Just when I think Abi is doing better something else happens. She’s been throwing up for several days. She throwing up both food and medication.

I called the vet and he told me to monitor her and maybe cut the new medication in half.

So this is concerning. And a mama worries.

container plant

Hasn’t the sedum autumn joy rounded out nicely since I repotted it in this red pot a few months ago?

container plants

I went to my primary doctor on Thursday because this pain with my hands/arms/shoulders/neck is still a big problem. She put me on medication to lessen the swelling.

And of course I type a lot, which makes it worse. I’m trying to lessen the length of my posts a bit due to that.

The doctor sent me downstairs for x-rays. They called yesterday afternoon and said that the pain is caused by severe stenosis of the cervical spine.

I’m scheduled for an MRI on the 17th and she’s referring me to a neurosurgeon. Lawsy, don’t want to have to go there. At all. Wonder what all this means?

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  1. Spinal stenosis is actually common in people over 50; usually caused from arthritis or herniated disks. I’m afraid that a neurosurgeon would try and rush you into surgery before considering alternative treatments first, but I hope not. There’s physical therapy, yoga, and acupuncture. Being on the computer too much might be aggravating your symptoms.

  2. I know your book reviews and blog are important sources of income for you, but before you consider surgery, why don’t you take a couple of week off and see if your symptoms improve? I became hooked on computer card games and played them for hours each day and I started really suffering with neck, back, shoulder and arm pain. My right hand got so bad I had to wear a brace, I thought it was carpal tunnel. I lived on pain relievers, and nothing helped me until I quit spending no more than a couple of hours at the most on the computer and quit playing those mindless games. Now I am fine, but if I do try to overdue it, the pain starts to come back. I am now trying to hold down my computer usage to about 1-2 hours per day.

  3. Hi Brenda….is Abi taking anti-inflammatory medication? This can cause severe nausea and vomiting. Poor girl, I hope she improves soon.

  4. Have that too – and physical therapy has done wonders, and I wouldn’t have believed it. Mine is mild, I don’t know the extend of yours, of course, but PT might do the trick. Best of luck –

    Hoping you get some good answers for Abi too.

  5. Good luck! I had numb fingers and my doctor sent me to physical therapy, which is the first resort here. It worked wonders. I have to do exercises and stretches, but it has helped so much.
    I hope you find a solution!!!

  6. You will likely need a surgery to relieve the pressure on the cervical nerves. I had this surgery on the lumbar and it worked wonders! Your garden is beautiful!

  7. Hi Brenda! I’ve been reading your blog for a few months and really enjoy it. Anyway I just wanted say ( and it’s a long shot) if this keeps up with Abi, consider talking to the vet about Addison’s disease. I went through the same symptoms with one of my dogs ( the incontinence, the throwing up, etc) and it wasn’t until she had a full blown addisonian crisis that we found the problem. My dog was younger and I’m not sure if the onset of Addison’s is common in older dogs, but may be something for you to consider. Have a lovely day!

    1. Thanks for the tip! I’m still watching her closely and we went to the vet again this morning. Two Saturdays in the last three weeks. I’m worried about her.

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