1. In Virginia, I always got the death certificate days after the death, literally before the funeral (mom, dad, uncle). The delay could be in your state mailing it – our coroner always went to Richmond and picked it up himself.

  2. I love reading your stories about Ivy. She would absolutely wear me out though…LOL Poor Charlie looks like he’s just worn out from it all! I hate hearing that the injection isn’t working for the neck pain. Maybe it just takes a bit longer. My mom gets back blocks and sometimes it takes up to 2 weeks to start working. We’ve got cold and rain here…ready for some sunshine! Love and hugs!

  3. Ivy Lou is something else; I just love hearing about all of her little antics. I’m so glad Charlie is feeling better; old age bites! It sounds bitter cold there; I’d almost take it to the rain we’ve had ongoing for weeks now. Stay warm with the babies today.

    Carol and Molly

  4. Oh, poor Charlie. He looks so sad in the photo above. He must be tired, too. Probably watching Miss Ivy careen around makes him tired! She’s a character, for sure.

    Like you, Brenda, I am so tired of grey skies, grey ground–not much snow at all so far this year–just grey everywhere you look. Have the lights on in the daytime it’s so dark. But, like you say, just a few more months and then we get to dig in the dirt and plant, plant, plant.

    I’m sorry your neck pain hasn’t been helped by the injection. Did the doctor say how long it would take if it was going to help?

    It looks like you are making some initial progress with all the details regarding your Social Security, etc. That’s good. One day at a time.

    Take care and keep on keeping on.

  5. Ivy and Charlie certainly keep you on your toes. They are so cute!

    When you order the death certificate make sure it’s one the SSA will accept. Explain why you need it and they will understand.

  6. I am wondering if your advertisers pay your blog more if we click on the ads? Do you know? If so I will click on ads when I read your blog.

    Your blog is very well done. I enjoy your columns very much. thank you.

  7. I actually had a precious black & white cat years ago whom I loved dearly…her name was Meneu. We called her our kitty alarm! She
    never failed to wake us just before the alarm went off every morning. Even on the weekend!!

  8. Have you considered CBD oil? Everyone I know with pain is taking the drops and they are very effective. Most cities have stores now where you can buy them or you can order them online. If you need the name of the company we use let me know.

  9. From the internet: Though the rules vary from state to state, in many states funeral directors must file the death certificate with the county health department within 72 hours of the death. Upon filling of the death certificate, a burial permit will be issued. A body cannot be buried in the United States without a burial permit.

  10. I got scammed a couple of days ago…my insomnia was really bad,was about 4a.m.ish and I got up for a bathroom call,my 2 little furry roomates thought it was breakfast time and I thought why not,if I get to sleep maybe they won’t wake me,I did until about 7:30 or so,well when I got up there was the two,expecting another breakfast!
    I ignored them and got some dirty looks to finish up 2018.
    All was forgiven when I plugged in the electric blanket and we had a nap,lol
    I am a very well trained servant and I even get an occasional head bump and purring:)

  11. Brenda, When my Mother died, the funeral home sent for the death certificates (2) I needed, and it only took a week. So you probably won’t have to wait too long. So sorry to hear about Charlie not feeling up to par. I know how worrisome and hard that is for you, with everything else you have to deal with now. Thank goodness he has you to Love him and give him hugs. Oh, my cat, makes a different kind of noise in the morning too, when the Grandfather clock chimes at 6:00 am. I swear that Cat knows how to count the chimes..whatever…(I really don’t think she is that smart) it’s just her goofy habit..(grin) Hugs from Me in WI.

  12. I have noticed that in my case, after steroid shots in my knees, or steroid trigger point injections for my neck/upper spine that sometimes for two or three days afterwards I have some insomnia and/or feel extra emotional. Steroids just seem to do that to me. I don’t know if other people have that side effect.

    Sorry that your Charlie boy is having tummy problems today. Your little Ivy is just a little firecracker, isn’t she.

  13. Sorry Charlie is not feeling well .Little Ivy Lou wants lots of attention my Kramer kitty bites me sometimes during play that is sometimes their way of saying they love you.
    Winter is a depressing time for me as well.
    The steroid shot takes awhile sometimes maybe it will kick in soon .
    Best of luck to you on getting the paperwork you need
    .Take care !
    I hope you have better days soon.

    1. I just don’t like the days being dreary and nothing to do outside. Well, I could clean things up out there. But I’m not ready to do that yet.

  14. Brenda when my husband died it took about 10 days for the death certificate to be published and sent to me.

  15. I am glad Ivy is so full of life. That will keep your life interesting. Hope Charlie is not getting sick. Keeping good thoughts for him.
    Have a great day.

  16. Awww poor Charlie, I hope he’s ok!!

    I love the pics of Ivy, she’s such a funny cat, I often share your posts with my sweetie. His cat is older now (she’s 9) so she doesn’t play as much as she used to, but I did get her a bag of catnip pom pom balls and she’s loving those! She likes to play ‘volleyball’ with him – he tosses them at her and she bats them away!

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