Yesterday was a nice sunny day. We had a lot of rain last week, and now we’ve had several days of warm weather.

I took this opportunity to go out on the patio and cut back the dead foliage from the remainder of the container plants that I hadn’t gotten around to tending to yet. I also pruned my yellow rose plant.


I dug up the sedum autumn joy plant from the square orange pot that also has my white clematis in it, and potted the sedum in the red (and dirty) pot next to it.

This will give both the clematis and sedum more room to grow. Both were getting pretty big and I don’t want to crowd the roots. Now seemed like the time to get this done before they really start growing when spring arrives.

house plant

I have been giving Charlie glucosamine chewable tablets that I ordered from last week. He limps quite a bit due to his hip and back, and I’m hoping this will help him. This is the one I ordered…

I tear the tablet apart for him, since he only has two teeth left. He eats it right up. I just hate to see my Charlie boy limping and in pain. The pupsters will be 12 years old in the fall.

They seem to be getting a lot done here at the apartment complex. They have several maintenance men instead of one now, and two women working in the office.

One woman is the manager we had when I first moved in here. She was definitely the best of the bunch, and we’re so glad she’s back. She’s a very effective manager and managed to get things done. She is the person who got us a security gate out front around the time I moved here.

So things are definitely looking up around here. They’ve been clipping the shrubs out front on a regular basis now, and they say they’re looking toward turning this into a senior complex over time. That is good news to me, as I would much prefer living in a senior complex. I’m hoping that this does eventually get done.


I picked up a couple of gardening magazines. I shall enjoy them while I wait for planting weather. And get ideas for what I want to accomplish on the patio this year.

I’ve been busy reading. Right now I’m reading this book…

It is about a young woman who is in a coma in an intensive care ward after surviving a hit-and-run while out walking her dog.

The man who could save her life is himself in a coma in the same hospital. He can think and hear but cannot move or speak. Frank has been listening to the people who have been coming to visit Cassie and he knows that she is in danger. But there’s nothing he can do.

The novel is told from the viewpoint of various people, including the nurse who takes care of the patients. I am completely immersed in this plot and look forward to finding out the rest of the story.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. It’s great your sedum is so green already. No perennials coming up here yet, just bulbs blooming. How nice to have a patio you can garden on and change every year. I lived in an apartment once that had a screened in porch. I loved sitting out on summer nights reading and enjoying my potted plants.

  2. Wanted to recommend to you a book my book club read… “ The Risen “ by Ron Rash. It is a story I could not stop reading, a real page turner. After finishing, kept thinking about the story and all its implications. Well worth reading.

  3. I’m so glad to hear your complex is in better shape now. A Seniors Only would be awesome. Your plants inside are doing so well. I must find a little time and repot some of my inside plants!

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