Dreams can be prickly reminders of events in your life. Mine are usually a hodge-podge of history mixed with mysterious features that don’t make a bit of sense.

For instance, I have one dream that I haven’t yet graduated from college. I keep asking them how many more courses I need. How close I am to completion.

But they keep telling me I’m in the wrong building, or they don’t know.

I am frustrated by this and keep going back. Only to be told the same thing. So I don’t know where I am on finishing my degree.

When I wake up and remember that dream I sigh with relief because I know I have graduated and have my degree and that was all nonsense.

I would call that dream mildly anxious.

Then I sometimes have a dream where I’m driving a car without headlights. It is night and I can’t see where I’m going. I can’t find street signs. So I keep driving around in circles.

I need to be somewhere at a certain time, but I can’t find where I’m going. And I know I’m going to be late or never get there at all.

I would call that a slightly more anxious dream.

Then I have the one where I’m in this house with endless doors and can’t find my way out. I keep opening door after door and in front of me is yet another door.

Another dream I have is where I run a certain distance and suddenly I am airborne. I flap my arms like a bird and I can fly.

I look down over the tiny people on the streets. They look like little dots scattered across a map.

I feel so free. And safe. I can get places faster. No one can get to me because they can’t reach me.

I am one with the birds. They fly to the trees and perch there on the branches, watching me.

This dream is exhilarating. Liberating.

I don’t have any idea what my dreams mean, if anything.

What dreams do you tend to have most often?

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  1. I have a college dream like yours . In the dream, I have only one class left to complete my degree and although I have taken that class three times , I can’t pass it. I keep trying to drop it,
    and I am always in the wrong building. Like you, I am always relieved when I realize it was only a dream. My college days are long behind me and my degree is intact.

  2. Hi, Omg! You reminded me today that I often used to dream that I was flying, just like you in your dream. That was many years ago. In another dream also one that I haven’t had in a while I would be in a that had a huge spooky attic many closets that were like rooms filled with clothes and a cave like tunnel in the basement. In another dream there is a house with cats in the basement that I always forget to feed!! I have no idea what any meant but now that you have reminded me I’m going to do some research.
    I hope your daughter did well today with her surgery.Enjoy the weekend!

  3. For many years I used to dream that I was being chased by something very horrible. I don’t know what it was, just that it was terrifying. I was always running and trying to find a hiding place to no avail. One time I was in the middle of this nightmare trying to escape. My heart was hammering and I felt so hopeless because this thing chasing me was relentless. Then I became aware that I was tired of running. I had been doing it for years and I decided that I had to stop running and face this thing. I turned to face the monster. I was so scared that I could barely choke out my words, but I said something like, “Come get me, damn you”! Then I waited for it. I waited and waited, but nothing ever showed up. I never had that nightmare again.

  4. When I was younger in my 20s, I often had the dream where I could fly, similar to your dream. I was always safe , because I could fly away from danger. I haven’t had that dream again, since I was young.

    The one dream I continue to have now, is also the same as yours. I am in a old, empty house, and trying to find my way out. When I open the door, there is another door, and then another and another. I never do find a way to get out, before waking. I wonder, as you do, if they have a meaning, and if other people have these same dreams? Interesting to hear, you have had the same dreams that I have.

  5. When I have a what I call a “frustration” dream, it’s usually about one or more of the places I’ve worked over the years, sometimes all blended together. But I usually have exciting, sometimes romantic interest involved, dreams where I am in a far away land living the high life and then I go on a big adventure, or I am a spy here in the U.S. and get caught up in the most strange but very dangerous situations, where my life is at risk constantly but I keep doing what I’m doing, or I have tumbled into some kind of danger. Sometimes my father is in one of the “spy” dreams and we’re working together, or we discover that both of us are undercover spies as we cross each other’s paths while working separate cases. And then he gets all “father” on me and wants me to quit, and no way am I quitting! Three dreams in particular I still recall although they’ve never repeated: one, where I was killed in a massive volcanic eruption on an island, I believe I was a priestess or maybe a priestess in training in an ancient temple on the side of the mountain. I another vivid dream I was able to float/fly simply by leaning backwards. Everybody was flying in that dream, that was our basic mode of transportation. It was so real that when I woke up despite my mind telling me it wouldn’t work, I leaned backwards over the bed and fell – but on the soft mattress and not the hard floor! Couldn’t fly. The third dream I was somehow drawn into hunting down a mass murderer of women – that was a terrifying dream and also the one I remember in the most detail. The dream started with my being in a place that I used to visit a lot in my childhood – walking toward a large cardboard box in the middle of the empty field. When I got to the box and looked in, it was filled with, I’ll just say human remains. And I remember thinking “I’m too late.” I was with a man who got sick to his stomach and tried to pull me away, but I wouldn’t go. And then the detective appeared. I didn’t catch the killer that I recall, but I was hot on his trail despite being told in no uncertain terms several times to keep my nose out of it, particularly by the detective who had showed up seemingly out of nowhere in the middle of that field, but I refused to leave. And that detective and I were always showing up in the same places. He saw me as much of a nuisance as I saw him, but we kept stumbling over each other as I sniffed out potential clues on the identity of the mass murderer and kept after him. So the detective and I were in a sort of man versus woman competition, but we were also growing in admiration for each other’s tenacity and insightfulness. Well – I’ve never been a very humble person, LOL! That was some dream! I wish I’d been able to go to the end of it and find out what happened, but unlike other dreams I have that are like a “serial” night after night, I didn’t pick up that dream trail again. Looking at these dreams, I’d say they reflect a very egotistical me and also a hyper-active imagination. I don’t wish to imagine what a psychoanalyst would make of them.

      1. Wow, what detail. I would imagine that people who write scripts for detective shows have such dreams.

  6. Rarely have dreams I remember upon waking…but yes, the frustrating ones with no solution are indeed not fun!! I suppose in a way, those dreams are a way our mind tries to find solutions to things that in real life had no good solution…at least in my case it is. When it comes to people, sometimes there just is no answer but to go on with life and walk away. Much easier with pets isn’t it??

  7. Interesting! I used to have the same dream every year in Oct when there was a full moon. (Around Halloween time). I was married at the time.and had this dream for 10 years.

    I would dream that I was in a house, walking down a hallway opening doors. It was dark inside this hallway but enough light so that I could see where I was going. I had this same dream for 9years.

    I divorced my husband in March. The following October I dreamed a different dream. I was in a penthouse apartment with floor to ceiling windows. It was furnished with red velvet draperies and furniture with gold accents. Very plush.

    I had a friend that was into dreams and horoscopes what the meaning could be. She said that the first dreams meant I was looking for something to make myself happy. In the last dream, I had found it.

    I have never had any of those dreams again.

  8. I used to have tons of dreams of me ‘flying’ without wings or anything… not so much anymore. Now mostly I dream about ‘hurrying’; as in trying to get ready to go somewhere, rushing, always rushing.* And most of my dreams are set near the sea ~ not so surprising!!
    * IRL, I absolutely HATE being late!

  9. I’m afraid I’ll be a complete disappointment in this area. Either I don’t dream or I don’t remember them. I just sleep a very deep sleep and then it’s morning. Sometimes when I’m tired from the day I fall asleep watching the tube and I’ll have something, but can’t catch any of it or remember any of it. I’m just a failure at dreaming. When I was little I would have the “flying” dream and even my dog would be flying in the air with me. It was great. But as an adult, nothing. I’m afraid REALITY has a very firm grip. Maybe that’s why I like movies so much, a reprieve from REALITY for a little while. Have a Great & Sunny Day, it is a wonderfully sunny day here in NC!! 🙂 b

    1. It’s raining like crazy here. I have never fallen asleep in a chair or sitting up. I can only fall asleep in bed at night after dark.

  10. They say dreams are not about what the obvious is. It is more about fears or deep underlying emotions. I do not remember too many of my dreams but I do have one about trying to find my locker in high school and then having to go and get the number and combination from the office. I am constantly forgetting the locker number and the combination in the dream. So not sure what the dream analysis people would do with that dream lol! Happy Friday.

        1. I have dreamed that I was in a limo with the Beatles! Lo!

          I have also dreamed that I was in church or school, and I that was naked. Perhaps that means that I’m insecure.was

          And in one dream, I witness a murder but can’t find a phone to report it. Very frustrating.

    1. Huh, I thought I was the only person alive who had that dream! Seems like such an odd one and I’ve never read about it as being common. Flying yes, but a forgotten locker combination? I also dream that I can’t remember which class is next or in which room the class is held.

      1. I have the dream often that I can’t find my classroom and I have been out of school for 55 years !

      2. I used to have the one with the locker and not being able to remember the combination when I was much, much younger. I always have dreams of weird hallways with strange dim lighting and many doors and someone or thing chasing me. For many many years, long before I had any knee problems I would often dream of stairs that would look like normal stairs before I started to walk up them and then after I started walking up them they would become made of strange materials, old wood pallet wood that was nailed together at strange angles, strange tumbling bricks, and more than one time I dreamed they were made of cabbages and lettuces and they would keep rolling as I was trying to climb them. After my knee surgeries I still have a very hard time climbing up stairs. I sometimes wonder if those strange stair dreams were precognitive. I had them since I was in my twenties and nothing at all was wrong with my knees back then.

        My Dad died in February at 91 years old. A couple of weeks after my Dad died, he suddenly appeared in a dream. He was healthy looking, like he looked in his 50’s, he turned around and smiled at me and I was so happy and shocked to see him. In the dream I said “Oh Dad it’s you! and the dream just evaporated. I was happy to see him even briefly, but woke up sad because he was gone in this reality..

        1. I have played piano for churches and my recurring “nightmare” is, I am ready to play, but, I don’t know ANY of the hymns! I keep looking thru the hymnal, but I do not know any of them! So frustrating! My mother always had one that she came out of a theater, only to find out she only had her slip on! Another frustrating one, and they all seem so real, like it is really happening! Wonder what it all means??

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