1. I love that caddy turned shelf idea. I have just the caddy that will work. Now I have to figure out where I can hang it.

  2. I sometimes see these decrepit toolboxes and want to buy them but I refrain because my house is full of garage sale items that no one else in the family is interested in. But now that I have seen the ingenious use you have made of the toolbox as a dishcloth display centre, I will now do the same in my house (once I locate said toolbox).

    You are very inventive. I love your photographs of garden flora.

  3. Great Idea! A pretty towel holder and a shelf! I like that it is vintage .Is the photo of you as a child? just love old b&W photos. Lisa@ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

  4. That was really clever! I like how you used the grater as a clipboard too. It's always fun to see something used in a new way.

  5. That is a great idea, Brenda! But when did cheese graters become vintage? I still use mine to grate cheese. 😉

  6. Your entire display is impressive. The toolbox towel bar/shelf combo is a great idea, and the clothespin and cheese grater to hold a photo is so simple but creative. And you worked in two themes — birds on the tray and towel, and shoes with the shoe form as well as the shoes on the children's feet in the photo. Fun!

  7. That's interesting because I started making my own wooden tote boxes. The first one I made I use to put my colored pencils and remote in and sit it by my chair. The second one I made I use the handle as a paper towel holder and put my misc. spices in the box part. I am working right now on my third one which after seeing your idea, I will use it for that purpose. Thanks!

  8. What a charming little corner you've created, Brenda! I love how you repurposed the box, but I cannot stop looking at the kids in the pic and that tray? wall art, so pretty!

  9. That's adorable, Brenda. I would have never thought of using it that way. I love having places to display pretty dish towels too.

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