The Ambiance Of Candles

I have always loved candles. That cozy feeling they lend to a home when lit and filling the room with a sweet scent just can’t be beat. 

Candles are a definite mood changer. 

Below is a vintage box of candles I’ve embellished with scrapbook paper and lace strips.

This site showcases a magnificent way to fill a non-working fireplace. It looks like a work of art with all the candles lit.

This candle holder created by gluing clam shells together adds a decorative handmade touch to a single white candle.

The edges of the clam shells have been dusted with gold glitter to add that extra touch of elegance.

The rustic look of the clam shells look so pretty with the added glitter and the simplicity of the white candle.

This vintage container holds a bevy of white candles arranged in a decorative and interesting fashion. Wouldn’t this look pretty as a table centerpiece?

This unique candle holder is a tea cup turned upside down with the saucer holding the candle. It is a simple but chic way to display a single candle.

This table is styled with a round tray filled with various elements from nature, ordinary items and candles. I always like a grouping of candles gathered together for maximum impact.

There are so many ways to use candles in our decorating. They make a room feel cozy and/or romantic. Whichever mood you’re going for.

I prefer white or beige candles with a vanilla scent. But around the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays I enjoy scents like cinnamon and other spices.

It’s also fun to repurpose items to use to hold candles. I’m used all manner of objects to hold candles. One are the vintage muffin tins I have votive candles placed in.
I also like to add coffee beans to a vintage jar and then put a single taper candle in the center.


  1. Thank you for sharing. Love the teacup idea. I have my grandmother’s fiesta dishes with teacups, but we’re mug drinkers. I have always felt like I should do something with the teacups, but wasn’t going to drill holes in them or anything. I can’t wait to set the table with teacup candles for the next birthday celebration!

  2. I have candles all over my house and I love their beauty and scent. I tend to only light them in the winter for some reason though – I think because they create such a warm and cozy feeling and I don't really feel the need for that in the hot summer. I do keep them sitting out tho.

  3. I am a bit absent minded….so I mainly use battery operated candles. Once in a while a real one on the dining table when we eat.

  4. I am a bit absent minded….so I mainly use battery operated candles. Once in a while a real one on the dining table when we eat.

  5. I really like candles but I am known for leaving them unattended while burning. I solved that problem by using white twinkle lights in my decor. It gives me soft lighting without the flame although I do miss the scent.

  6. I use candles through out my home. Nothing changes my mood quicker and for the better than a wonderful smelling candle. Love all these photos, especially the simple teacup and saucer candle holder.

  7. Oh adore candles! Those pics show great ways to use them. I particularly like the one with the fireplace full of them.

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