The fountain is hooked up. But the part I’ve been waiting for for well over a week didn’t solve my problem. So for now I just have the cord wound up high until I can figure out what else to do.

The part I ordered was one of those light bulb turned electrical outlet things that had a chain on it. But the cover to the light is too narrow to hook the electrical cord in when I screw that into the outlet.

Back to the drawing board.

Here is Ivy on her cat tower watching the water flow from the fountain from indoors. Unfortunately you can also see a reflection of me sitting on a table taking the photo.

So now Ivy has two of her favorite things close together. Her cat tower and running water.

Charlie has never played with toys or been particularly playful, so I’m getting a kick out of watching her.

I can’t recall what this plant is. Pretty sure it is an annual. I have it planted in the blue bed. But it will have a purple flower and that’s about all I know.

I’ve never planted it before this year.

Ivy is busy cleaning herself after her breakfast. She gets to lie down in her favorite place and clean herself in complete comfort.

For those of you who haven’t seen the leaves of the Gingko Biloba Jade Butterfly tree (that I affectionately refer to as “Jade”), here’s a close up.

See how the leaves resemble butterflies?

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  1. Would a pool noodle solve the problem with the cord? You can cut it and place the cord inside it. They come in bright colors.

  2. Heliotrope is one of my favourites, I plant it every year.
    Lasts through the whole summer, with a lovely fragrance. And my dogs never came near it ??

  3. I’m sure you are loving the sound of the fountain, Brenda – it must add to the peace and tranquility that you find in your patio garden. Hopefully it helps temper some of the outside noise as well! The creeks are flowing like mad here, so I am also surrounded by the sound of water – it’s so relaxing when I step outdoors. And the peepers are out finally!!

  4. Hi Brenda, heliotropes are poisonous to animals. One of your readers commented that purple plant may be a heliotrope so I looked it up and found that it seems to be highly poisonous. Just is case your sweet little pup tastes plants on occasion that may be one to keep out of their reach.

    1. The only plants Charlie has ever gone near (I’m always outside with him) is the lemon verbena and pineapple sage when his tummy is upset. I watch him closely.

  5. Hi Brenda,
    I believe your new plant is heliotrope, one way to be sure is give the blooms a sniff. Gorgeously fragrant!

    1. Agree…looks like heliotrope! One of my old fashion favorite flowers…great purple color and wonderful smell!

  6. Is this a case of “great minds think alike?” This morning dawned still and beautiful, it is 72 outside right now, and will (of course), plunge back into the mid-40s for the rest of the week with rain promised off and on beginning Tuesday. YUCK! I did not want to pull out the mower and cut the grass in the backyard too early this morning this being a quiet – very quiet – Sunday, it was too beautiful out, I wanted to sit out and enjoy this incredible weather. I cranked up the umbrella over the patio table instead and pulled out my own water fountain – the traditional 2 tier bird bath. I’ve been having issues with the tubing and I bought some different tubing over the winter to try out, so I figured today was as good a day as any. Not to bore with the details, I jerry-rigged a fix, got the bird bath fountain wiped out and put in water, plugged it into the solar panel and – nothing! Then I remembered that it would have to “charge” in the full sun for a good 20 minutes or so. Sure enough, as I was sitting at the table under the umbrella watching an old episode of “Desperate Landscapes” on my laptop (brought out from the den) all of a sudden it sprouted to life, hooray! About 10 a.m. the winds kicked in strongly from the N/NW and its’ been blowing out there non-stop ever since. So, I think I’ll cut the grass tomorrow when I’ll be bundled back up in hat, gloves, and jacket. I can’t work in the strong wind, it just saps the energy right out of me even on such a sunny warm day, and it’s not pleasurable sitting out in it either. Drat! Your water fountain is beautiful, love that blue color. That thingy you bought to use with the cord sounds interesting (even though it didn’t work like you’d hoped) – never heard of such a thing before. I’m really behind the times!

  7. You got a great buy on that fountain. My neighbor paid $1000 for a fountain. But it’s a big one. I like yours better.

    I noticed when they lowered the price on the fountain you bought it sold out. So I will keep looking for another one for myself.

  8. I love the fountain. I bet it is so soothing to hear the sound of the water trickling down! How exactly do you have it plugged in? Is it plugged into the outside light fixture?

  9. Ivy is surely one lucky cat, have you considered adding a laser pointer to enhance her entertainment? A friend of mine and her 3 cats get hours of fun with one.

  10. I love your fountain, and everything else about your apt. It is like a bright spot of sunshine in my day!

  11. Funny you mentioned twice in the last few days about Charlie not playing with toys. Kaia is my first dog and except for a small ball when she was younger, she doesn’t like toys. Just like people we are all different. The fountain is beautiful and will give you and Ivy a lot of joy. Ginkgo leaf is interesting, nature is amazing! In the last month I have been to the grocery store once. Tomorrow I will go to Walmart at 7:00 and I will pick up some plants. When I went last month there were lots of spring plants which I passed up so I am anticipating warm weather offerings. I will pick up tomato plants for my 88 year old Dad’s garden.

    Our daughter lives on an island in Washington state and is really getting interesting in growing her own food. She eats healthy and hasn’t ever been interested in plants or gardening so I am excited to share that passion with her. Have a good day!

  12. I love your fountain! Blue is my favorite color! Could you take the cover off the light and leave it? I’m glad Ivy loves her tower!

  13. Love the fountain! I’m sure it creates a peaceful sound. The plant you have there is heliotrope, it’s great for attracting butterflies! I’m sure you’re going to love it and it should flower all summer. I’ve planted it her at the Jersey Shore but it doesn’t winter over for me.

  14. Love Ivy’s cat tower and how she loves it! Now she can look out into the beautiful patio garden. I am pretty sure that plant is a heliotrope, a lovely old-fashioned flower with a nice scent.
    The blue of the fountains and those pots is just lovely.

  15. Love the fountain and the cat tower. Finally had two nice days here and got a lot of raking done. Snow load bent lots of trees and shrubs and needed to do a lot of pruning of broken branches. Two old diseased plum trees also had to be removed. I still have a bank of snow in by my fence . The only spring flowers up are crocus and snowdrops, but I planted lots of daffs so they are pushing up out of the soil. Started dragging planters and furniture out, but our frost free date is June7, so you are far ahead in your garden. Yours looks heavenly and I am so glad I can start cleaning up. Today it is 45 degrees, so maybe I will clean the she- shed.

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