eyes. 

Tables can become desks. Potting benches can become coffee bars (like mine). The sky is absolutely the limit!

9.  Add Mirrors

Mirrors visually enlarge a space. They open up a room. No matter what your mirror may look like, or how badly you hate the frame it’s in, you can freshen the wood or plastic or whatever it’s made out of with paint.
Or glue sea shells or marbles or whatever suits your fancy onto the frame, and it will look completely different.

10. Make It Work Where You Live Right Now

Don’t wait until you get to “that perfect home” while being miserable in the one you now reside in. There is so much you can change! 

Start looking on Pinterest or gather clippings from magazines, and make your home one you’re proud to show off.

No matter whether you have a tight budget or just can’t envision it. Maybe have a friend or two come in and ask them for suggestions.

And I must add: Decorate the outdoors. 

You can use the outdoors as an extension of your living space. As I have with my fenced-in patio. 

There’s no reason for it to look plain and unloved. Just take the same principles and use them outdoors. 

Add cozy seating areas, pretty plants. Add outdoor lamps, decorate the fence, and even add a mirror or two out there as well (just not in the sunlight; that can be dangerous). 

Buy a rug. Add color and greenery and flowers. And you will have a happy space to enjoy outdoors as well.

Loving where you live puts a spring in your step. It brings you out of the doldrums. You simply can’t be happy if you hate where you live. 

So change it! There’s no reason why you can’t. 

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  1. So many great tips Brenda, and my favorite…"Don't wait until you get to "that perfect home" while being miserable in the one you now reside in. There is so much you can change!" So true.
    Thanks so much for sharing at Amaze Me Monday, such a treat having YOU!

  2. This afternoon I was looking at the decorations in my home and thinking of a few changes next week. You show colorful and natural ideas. Thanks they were just in time.

  3. I, also, love to see your home. Maybe you should consider collecting more picture frames to use over your bed. More frames layered and overlapping each other would be even better.

  4. Brenda,
    I have to tell you, I so enjoy seeing your post everyday. I love, love your house! It is so cozy and inviting. You are an amazing woman. Happy Easter!

  5. You're outdoor space is a huge bonus!! I agree, I love your cozy home. Really what more does a person need? I love that it's so easy to manage and but you still have the privacy of a patio area. How unique is that? I stopped reading the over the top blogs. They 're beautiful but really vote for which 3 million dollar home is your favorite gets to be a bit much. Little pals, cheerful rooms, lots of books and a patio….that's heaven to me.

  6. Brenda,

    I love this post…it highlights all the ways you have made your apartment a home!

    I have to admit…when I saw the title of your post pop up, I thought it was going to be something impersonal, maybe Pinterest pictures…so I was pleasantly surprised to see it was all about the changes YOU have made. Perhaps you might want to title something similar, "My Tips For …", or "Ten Ideas I Have Found For…" Lately we seem to be getting a lot stuff form social media and sponsors…it's good to hear right from the blogger. Hope I'm not being offensive.

    Jane xxx

  7. I love your way with words but your flare for putting just the right colours together with a variety of textures and shapes is fabulous. I want nothing more than to step into one of your photos and plunk myself down in a chair and relax! Maybe read while I relax! Lol.

  8. Brenda,
    I love your home. Best of all I like that you make it beautiful without a lot of money. I really don't like the blogs that say they decorated and you can tell they probably spent a thousand dollars just on accessories. That's not much of a challenge. You are a real artist!
    Clara from Redeemed Junk and Stuff

  9. I really like the idea of those $20.00 (stick up) lights under the cupboards. I will be checking those out. Also, I agree, my home would not be me, without my 100s of books in my "studio". I love all of your ideas and tips. Your patio is so "you". I'm waiting to buy basil and rosemary, for my "kitchen" patio garden. I saw some wonderful healthy plants at Wally world last week, but didn't buy them,yet, too early here in Wisconsin for them, but…I can't wait, to get stuff going. You are ahead of the game, you really do have a beautiful area. HUGS, and Happy Easter to you Brenda!!!

  10. Brenda, all of these are such great tips, and I love seeing examples from your own home! It makes me happy looking at your rooms and patio area. You've done an amazing job and this post gives me lots of great ideas. I feel a spring in my step already!

  11. Do you remember where you got those stick-on lights that go under your cabinets – and are you happy with them? Awhile ago, we bought under-the-cabinet lights that are cylindrical. They are battery operated and you push a button to turn on the light. They were "OK" – didn't give much light. But the real problem was that they didn't stay stuck to the cabinet. They were always falling off.

  12. I just spruced up/re-arranged my fireplace mantle. Because of you, I have incorporated many houseplants and I have to say they are all thriving! I have put myself on a strict no-unnecessary spending this month. I found that I was going around "junking" every weekend….enough is enough! I have plenty to keep me updating and re-arranging for quite a while!

  13. I really enjoy looking at your decorating and reading your posts. Homes always need a spring perk up and cleaning and so many people forget this. I'm in the process of spring cleaning and can use all the ideas I can get!

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